Romeo, the humanoid robot "Made in France" finally revealed

Celine Chevreux - 03-avr.-2014 11:53:00

The robotics exhibition, held in March in Lyon, was one of the most awaited times for Innorobo. For the first time, the French company Aldebaran Robotics showed Romeo, this 1,40 meter humanoid described as " a true companion and personal assistant " for the elderly. The android is able to walk, to see in three dimensions and to talk. With its 40 kg, the carbon fiber and rubber robot will soon be able to open doors and to place objects on a table. Developed since 2009, the project is structured around “Cap Robotique”, an organisation of 21 companies within the “Cap Digital” cluster. Over the last five years, Romeo has seen its capabilities and features increased. Scientists have worked on its ability to recognise objects, but Romeo still takes time to identify them. In nursing homes in 2017-2019 Romeo can have short conversations from information collected on Linkedin, Google Contact and Google Calendar applications. Then, the robot can use the biography, relationships and agenda of his interlocutors to carry out discussions. Work has also been done on Romeo’s emotional interaction; the robot should be able to tell which behaviour to adopt depending on the situation. At the moment, only four European laboratories have acquired the first prototypes. The project should end in the coming months. The company Aldebaran Robotics will have its humanoid tested under real conditions in 2016 before introducing it in retirement homes around 2017 to 2019.   Designed to secure patients The final goal is for Romeo to assist the elderly. Ultimately, it will be able to write down the appointments of his interlocutor, remind him to buy milk before going shopping or help him to eat. Romeo will be able as well to read his interlocutor’s prescription and may remind him the medication dosage. And if the robot is worried about the condition of his patient, he will be able to contact the hotline center that will take control of the humanoid to assess the situation. Source : Le Figaro, 18/03/2014

3G and 4G network soon in French aircrafts?

Celine Chevreux - 03-avr.-2014 11:25:19

ARCEP (the French regulatory authority for electronic communications) has launched a public consultation in order to determine if airlines should provide Internet on mobiles to their passengers in the French airspace. The project consists on network carriers to install 3G and 4G transmitters in aircrafts. Activated during the flight, the Internet access would be working just like a relay antenna would do on the ground. However, ARCEP has specified that: «Each airline will have the option to provide such services and to sell it at the right price ". At first the option will probably be only for passengers in business class, given that this service will be quite expensive. In fact, connection will go from the ground to the plane via a satellite link, which makes the service extremely costly. The ARCEP’s project is applicable only when the plane is above 3,000 meters. Even though Air France has decided to allow passengers to use their smartphones and tablets during takeoff and landing, the Internet connection would have to be switched off. Source: Le point, 26/03/2014

Focus on Irish and British e-commerce markets

Celine Chevreux - 24-mars-2014 18:27:19

Twenty e-retailers and suppliers of solutions and services attended an information meeting on March 6th about internet retailing in the UK and Irish markets at Ubifrance offices located in Paris. During this event, UBIFRANCE Ireland and the British Association of e-retailing: IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) highlighted the opportunities on these markets. With € 111 billion of online sales in 2013, Ireland and the UK bring lot of opportunities for French exporters. The participants asked many questions to the speakers. The most motivated ones have exposed their projects during individual interviews and they may register for BtoB meetings to be held in Dublin and London from September 16th to 18th. This event will allow them to meet the local service providers (lawyers, call centers, e- marketing agencies, and logistics) in order to extend their activities to those buoyant markets.  

Eircom launches its eVision TV offering over fibre with French company Netgem

Joseph Parisot - 25-oct.-2013 13:09:03

Eircom has launched a new fibre-powered TV named eVision. This service is based on a technology supplied by a French company:  Netgem. This company is specialized in Connected House technologies and supplies to Eircom its new TV solution with a very simple and useful programme guide allowing the user to access to a wide range of contents. This new player in the Irish TV market enables viewers to pay less by subscribing only to their favorite channels within the Eircom quadplay package; it also includes additional services like multiroom boxes (thanks to the Set Top Box compact N7700). The eVision service is broadcasted by PVR mediacenter and the registration is based on a free contract subscription (one month minimum), without termination fees. Netgem provides hybrid IPTV solutions to telecom operators, enabling them to integrate value-added entertainment and connected home services to broadband packages in a highly competitive multimedia and multi-screen market. Christophe Aulnette, the CEO of Netgem International explained he was delighted to launch this service teaming up with eircom to fit in such a competitive market. 

Creation of a French cybersecurity and digital trust alliance

Benjamin Carnec - 03-oct.-2013 13:39:31

12 innovative French SMEs have created a digital trust alliance called HexaTrust. Representatives of French excellence in innovative solutions, these software vendors and Integrators have come together to provide a full range of efficient and consistent products and services dedicated to the security of critical infrastructures. This combination meets the needs of enterprises, administrations, public and private organizations of all sizes, keen to receive European and French innovative offers, covering all their IT security needs. Building on their presence on the European market, HexaTrust members also want to accelerate their international development by sharing their experience, their networks and means of access to global markets. The 12 companies involved in is centre of excellence are Wallix, Keynectis, Opentrust, Deny All, Ilex, Netheos, Sistech, inWebo, Olfeo, Brainwave, Vade Retro Technology, Arismore et Bertin Technologies.  

The revolution will be televised

Estelle Dorwling-Carter - 20-juil.-2012 13:21:28

  France Televisions, the public French broadcasting group, has launched a new application, Salto, which now allows viewers with a connected TV to resume at the beginning of a program being broadcast. However, this free function will be available, for now, only between 8pm and midnight for the programs of France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 and France Ô. Active during the program period only (from the opening to the closing credits), this service may be used at any time, enabling people to go back to live when they want to. France Television have already launched successful mobile app and VOD platform. Bruno Patino, managing director for the digital development of France Televisions, says that “it is a real first in television”. The CEO Remy Pflimlin underlines: “France Televisions has found its place in the digital sector. The total audience has reached its peak in May with 9.9 million visitors. This puts us in the 25 th place of the most visited brands in France and in the 2 nd place of broadcasting groups”.

Tags: connected TV

Public data and mobile apps

Ariane Musse - 11-juin-2012 17:38:35

Open data in France is a growing phenomenon. A mobile app called has been launched recently. This app provides information on public transports such as timetables, public car parks and their availability, carpool, traffic and roadwork’s in progress, in Nantes city and its metropolis. GFI Informatique uses the public data published on the website and transforms it into meaningful and valuable information for the users of the app. GFI Informatique has positioned itself as one of the leading IT service firms in France and Southern Europe. It is now an international IT services group employing around 10,000 people and is headquartered in Saint-Ouen, France. The company is organised around four business lines: Consulting, systems integration, outsourcing and software solutions. This company has already launched a similar website called “Tout Rennes Bouge” and the related app available on Android and iOS.

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