TC For Shoes stands tall with launch of UK website

Aurore Bernard - 12-juin-2014 15:57:25

Achaclip Ltd has created Total Care for Shoes (TC for Shoes), a new generation of heel protectors. Following its initial success in France, Achaclip Ltd has expanded to sell its products worldwide and has recently launched an English-language e-commerce website. All TC for Shoes products benefit from international trademarks and copyright and the company is actively seeking distributors worldwide, including in the UK.   TC for Shoes is a range of heel protectors designed to extend the life of high-heeled shoes. Stiletto heels are easily damaged and worn away, and it can be expensive to repair them. With prices starting at £3.90, TC for Shoes products cost less than half the price of heel repair and protect the heel for up to three times longer than traditional heel screws.   Anne-Marie Pharisier, the company’s founder, came up with the concept for TC for Shoes after experiencing a recurring problem with her favourite pair of shoes. She says, “It all started with my blue shoes. They were a beautiful pair of shoes with laces and a brooch detail, and a bargain at around €20. Unfortunately, after just three days of wearing them, I noticed that the heel was damaged, so I took them to the cobbler to be repaired. I was reluctant to pay €12 for two plastic heel screws, but I was determined to wear my shoes again.”   She continues, “Just two weeks later, I made another trip to the cobbler, meaning I had spent more to repair the shoes than they originally cost to buy. When faced with the prospect of paying once again to repair the shoes, I decided to find my own solution, cutting a small pen lid to size and using some putty to secure it to the damaged heel. That was when the idea for TC for Shoes first came to me. Three and a half years and 10 prototypes later, TC for Shoes was launched on 14 April 2012.”   As well as protecting the heel from damage, the TC for Shoes range has been designed to offer a number of additional practical benefits. The first of these is comfort. TC for Shoes products are made from a thin layer of soft plastic, which provides an additional cushioned layer to the heel and offers more comfort to the wearer: as a result, stilettos can be worn for longer periods of time.     TC for Shoes also provides protection that no heel screw can equal. The heel clips have a non-slip base, which gives them improved stability, even on slippery surfaces, allowing the user to walk confidently without fear of falling. Finally, TC for Shoes provides sound insulation for heels, eliminating the tapping noise made when walking on hard surfaces.   Whereas a traditional heel screw amounts to a short-term practical solution for worn and damaged heels, TC for Shoes offers esthetical advantages to the user. Available in a range of four sizes and 11 different colours, the Talon Clip® and Talon Chic® ranges deliver a style unmatched by any traditional heel screw.   With the Talon Clip® range, the user can choose to match the product to the heel colour for discreet repair and protection, or select a contrasting colour as an accessory in order to create a variety of looks. The Talon Chic® collection is designed specifically with fashion in mind and includes intricate designs and motifs, including bows, roses, jewels and snakes.   Please click below (on the image) in order to view a selection of TC for Shoes products (short video-clip produced by the company). Whether for comfort, stability, protection or style, TC for Shoes offers a modern-day solution to an age-old problem for a very reasonable price.   The full range of TC for Shoes products and prices is available at     About TC for Shoes TC for Shoes is a trademark of Achaclip Ltd. Achaclip Ltd was founded by Anne-Marie Pharisier and is based in the Basque Region, in the South-West of France. The company is run in partnership with Jean-Claude Belivier, Hervé Burgué and Monique Manuel.   Achaclip Ltd intends to expand internationally following its success on the French market and is interested in developing partnerships with distributors worldwide, including in the British market. The company is also open to discussion with regard to producing TC for Shoes products on behalf of other brands.   For further information, please go to       For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3935 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

A first class reference for Lumiplan in Sotchi

Aurore Bernard - 29-mai-2014 10:45:37

Operators of ski resorts are urged to take advantage of a state-of the-art dynamic communication system in order to improve consumer experience, safety and comfort, and thus increase loyalty. With this goal in mind, Lumiplan Montagne has set out to develop real-time information solutions that are specific to ski resorts.   For the Sotchi 2014 Olympic Games, Lumiplan Montagne installed a total of 11 hardware totems at the Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Center, combining high-visibility LED screens and dynamic trail maps displaying, in real-time, the status of its lifts and trails. Thanks to Lumiplan’s unique one-time data-entry platform Infoneige, the resort is able broadcast consistent content on every device – not only on LED screens and dynamic trail maps on the ski slopes, but also on screens at cash desks, on hotel TV channels, on the official website and on the resort’s own smartphone application created by Lumiplan. All of this is run by just one central software application.   With Lumiplan’s global information system, ski resorts now have the possibility to use external, incoming information (lift openings, weather conditions, waiting time at lifts, technical breakdown, etc.) to then automatically broadcast pre-set messages tailored to each situation. Lumiplan has optimized real-time communication far above any of its competitors, and will continue to do so to help build tomorrow’s ski resorts.       Further information :   Lumiplan Mountain Cluster

Four French suppliers meet decision-makers and influencers in Cameroon

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Four French suppliers of healthcare solutions (medical imaging, supplies and sterilization and laundry systems) recently met with Cameroonian decision-makers and influencers in Douala and Yaoundé. 47 B2B meetings were organized and the participants also visited two major public hospitals, driving innovative renovation and extension projects. The project managers expressed an immediate interest in the solutions proposed by the French companies. The French drive has arrived at a convenient time for local buyers and is marked by the launch of important investment programmes and a real will to rebuild ties with old suppliers – particularly French ones – following a decade during which the market has tended to favour offers from Asia. In addition, certain participants placed orders and identified potential partners during the event. Patrick BASSOM UBIFRANCE CAMEROUN +237 33 42 90 62/33 42 90 65 Further information : About French companies > Medical device and Healthcare

The Healthcare and Medical Technology Industry in France : Overview of a sector of excellence

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The healthcare industry is a key partner for governments in anticipating and providing solutions geared towards protection, prevention, diagnostics, disability compensation, treatment and improving the daily quality of life for users of health product. It plays a critical role in public health, one of the principal challenges facing French society. The healthcare industry (much like the aerospace and luxury sectors) plays a crucial part in preserving France’s industrial base and represents a major comparative advantage for the French economy: it employs more than 200,000 people directly and over 500,000 indirectly, and continues to go from strength to strength. The relative importance of the sector within France’s industrial landscape is greater than in other European economies of a similar size. Source : Further information About French companies > Medical device and Healthcare

French biotech sector is 4th worldwide in pure innovation

Aurore Bernard - 16-mai-2014 10:58:10

Since the year 2000, biotech-sector businesses in France have managed to raise an aggregate total of €2.92 billion. In terms of the number of new molecules being developed, France ranks 4 th worldwide. Today, French-based companies are turning their attention to international markets and the opportunities they offer. France has succeeded in developing genuine expertise and internationally recognised know-how in the biotech field, even though this is still a young industry.   When it comes to biotechnologies, French-based companies are cutting edge. According to Leeme , the federation of French medical-sector companies, today, France numbers close to 390 biotech-sector players. Biotech France , another French industry association for biotech companies, indicates that a third of these companies have been in existence for over 10 years.   And yet, the number of businesses created in this field is growing very fast: in 2012 alone, 50 companies were set up. This is clear evidence that there is real entrepreneurial effervescence when it comes to R&D and the biotech industry in France.   French biotech players are mainly recently formed start-ups and SMEs. Only 4% of biotech-sector businesses have over 100 employees; on average, they employ 22 people.   As to the type of activity, most French companies in the sector specialize in human sciences, with therapeutic products that are concentrated on the treatment of cancer.   “The French have developed a fully fledged know-how on cardio-vascular devices, infectious diseases, dermatology, blood diseases, and for surgery,” explains Yves Germani, in charge of the Health Sector at the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in North America.   Altogether, the French biotech industry generated €261 million in turnover in 2011, as compared with €186 million in 2010. As for companies listed on the stock market, they generated €369 million in sales.   Concerning the pipeline — i.e. the term used in the industry to indicate the number of molecules being developed — France ranks 4th, behind the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. This is a commendable ranking, even if it can and should be improved.   When their results are examined in detail, it appears that — depending on the stage of development they have reached — French companies create more products at the pre-clinical phase. This is completely logical, since it concerns products that have been developed before the relevant clinical trials with patients have taken place...   Between the start of the development process for a new medicine and the release of a new molecule on the market, it can sometimes take up to 10 years. Unfortunately, a consequence of this is that a number of products fall by the wayside. It should be pointed out, however, that, since 2008, French companies have released and sold more and more new products. To put it another way, as Yves Germani of UBIFRANCE North America points out, “French companies don’t just do research: they discover!”   French-based biotech companies tend to have smaller R&D budgets than their European and international competitors. Clearly, this is not preventing them from innovating and, fortunately, the size of the venture-capital sector is growing fast in relation to the biotech industry in France.   To give an overall picture, the funds raised by French biotech players increased by 63% between 2009 and 2012, reaching €178 million. Since the year 2000, biotech-sector businesses in France have managed to raise an aggregate total of €2.92 billion.   Today and quite naturally, French-based companies are turning their attention to international markets and the opportunities they offer, in order to find new partners and new sources of funding. Evidence of this is that SMEs such as Affilogic, Imabiotech, Interactive Biosoftware, MedinCell or O4CP are all reaching out with confidence to biotech-industry and finance-sector players based in mature markets — from the USA and Canada to Western Europe.   For further information about the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, please go to:  

DECITEX intelligent textiles to supply NHS Supply Chain in UK

Aurore Bernard - 22-avr.-2014 18:29:34

DECITEX of France, which specializes in the development of intelligent and innovative textiles for use in professional cleaning, has announced a new contract with NHS Supply Chain. Following numerous introductions and tests in some of the largest NHS hospitals across Britain, it was DECITEX’s precise knowledge of this market that helped the company to secure the contract for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).   DECITEX, a French-based manufacturer at the heart of innovation for microfibre cleaning textiles, has announced a new contract with NHS Supply Chain, following a call to tender for cleaning products for floors and surfaces, to have its products available for purchase by the NHS in England and Wales.   A total of 26 DECITEX products will be listed by NHS Supply Chain, including single- as well as short-and-long-term usage solutions adapted to hazardous areas, such as operating theatres and isolation rooms.   DECITEX’s textiles have proven efficiency and its single- and short-usage cloths have been approved in accordance with the EN13697 standard. These products allow all hospitals, including state-of-the-art ones, to choose to clean floors with water, whilst ensuring the demands of ATP tests are met. Created in 2000, DECITEX is part of the 3E sustainable-energy concept. The company’s main aim is to improve the quality of cleaning and ergonomics whilst considering the associated constraints and working on the reduction in usage costs of the products.   DECITEX’s textile engineers are encouraged to think about the efficiency of the textile for cleaning purposes before considering the addition of a chemical component. The material has also been developed to improve user comfort, not just in terms of autonomy and hygiene, but also in terms of design — a notion often overlooked in this field.      From their design and manufacture in France up to their final use in situ, DECITEX products offer unique and innovative sustainable-development solutions in the field of cleaning textiles. In effect, using DECITEX products makes it possible to save considerable amounts of water, chemicals and energy used in laundry. The specialist company also offers to recycle its products at the end of their use.   DECITEX products are sold in countries around the world including Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the UK. DECITEX products, so as to better meet the needs of today’s users, are manufactured up to the highest standards. Over six million units of DECITEX products are sold each year to the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries, as well to numerous operating theatres within hospitals, in many countries.   About DECITEX DECITEX is a French-based company specializing in microfibre wiping textile for professional use. The company was founded in July 2000 by Guillaume Leymonerie, CEO of the 3E Concept Group.   As a manufacturer, DECITEX’s role is to design and produce high-performance textiles — i.e. mops and wipes made from microfibre — that are easy to use. DECITEX listens to what its customers have to say and innovates as per their needs.   The company complements its textile-technology expertise (focused on issues such as cleaning time, ease of use, cost per use, and impact on the environment) with a lightweight, ergonomically designed range of handles and frames.   For further information, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3928 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :

French contract-clothing manufacturers return to London on 29 April 2014

Aurore Bernard - 09-avr.-2014 13:57:56

The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London is organising a showroom for leading contract-clothing manufacturers. These French companies are actively seeking to develop business links with UK-based designers. This professional event will take place from 9.00am to 6.30pm in central London, on 29 April 2014. Members of the trade and the media who would like to attend should contact the Press Office of the French Trade Commission.   This unique event, organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London, will give the opportunity to members of the trade and the media based in the UK to meet well-recognised French-based companies specialising in contract manufacturing. The showroom will take place between 9.00am and 6.30pm on Tuesday 29 April of this year, at the Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, in the heart of the West End (in central London).   The list of exhibitors can be found below; further information can be provided on request.   ACC JB has more than one trick up its sleeve   The success of Atelier Cannelle Couture (ACC JB) is based on providing the best service and respecting its commitments in terms of production, quality and lead times. The production unit, with a workforce of 50, draws on all its technical means, expertise, skills and passion to satisfy the expectations of loyal, yet demanding, customers.   The company has an integrated design office and can take care of its clients’ logistical needs. ACC JB also has a production unit specializing in sleeved clothing, such as coats, jackets and raincoats.   BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE is delicate and professional with light garments   BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE has been working as a subcontractor since 1956. The company manufactures items for the high-end brands of the luxury market and for fashion designers. BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE works the most delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk, jersey and organza; its production is essentially for women. Very light garments are the company’s specialism.   Flexible production processes, together with the expertise of its highly skilled 75 staff, allow BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE to meet the requirements of the luxury-brands market. BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE’s strength resides in the production of small and medium-size series, in the high quality of its output, and in its efficient processes (with an ability to meet short deadlines).   The company has special machines and offers the full range of pre-production services (patterns, pattern grading, pattern layout and samples) as well as post-production services (reception, stocking, fabrics and supplies control, dispatching, quality control, and repairs).   LA FERRIERE COUTURE is the one wearing — and making — the trousers   Set up in 1972, LA FERRIERE COUTURE has over 40 years’ experience in the production of trousers. The company is a contract-clothing manufacturer specialising in high-end items and the luxury market. It makes trousers and shorts for both men and women, and can deal equally with short and long product runs, as well as the timely production of samples.   With 40 employees and modern industrial equipment designed specifically for the production of trousers, LA FERRIERE COUTURE has an average output capacity of 250 items per day. The company’s facilities cover 1,000 m2 and include advanced professional equipment (Lectra system, automated cutting machines, fusing press and overhead conveyor). Packaging meets industry standards, with individual polybags as well as cardboard boxes with hangers.   Les Ateliers Grandis has 600 highly skilled staff on hand   Les Ateliers Grandis have been dedicated to the design, development and production of luxury garments for men’s and women’s fashion for over 20 years.   The company has 600 employees, who work in nine different workshops, and has increased its production capacity through close co-operation with a network of subcontractors based in France and in other European countries. Using an array of delicate fabrics (chiffon, silk and jersey), Les Ateliers Grandis manufactures suits, structured pieces, as well as light garments.   In addition to advanced manufacturing facilities, Les Ateliers Grandis has a development-and-patterns department that works in close partnership with studios and technical teams; an exclusive model workshop with a team of expert seamstresses dedicated to the manufacturing of original pieces, toiles, collection models, press models, and made-to-measure garments; and, finally, a customer-service department that looks after purchases, the control of schedules and quality, storage, supplies and deliveries.   PR3 SAS takes charge, from the initial sketches all the way to the catwalks   PR3 SAS covers all aspects of the manufacture of loose, tailored and structured garments. The company has recently developed a portfolio of finished products intended for tailored garments, which are ideal for men’s ready-to-wear collections.   For over 30 years, PR3 has built a solid reputation across the sector: the company combines technical expertise and high-quality manufacturing with effective management, reactivity and reliability in meeting customer deadlines. PR3 is thus able to meet requests for small, medium-size and larger orders, as well as all types of prototype orders.   Combining a traditional know-how with modern organisational techniques, the skills and expertise of PR3’s staff are a guarantee of quality every step of the design and production process — from the initial sketches to the manufacturing of prototypes, and from the development of collections to their completion for catwalks and showrooms.   SCT DEVELOPPEMENT’s 30 highly skilled staff draw on 30 years’ experience   For the past 30 years, SCT DEVELOPPEMENT has developed a proven know-how and excellence in the manufacturing of ladies’ ready-to-wear garments for famous haute-couture houses and luxury-brand names. The company maintains strong partnerships with fashion designers.   SCT boasts a highly skilled team of 30 people, who have modern equipment at their disposal for cutting (automatic Lectra system), sewing and finishing pieces. SCT specialises in producing dresses and skirts, as well as trousers and tops, with delicate woven (silk, chiffon, veil, laces, etc.) or knitted (jersey, interlock, etc.) fabrics.   The company can produce prototypes, samples and collections in small and medium-size quantities. SCT offers bespoke services to its customers, with the option to move up the value chain in pattern making, grading and cutting, or the choice of fabrics.   SOCOVET SISTEM is a full-service player, from embroidery to stitching   Since 1972, SOCOVET SISTEM has helped designers and creators develop collections with a French touch. SOCOVET can assist with collections for both men and women and the company will take care of pattern creation from sketches; of the manufacturing of the first prototype; and, finally, of alterations and pattern grading.   SOCOVET manages all aspects of production. The company offers fast manufacturing of the first production prototype and has four production groups (including one dedicated to collections and small ranges). SOCOVET’s production facility is fitted with the latest technology, including Lectra equipment, automated cutting Bullmer machines, and special stitch machines.   SOCOVET has a locally based network of partners for embroidery, digital printing, pleating and washing. The company can conduct prime-cost studies in order to optimize processes for its clients.   SOCOVET offers a range of products, including jackets, coats (for men and women), dresses, skirts, and tops. The company deals with both tailored garments and dressmaking, making use of an array of materials — wool, chiffon, crêpe, lace, fur and leather yoke, technical fabrics, wadding, as well as cut and sewn knitwear.   About The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE   The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London facilitates trade development between France and the UK. UBIFRANCE offers a wide range of services to French-based companies, so as to assist them in their business activities within the UK. As such, it organises B2B events in the form of conferences and networking opportunities.   The French Trade Commission is organising a showroom for leading contract-clothing manufacturers: the event will take place from 9.00am to 6.30pm at the Meridien Piccadilly Hotel in central London, on 29 April 2014. Members of the trade and the media who would like to attend should contact the Press Office of the French Trade Commission.   For further information about UBIFRANCE in the UK, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3925 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :

The Consumer Goods and Healthcare Department assists French companies with their international development strategy and promotes trade between France and the UK.   In order to maximise commercial opportunities between French and British companies, the Department organises French Pavilions at a number of key exhibitions in the UK, as well as offering other B2B networking events and individual partnering services.   We assist companies from a range of industries including fashion and accessories, home furnishing and interior design, cosmetics, healthcare equipment and biotechnology, as well as e-commerce and the franchising sector.   Consumer Goods and Healthcare contacts:   Head of Consumer Goods Department Sandra Pini   Tel: +44 (0)207 024 3664 Fashion and Accessories, Leisure, Sports, Nursery Products Roselyne Fitzgerald Tel: +44 (0)207 024 3667 Home Decor, Gifts, DIY, Gard



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