Press_UAE - 18/05/11

DIPLINE is a patented concept, homologated in Europe and North America, conceived and made in France, and which revolutionizes low voltage lighting.

DIPLINE is a patented lighting technology developed and produced in France till 15 years and with many experiences over the worlds. It allows you amazing lighting interiors decoration. It looks like a plaster plate, it is as simpler to install as a plaster plate. You can use it from the floor the ceiling. You can cut it with cutter or cutting machine in any shapes. Then you can paint it or cover it with regular wallpaper, you also can cover it with textiles or it could be laminate… Then connect your panels to the low voltage DIPLINE power. Once installed, any more wire. Took DIPLINE low voltage spotlights and pins them anywhere on the panel and it will lights anywhere…

In 1996, André-Jean Jolly, Managing Director, created a new current-conducting system by multilayered panels. This system allows maintaining the durability of the contact whereas the same type of products on the market, show bad contacts after long use.

DIPLINE 96 solves difficulties and presents a real innovation. Even if it is not the initial vocation of SAITEC, André Jean Jolly gives to SAITEC a new asset by granting it, an exclusive licence of manufacture.
Before it commercialisation in January 2004, the product has been subject to 10 years of research and development.

DIPLINE has already fit out about 1000 shop-windows at the exhibition PREMIERE VISION, and has supplied General de Location and GTIE, France telecom, Nantes atlantique airport, Ronéo (manufacturer of office’s furniture), the Department of trade and industry, DISNEYLAND Paris, HERMES, CHAUMET, KOOKAI, ETAM, MOET, CHANDON and numerous other shops and hostels… A jeweller, fitted out with DIPLINE, praises the ease of setting which allows him to vary lighting according to the surrounding light and the products he wants to highlight… He also emphasizes the economical aspect because we can change decors without redoing the installation.

« It’s just bluffing. Light follows Ideas, » he said.

DIPLINE now in the UAE by:
Tel Nos. +971 6 577 6998, +971 6 577 6399
Fax No. +971 6 577 6991
P.O. BOX 48557
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
ISO 9001:2000 Certified

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