Bourgogne Wine Tour 2015

Raphaële Artheau - 20-janv.-2015 14:43:36
Bourgogne Wine Tour 2015 10 februari, Kl. 12:00-18:00 Spegelsalen, Grand Hôtel Den internationella handelskammaren i Bourgogne, branschorganisationen för bourgogneviner (BIVB) och Business France (fd Ubifrance) har det stora nöjet att bjuda in Er i år igen till en upplevelserik Bourgogne vinprovning. Närmare 30 producenter ser fram emot att låta er upptäcka upp till 300 olika viner. Producenterna kommer även att vara i Oslo den 12 februari för att träffa norska branschen på Posthallen. Producenlista : PRODUCENTER IMPORTÖR DOMAINES ET SAVEURS COLLECTION   DOMAINE COURTAULT-MICHELET   DOMAINE CORDIER Tryffelsvinet DOMAINE PARENT Vinsummum DOMAINE NORMAND   DOMAINE LAVANTUREUX   DOMAINE DES MALANDES Philipson Söderberg PRESTIGE DES GRANDS VINS DE France   DOMAINE ROUX Ward Wines CHÂTEAU GENOT-BOULANGER   MAISON AMBROISE Otto Suenson & Co DOMAINE FEUILLAT-JUILLOT Terrific Wines CLOTILDE DAVENNE PASCAL CLEMENT   CHÂTEAU DE CHEMILLY   ALBERT BICHOT Nigab   DOMAINE TORTOCHOT Clos Probus DOMAINE RION BLASONS DE BOURGOGNE Vinunic TERROIRS & TALENTS   KERLANN   JEAN-MARC BROCARD Johan Lidby Vinhandel DOMAINE BERTHELEMOT   DOMAINE CHEVALIER   FRANCOIS MARTENOT (TRESCH CLERGET) Apricot AB DOMAINE TROUILLET   OLIVIER LEFLAIVE Johan Lidby Vinhandel CHÂTEAU DE FUISSE Johan Lidby Vinhandel LOUIS MAX   Sigva   EVENEMANGET ÄR ENDAST ÖPPET FÖR BRANSCHEN For mer information: Cecilia.ekfeldt@businessfrance.fr (Sverige) Magalie.fievre@businessfrance.fr (Norge)           

French aeronautical industry set for new heights as global demand skyrockets

Raphaële ARTHEAU - 15-déc.-2014 15:01:35
Airbus, headquartered in the French city of Toulouse, projects that the global number of in service passenger aircrafts will double by 2033, to 31,400. The usual suspects can explain this rise in demand: change in demographics in developing economies, and tastes and preferences of their emerging middle class. Who will benefit from this near certain doubling of the market? Certainly one of the strongest cases comes from Airbus and the rest of the 3,000 French companies working in the field of aerospace. More than Airbus The European aviation industry, the production, maintenance and support of civil aircraft, is currently second largest in the world following the US’s Boeing led sector. It is undeniably integral to France in producing jobs and growth, as it is the largest foreign looking sector with 22 billion euros in net exports. Many SMEs depend and service Airbus and these will directly benefit from the impending expansion of the giant’s aircraft deliveries, as for the A320 for example, rising from 42 to the target of 50 planes per month. Aside Airbus’s presence, there are many smaller companies that have succeeded independently and are capturing attention abroad. For example, Mapaero produces paint for airplane interiors and exteriors, such as for aircraft’s wheels. They rapidly acquire new airlines as clients, the company being particularly innovative as its products are in line with recent EU regulations restricting chemicals in paint. The company’s attempts to limit impact on environment will also secure it a bright future. Ready for Take Off The French aviation industry is currently well diversified, mature and a world leader. What are its prospects for the future? It seems hard for things to get better, but it certainly looks this way. Brice Robin, Ubifrance’s project head explains that the industry is not lingering on its current successes: “Yes, over the last 100 years France has a history with aviation. This however is never enough, and we have to look to innovation for the future. For example French companies spend an average of 14% of their revenues on R&D.” Innovation is incredibly important for France to extend its advantage in a market that requires the utmost quality in order to ensure the security and longevity of its very expensive products to its prospective clients. Mr. Robin adds that there is an industry pressure for firms to “deliver faster, perfect parts with high level of quality, and better products with new technology, such as lower weight.” There are competitors arising in developing markets such as Brazil, China and Russia. However, they are likely to have difficulty in competing with France’s knowhow and completeness of services.  Mr. Robin explains, as an example, that the French maintenance’s market provides a one-stop shop for clients and this reduces costs as well as being convenient: “Today buyers don’t only look at the cost of aircraft, but also the maintenance and all else surrounding the aircraft since they will keep the aircraft for 25 to 35 years. They will also be renovating the aircraft interior every 5 to 10 years.” An airline doing business in France will not only purchase from Airbus but also look to other French companies, some located as near as the Toulouse metropolitan area, that provide maintenance and other support in usage such as refurbishment.  Mr. Robin puts this all in perspective of the emerging competition of the French industry: “Clients cannot supply all of their parts and components from a new player in an emerging market because some technologies, materials, designs, and new processes there will not be available and this is a French advantage.“ For example, for the maintenance of certain structural parts that are produced by Airbus, there is a requirement of special certification that can only be found amongst French engineers. Ubifrance and French SMEs Ubifrance helps French companies find clients and partners abroad. For example, Win MS participated with Ubifrance at trade shows in Dubai and was able to attain contacts with local airlines. Their aeronautical maintenance equipment were very impressive to Qatar Air, world’s second most preferred airline according to the World Airline Awards.  Aeroform provides repairing equipment for composite materials, much of which can be found in the structure of modern aircrafts. The company was looking for one distributor in Spain and Germany, and with help of Ubifrance was able to attain a list of seven to ten possible suitors in each of the markets. In three months they signed one distributor in each country and are now working with Ubifrance to achieve the same results in the Russian market. For further information about French exporting companies, please go to: http://www.ubifrance.com/french-exporters-directory/companies.aspx?k=&z=&c=&ca=3&sca=75     Or Contact The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in Sweden: Aurélie Devidal, Senior Trade Adviser, aurelie.devidal(@)ubifrance.fr , +46 (0)8 545 89 159  

MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS - 2-5 March 2015 - Barcelona

Raphaële ARTHEAU - 05-déc.-2014 16:37:44
Over the course of four days, 2-5 March 2015, Mobile World Capital Barcelona will host the world’s greatest mobile event: Mobile World Congress. The mobile communications revolution is driving the world’s major technology breakthroughs. From wearable devices to connected cars and homes, mobile technology is at the heart of worldwide innovation. As an industry, we are connecting billions of people to the transformative power of the Internet and mobilising every device we use in our daily lives. In short, we’re on The Edge of Innovation, and the possibilities are endless. The 2015 GSMA Mobile World Congress will convene industry leaders, visionaries and innovators to explore the trends that will shape mobile in the years ahead. About the Event Depending on the type of pass selected, attendees can take advantage of the many components that make up this industry-leading event: Depending on the type of pass selected, attendees can take advantage of the many components that make up this industry-leading event: • A world-class thought-leadership Conference featuring visionary keynotes and panel discussions • A cutting-edge product and technology Exhibition featuring more than 1,900 exhibitors • The world’s best venue for seeking industry opportunities, making deals, and networking • App Planet, the Centre of the Mobile Apps Universe, where the mobile app community gathers to learn, network and engage with innovators • And the Global Mobile Awards programme, where we recognise industry innovation and achievements About the French Pavilion The French Tech Pavilion at MWC 2015 in Hall 5 & Hall 8.1 Mrs Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State for the Digital Sector, attached to the Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital, will be present on the French Pavilion at MWC 2015 with LA FRENCH TECH ! For the ninth consecutive year, UBIFRANCE, The French Agency for International Business Development will host a French Tech Pavilion at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Spain), from 02 to 05 March 2015. The latest innovations from more than 100 French exhibitors will be showcased on the French Tech Pavilion, making it the largest national pavilion at the trade show this year like the previous years. More information about… The French Tech Pavilion @ Mobile World Congress : http://mwc.ubifrance-events.com/cms/en/2015-exhibitors

UBIFRANCE helps French IT startups plug into global opportunities

Raphaële ARTHEAU - 05-déc.-2014 16:16:51
IT sector is no longer a novelty market. Companies of all sizes and sectors must have a scope of digital services for their clients or risk losing business. Fayssal Majid, Ubifrance’s IT project manager, explains: ““Smartphone will be the new platform for all companies. They will need to have a mobile application as well as a site in order to attract customers and maintain a market share.” By 2020 the number of smartphone mobile subscriptions is expected to more than double to 6.1 billion. This is nearly the size of today’s global population of 6.7 billion.   Today’s France, ready for tomorrow’s world   France offers a mobilized IT ecosystem that is leveraging the best of France to not only satisfy the domestic market but also capture global customers. In fact the domestic market, a kind of reflection of the society’s focus on technology, has been following other developed countries in internet penetration and mobile usage: 54% of the French population uses the internet on their mobile and 74% of smartphone users research products and services on their phone.   Therefore, it should come as no surprise that France will be sending the biggest national delegation to 2015’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The size of delegation can be attributed to the quality of French engineers and the well-organized research clusters, many at a regional level, which offer incubation for a variety of independent ideas. For example take Systematic, a cluster from the Paris region, which has helped develop 379 projects and attracted investment of 2 billion euros over its brief history.  In fact, Mr. Majid explains that there are even further layers of organization that benefit the start up culture in France: “There are all startups which are very proud of their French roots but are looking globally. An initiative in collaboration with UBIFRANCE, La French Tech, helps them achieve this goal.”   La French Tech is a great collective project for the growth and influence of the French Start-ups and digital ecosystem and has been behind such firms as the award winning Citizen Sciences. Citizen Sciences is a prime example of a French company that is not only matching but also advancing the technological frontier. Citizen Sciences is pioneering application of the field of “the internet of things” – the connectivity of everyday items for the purpose of improving usage and limiting human involvement – towards the human staple of clothing. At the moment they are working on products that will gather multiples of data, from heart rate to specific movements, for athletes as to improve their performance. The company was recognized as a winner of an Innovation Award at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.   Ubifrance helps you reach your potential     Mr. Majid believes that the Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in spring of 2015 is the perfect springboard for French businesses for global markets. IT has become much more of a global phenomenon and Mr. Majid believes that the direction of French companies should not only be towards showcases and markets in the US, but also emerging markets in Asia, South America , and even Africa: “Yes, French companies have always thought about the US, but in fact there is also much interest from places like the Middle East South East Asia and Africa, markets that are very large and growing.” Since the Mobile World Congress is a global event, this will provide the perfect introduction of French companies to prospective clients from all over the world.   Oledcomm is an example of a company that will be joining Mr. Majid in Barcelona. They are doing something truly special. Their products leverage your lighting network into something many of us find unthinkable: wireless communication and Internet services.   Famoco is yet another French company that will be at the MWC in Barcelona and they are working on a problem that we all though would be solved by now – contactless payment. Such advancements require massive logistical coordination and Famoco is making this possible. Look to Famoco to improve your experience in stores all around the world.   Oledcomm Famoco The French Tech Pavilion @ Mobile World Congress The Mobile World Congress  


Soline Guerinet - 24-nov.-2014 17:23:12
POLLUTEC 2014 26th international exhibition of environmental equipments technologies and services LYON EUREXPO France, 2 > 5 december 2014 Show presentation Leading general show for the environment and energy industries. Pollutec brings together professionals from around the world to discuss innovative solutions that reduce the impact of human activities on the environment, whether it be in industry, local authorities or in the service sector. • 100 000 sq.m exhibition space • 65 000 trade visitors • 2 200 exhibitors • 400 conferences • 200 innovations premiered • 8 sectors • 3 focus Partners villages Hosted in partnership with a professional organization, the villages and expertise clusters bring together in a common dedicated area companies specializing in a specific field.Recyclage   ASBESTOS • Meet professionals of asbestos removal and review the latest developments about regulations and eradication industries. • Organized in partnership with Réso A+ SPACE APPLICATIONS • Organizations promoting the use of space for the environment are shining the spotlight on the numerous advantages that space technologies • offer for the implementation of sustainable development. ECOTECH NETWORK • The Network will be highlighting the advances in shared research works. • In partnership with the competitiveness clusters of the Ecotech network (network of eco-technology competitiveness clusters). TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES • This area will feature products and services for the inspection and renovation of existing networks. • In partnership with the French scientific association for trench-free technologies (FSTT).   SITES AND SOILS • Pollutec Horizons is shining the spotlight on the current technical and regulatory situation in the soil remediation business. • In partnership with the UPDS. ENGINEERING EXPERTISE • Meet engineering practices and design offices specializing in environmental engineering. More information : •  Official website •  Vivapolis : powered by French creativity To meet French companies at the French Pavillon: •  valerie.doghmane@ubifrance.fr •  elodie.planat@ubifrance.fr Or Contact The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in Sweden: Aurélie Devidal, Senior Trade Adviser, aurelie.devidal(@)ubifrance.fr , +46 (0)8 545 89 159 

Silver Lining in French Economy

Soline Guerinet - 24-nov.-2014 16:58:34
France’s Silver Economy is turning into a precious commodity, growing at 4% during the past few years and projected to create 300,000 jobs by 2020. The high value resource behind the silver economy is expected to grow healthily, providing an abundant market for French and foreign business. However, the most shocking element of this market is that it has nothing to do with metals. Products for consumers over the age of 65 In fact the silver economy is a term that refers to the economy that produces products for consumers over the age of 65, who require services tailored to their specific tastes and needs, from accommodation to health and leisure. According to demographic projections, 23 million French people or simply one third of the population will be over 65 by 2030. Many other European and Western countries are experiencing similar developments in their demographics and their retirees are searching for communities across the continents that are very specific. Furthermore, wealthy retirees from Eastern countries are also looking for lifestyles with a certain quality that they may not be able to find so readily back home. In France : a focus on health and quality of living Amina Sambou, project manager of the Silver Economy at Ubifrance, is confident that France can excel in servicing the domestic and foreign market: “in France, we have a focus on health and quality of living which has already created a market with a strong infrastructure for retirees who are interested in quality of living.” Therefore it is not a surprise that French companies are experiencing interest from consumers in countries like Japan, South Korea, and China who, according to Mrs. Sambou, are “interested in the French way of ageing.” New French companies are already popping up in anticipation of vast opportunities in the next decade. Silver Valley is the French answer of California’s Silicon Valley, combining technology and location to create a future for the Silver Economy.  Less than 10 kilometers from Paris, this collaboration of French businesses will create a nexus for all sides of the market: research facilities for innovation partners, a business park for product and service oriented businesses, and attractive real state for retirees. The older market segments will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade Demographics, such as longer life expectancy, decrease in birthrate and retirement of the ‘baby boomer’ generation are certainly reasons why the older market segments will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade. However, this is not the only reason why businesses need to stay ahead of the market: seniors in France represent 43% of income, 60% of real estate and 72% of financial investments. Therefore, it’s not just the size of the market but also its focus on high value products, which make it a priority for all business strategists.  The French organization in this market is unparalleled. Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France, with each producing its own nexus similar to that of Silver Valley. Another example is Toulouse’s aptly named campaign “So Toulouse.” The 4th city in France has been recently made famous for being recession proof – a beacon of private sector growth in France over the last decade. Part of the success of this city and region has been its focus on education and technological innovation. This has translated into smart services for seniors, including smart homes, e-health services, and a hospital solely dedicated to the elderly. Also, the region’s status as the 2nd most popular agro food region in France does not hurt its already fantastic pitch. So far it seems that a large part of the French know-how has to do with elements rooted in France itself. However, much of the French advantage is exportable, and French companies have been finding successes in such events as last June’s Silver Economy connection in Atlanta. Two pilot programs with two large senior living and homecare organizations… Sandrine Sauvage-Mack, Senior Trade Advisor at Ubifrance, recounts how the French multi product and service conglomerate La Valeriane was able to secure two pilot programs with two large senior living and homecare organizations:  “After a great first impression with Leading Age, the American Federation for the ageing populations, they were certain to add more pilots and clinical trials with American universities and research centers.” Ubifrance, the French agency for export promotion with 80 offices over seas, will continue promote French companies at events dedicated to the French Silver Economy abroad and at home. Clic here for more information about French companies or contact The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in Sweden: Pia Levin, Export Adviser, pia.levin(@)ubifrance.fr , +46 (0)8 545 89 167.

”LA FRENCH TECH” – Frankrike storsatsar på ICT-startups och innovation

Anna-Karin Berg - 17-nov.-2014 11:37:18
Förra året lanserade den franska regeringen initiativet French Tech, en satsning som syftar till att göra Frankrike till en ledande ”startup-republik”. Initiativet utvecklas i samarbete med offentliga organisationer, näringsliv, regioner, kluster, inkubatorer, investerare och universitet. I satsningen ingår bland annat en pott på 200 miljoner € som ska användas för utveckling av lovande startups inom ICT och digitala medier.   Flera satsningar görs även för att attrahera kvalificerad arbetskraft från andra länder – bland annat så kommer utländska experter såsom forskare, akademiker, investerare att kunna ansöka om ”talent passports”, speciella arbetstillstånd som gör det lättare att komma och arbeta i Frankrike. Utländska entreprenörer kan även tävla om projektpengar (upp till 25 000€ per projekt) som ska användas på för att starta upp nya innovativa teknikprojekt på plats i Frankrike.          Axelle Lemaire, statsrådet som ansvarar för IT-frågor i Frankrike, presenterade nyligen de nio franska städer som blivit utvalda att leda utvecklingen av French Tech-satsningen: Aix-Marseille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Montpellier, Rennes ou Toulouse. Dessa städer – plus Paris - anses ha de starkaste nätverken inom innovation och ICT i Frankrike idag och får därför benämningen ”Métropoles French Tech”.     Ubifrances roll i French Tech-programmet handlar huvudsakligen om stöd, rådgivning och aktiviteter för lovande IT-startups som vill etablera sig utomlands. Bl.a. anordnas flera ”French Tech Tours” där utvalda startups får chansen att nätverka och pitcha i länder som USA, Kina, Korea och Japan.  Under 2015 hoppas vi kunna organisera en French Tech Tour till Sverige och övriga nordiska länder, så håll ögonen öppna!     För mer information : http://en.lafrenchtech.com/   Eller ta kontakt med Anna-Karin Berg, projektledare IT, Innovation & Tjänster anna-karin.berg@ubifrance.fr  
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