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Date begin  :  01-déc.-2014
Date End  :  31-déc.-2015
France - Paris, France
  New Technologies, Innovation and Services


Develop your business on line with French companies : 1. Create your profile for FREE 2. Meet future business partners specially selected by UBIFRANCE from a list of over 9 000 French companies 3. Develop your business contacts ! Clic here to join us  

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Indonesian and French Business Conference

Date begin  :  10-déc.-2012
Date End  :  12-déc.-2012
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta - Jakarta, Indonesia
  New Technologies, Innovation and Services


From the 10th to the 12th of December 2012, around 40 French Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be coming to Jakarta in Indonesia to find new partners and new customers, thanks to the Trade Commission - UBIFRANCE. The French government expressed their wishes to become closer to Indonesia market. The Trade office UBIFRANCE has the occasion to tighten the business links between these two countries and our long-term future. Therefore we focus our efforts on the organization of the Indonesian and French Business Conference to create an ongoing win-win relationship between Indonesian and French businesses. The expertise and the know-how of our French companies will be broad, but the Trade Office UBIFRANCE will be focusing on the 3 main topics, which are as followed: -           Health in Indonesia; -           IT Solutions and Equipment for the Retail Industry; -           Prevention and dealing with industrial risks. During 3 days, the Trade Office UBIFRANCE and the French Chamber of Commerce will be organizing: -           Many B to B meetings; -           A Visit to plants and factories; -           A gala dinner; -           Seminary (workshop) New French entrepreneurs are adventurous and will be looking for contacts and ongoing relationships with Indonesian businesses. Already established French businesses in Indonesia have good relation with their Indonesian partners. We are looking forward to receiving you and welcoming you to our new event and the adventure in December 2012!

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Geographic information as a tool of universal knowledge and decision-making

Date begin  :  01-oct.-2012
Date End  :  02-oct.-2012
Mandarin Hotel Jakarta - Jakarta, Indonesia
  New Technologies, Innovation and Services

Telecommunications and Space

Greetings! Come and meet our French Companies! The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE Indonesia is proud to showcase some of these inventive French companies issued from the GIS sector.  A French delegation made of 10 companies will be coming in October 2012 to meet various potential users of GIS. They will be in Jakarta on October 1-2. The purpose of the journey is to identify Indonesian partners for French-Based Companies and sets up B2B meeting accordingly. The French Know-How - Region’s Economic Performance - Development of Agricultural production - Monitoring of land use - Assistance of Installation of GIS - Consumption of space and buildings - Management and waste treatment - Noise Map - Management of water systems - Urban Flooding - Rural Electrification - Cadastral and property assessment - Technology risk - Public Housing - PublicTransportation Some projects led by France in the World - Regular Updating of the Mapping of Senegal - Development of agricultural production in Egypt - Monitoring of land in Algeria - Assistance for installation of a GIS in a natural park in Belarus - Management of Natural and Renewable ressources in Vietnam - Infrastructure urban spatial data in India - Statistical observation and mapping in Tunisia - Assessment of wind potential in Bangladesh - Photovoltaic system in Laos - Extract from land register and cadastral map in Irland - Management of emergencies in Indonesia Program: Our French companies will be presenting their products, technologies and solutions during a conference, taking place at the Mandarin Hotel on Tuesday 2nd of October 2012 (morning), and also will benefit from a program of targeted and pre-arranged business meetings during the afternoon. If you wish further information about our event and secure a B to B meeting with one or more of these companies, please contact Sebastien VICENTE :   Tel : (+62) 0 21-25-988-170

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Seminar on airports developments projects and presentation of the French offer

Date begin  :  03-mai-2012
Date End  :  05-mai-2012
To be determined - Jakarta, Indonesia
  Infrastructure, Transport and Industry


UBIFRANCE, The French Trade Commission, is bringing a delegation of ten France-based companies to meet with executives from the airports operators April 3 – 5, 2012. The innovative companies, which work in various aspects of airport operations, will learn about upcoming projects and exchange ideas on airport management and best practices in Indonesia. Indeed, France has a long experience in building new airports or expanding of existing infrastructure, as well as a long cooperation with Indonesia. France also has a strong offer on some segments such rationalization of ground handling (monitoring and management equipment), tracks safety (LED lighting) and automation products for passengers (self-service kiosks, control solutions for boarding). By consequences, the Indonesian market presents an enormous wealth of opportunities for French companies specialized in the airport industry, as Indonesian air traffic growth is very fast and the country is becoming the biggest player in ASEAN in this sector.  

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B to B meetings with French companies in the food and wine sector at "Food & Hotel Asia 2012"

Date begin  :  17-avr.-2012
Date End  :  20-avr.-2012
Singapore Expo - Singapore
  Agri-food Sector

Wines, Spirits, Beverages

The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE is accompanying a delegation of twelve France-based companies in food and eighteen France-based companies in wine to meet with importers from South East Asia on the French pavilion in Food&HotelAsia2012 (FHA2012). Food&HotelAsia2012 is the A sia’s L argest I nternational F ood & H ospitality T rade event . It will be held in Singapore on April 17-20, 2012. Come and meet our F rench C ompanies in order to discover new products! For any further information, please contact Siska ISMAIL , Tel. : +62 (0) 21-25-988-141  

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French-Indonesian Seminar on Machine Textile

Date begin  :  27-mars-2012
Date End  :  27-mars-2012
Hilton Hotel Bandung - Bandung, Indonesia
  Consumer Goods and Healthcare

Textile, Apparel

UBIFRANCE and UCMTF (French Association of Textile Machinery Manufacturers) is organizing a French-Indonesian seminar on textile machineries and a business meeting between French manufacturers and exporters of textile machines and the Indonesian business persons in 2012. This Seminar entitled “French Technology to boost the Indonesian Textile Industry’s competitiveness” will be held in Hilton Hotel Bandung on March 27th, 2012. The purpose of this project is to introduce the latest French know-how and to enhance future business cooperation between France and Indonesia of this very promising sector. Representatives of about 8 French equipment manufacturers are expected to present their innovative equipment in textile production, to discuss the adaptation of their products to the Indonesian needs and to look for Indonesian clients. French textile machinery industry is leader on several market niches and among the major international players in several other fields . Our French companies will therefore be spokesmen for the promotion of France’s technology in the textile equipment, which, in Indonesia, is sometimes less known than other big players such as Germany or Italy. French textile manufacturers have definitely a key role to play in many specific fields that are crucial for the development of the Indonesian textile industry. This seminar is under patronage of the Ambassador of France in Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Industry in collaboration with API, IFCCI (Indonesia Chamber of Commerce and Industry), STT Tekstil and Balai Besar Tekstil.  The event will start with a lunch, followed by an official opening ceremony and workshops. Business to Business meeting between French and Indonesian companies will be held the whole afternoon. Indonesian textile manufacturers are most welcome to participate to this special event. For any futhur information, please contact Cynthia Kemalawati, Trade Advisor : tel. : +62 (0) 21 25 988 150  

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Presentation of French Expertise on Preventing and Managing Natural Disasters

Date begin  :  06-déc.-2011
Date End  :  07-déc.-2011
Le Méridien Hotel - Jakarta, Indonesia
  Infrastructure, Transport and Industry


UBIFRANCE, the French Trade Commission, in collaboration with the BNPB and the BASARNAS, is cordially inviting you to   “The French Savoir-Faire on Preventing and Managing Natural Disasters” lecture, that will be given by the French delegation at the Le Meriden Hotel on December 7, 2012, from 8:30 to 2:00 p.m. This event will be the occasion to gather the entire community coming from prevention and Management of Natural Disaster’s sector to present the French technology as well as to share French know-how and  exchange ideas. Indeed, France has been involved with Indonesia in the management of crises and natural disasters. In 2004, after the tsunami, France led an important logistical support and donations, and launched a program to build crisis centers and training staff in partnership with the French Red Cross. After the earthquake in Padang in September 2009, an emergency humanitarian mission composed of 80 security officers and civil crisis center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was dispatched to provide assistance to affected populations.

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