The success of France in biotechnologies

Marine Vicenzotti - 03-avr.-2014 12:59:26
Even though biotechnologies may be a recent sector of business activity, France has succeeded in developing real know-how that is gaining international recognition.   When it comes to biotechnologies, the French are cutting edge. According to Leeme, the federation of French medical companies, today France numbers 388 biotechs in the health field in France. Biotech France, another French association for biotech companies, indicates that a third of these companies have been in existence for over 10 years. Yet the number of creations in this field is exponential. To get an idea, 50 companies were started in 2012. Unheard of! Proof that there is a real entrepreneurial effervescence when it comes to this research in France. Young start-ups for the most part, French biotechs are mainly Small Medium sized companies. Only 4% of them have over 100 employees. On average, they employ 22 people. As to the type of activity, most of the French companies specialized in human sciences with therapeutic products are concentrated on cancer treatments. “The French have developed a full-fledged know-how on cardio-vascular devices, infectious diseases, dermatology, blood diseases and for surgery,” explains Yves Germani, Ubifrance’s manager for the health sector in North America.   French enterprises don’t just do research; they discover! Altogether, the French biotech industry generated 261 Million Euros in turnover in 2011, compared with 186 Million in 2010. As for companies on the stock market, they generate 369 Million Euros in turnover. Concerning the pipeline, the expression used to indicate the number of molecules being developed, France is 4rth, behind the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Quite a solid ranking, but which should nevertheless be improved. When their results are examined in detail, we see that depending on the stage of development, French companies create more products in the pre-clinic phase, in other words, all those that have been carried out before the clinical trial with patients, which is completely logical. Between the start of development on a new medicine, a molecule and its release on the market can sometimes take up to 10 years. Unfortunately, the consequence of this is that a number of products fall by the wayside. To be noted, however, is one undeniable fact: since 2008, French companies have sold more and more products. To put it another way, as Yves Germani points out, French companies don’t just do research; they discover!”   An increase of 63% in investment Even more impressive than all the rest, French biotech companies tend to have smaller R&D budgets than their European and international competitors. Fortunately, the culture of venture capital is developing very quickly in this sector. To give the general picture, the funds raised by French biotechs have increased by 63,1% from 2009 to 2012, reaching 178 Million Euros. Since the year 2000, they have managed to raise 2.920 Billion Euros. Today, French companies are naturally turning towards international opportunities to find new partners and new financial leverage. The proof is that such Small Medium companies as Affilogic, MedinCell, Interactive Biosoftware, Imabiotech or even O4CP all have one thing in common: they all are reaching out with confidence to mature markets like the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

3G and 4G network soon in French aircrafts?

Celine Chevreux - 03-avr.-2014 11:25:19
ARCEP (the French regulatory authority for electronic communications) has launched a public consultation in order to determine if airlines should provide Internet on mobiles to their passengers in the French airspace. The project consists on network carriers to install 3G and 4G transmitters in aircrafts. Activated during the flight, the Internet access would be working just like a relay antenna would do on the ground. However, ARCEP has specified that: «Each airline will have the option to provide such services and to sell it at the right price ". At first the option will probably be only for passengers in business class, given that this service will be quite expensive. In fact, connection will go from the ground to the plane via a satellite link, which makes the service extremely costly. The ARCEP’s project is applicable only when the plane is above 3,000 meters. Even though Air France has decided to allow passengers to use their smartphones and tablets during takeoff and landing, the Internet connection would have to be switched off. Source: Le point, 26/03/2014

The figure of the week#4

KOVALICEK Laura - 11-mars-2014 12:17:41
Number of visitors who attended the 51st edition of the International Agricultural Show in Paris, an increase of 1.4% compared to last year. This show took place from the 22 nd February to 2 nd March. This major consumer event is also a great forum for business and exhibitors were satisfied: on top of a wide audience, they had the occasion to launch some new projects such as the new label “Viandes de France” to ensure traceability and origin to consumers. This is an important quality step for this industry even if food processors and suppliers will not have the obligation to use this label.

Networking cocktail

KAJJI Myriam - 24-févr.-2014 15:55:40
On the 30 th of January, UBIFRANCE Ireland, the French Trade Commission in Ireland, had the pleasure of inviting the Franco-Irish business community to their annual networking cocktail in the Crypt of Christchurch. This event was the opportunity for Jim Rice, Chairman of the IFCC ( Ireland France Chamber of Commerce ), to illustrate the ongoing successful collaboration between the IFCC and UBIFRANCE Ireland with the upcoming signature of a convention between our two organisations. The “Grand Prix VIE” (International Internship Program Competition) was also launched during the evening with Yann Mazeman, Director of SERVIER Ireland, speaking on the benefits of the VIE (International Internship Program) for both companies and volunteers. Finally, Valentin Poussin, Sales Manager of Lacroix-Sofrel, spoke about his collaboration with UBIFRANCE following the success of the introduction to the Irish market of his products: data loggers and leak detection devices. The evening was the perfect opportunity for UBIFRANCE to thank its business partners for their trust and collaboration during the past year and to hope for continued business relationships between our two countries for 2014.

Roullier / Grassland Agro : 15 years of strong growth

KAJJI Myriam - 12-févr.-2014 18:00:51
The next 15 years of agriculture should see strong growth, according to Grassland Agro. The agricultural business celebrated its first anniversary recently, with a strategic conference. The key from the event was the potential growth of the agri business sector in the next 15 years and how Grassland Agro’s technological advances have helped and will continue to produce speciality products to aid this development. Grassland Agro was formed February 2013. It was created by the coming together of Freshgrass Group’s Grassland Fertilisers business and Groupe Roullier’s Irish business. It is now a 50/50 Joint Venture Company between The Freshgrass Group and Groupe Roullier. Irish Farmers Monthly, February 2014

Tourism: 19 large companies go into partnership to make France more attractive

Celine Chevreux - 10-févr.-2014 12:38:13
19 companies involved in the tourism sector such as Galleries Lafayette department stores, the Flo restaurant group, the airport of Paris, the national state-owned railway company named SNCF, the Accor hotel group, and much more announced Thursday the creation of the structure "Alliance 46.2" to make France more attractive to foreign tourists. The name of the alliance was chosen in reference to " the geographical coordinates of France ." Within this alliance, chaired by Gerard Bremond, four working groups have been established : - A host group, chaired by Robert Zolade, president of Elior (a food and services operator), to deal with issues such as procedures for the release of visas. - A promotional group, chaired by Anne Yannic, chairwoman of Cityvision, a tourism company - An employment and training group, chaired by Sven Boinet, Executive Managing Director of the Accor hotels - A n investment group headed by Dominique Marcel, CEO of Compagnie des Alpes operating ski resorts and Charles Saiag , manager of BNP Paribas within property business.   The goal is to reach 25 or 30 companies. The dues to access this structure come to "30,000 euros per year”, said Frédéric Pierret, managing director, adding it is an "open alliance and not a closed club". In the coming weeks , this alliance will make proposals on the subjects covered by the working groups. " In terms of proposals, the goal is to propose a strategic plan, a business plan for tourism", said Frédéric Pierret, stating that "the purpose is also to help the government to promote tourism ." This alliance wants indeed not replace foundation of tourism, launched by the government and which are held at this time. The 19 companies are: Accor, Aéroports de Paris, APST, BNP Paribas, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Cityvision, Club Méditerranée, Compagnie des Alpes, Elior, Euro Disney, Galeries Lafayette, GL Events, Groupe Flo, Kering Lagardère services, Groupe Lucien Barrière, Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs, SNCF and Viparis .   source: Fashionmag, 10/02

High precision mould manufacturer: SMP

Gaelle Leterrier - 25-nov.-2013 16:25:25
SMP , a high precision mould manufacturer is looking for new partners in Ireland! With over 40 years of experience, SMP has defined itself as one of the leader in high precision moulding. SMP has been designing and manufacturing moulds up to 3500Kg for high precision technical parts in business sectors such as: medical, pharmaceutical and connector technology and has delivered more than 2500 molds worldwide.   The export manager will come to Ireland from the 24 th to the 28 th of December .   SAVE THE DATE!   Please let us know if you wish to schedule a meeting with the export manager and discuss SMP’s products.   Please click here to access further information on this company. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further information. Please contact us for more information: marine.vicenzotti at at  
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