French contract-clothing manufacturers return to London on 29 April 2014

Aurore Bernard - 09-avr.-2014 13:57:56

The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London is organising a showroom for leading contract-clothing manufacturers. These French companies are actively seeking to develop business links with UK-based designers. This professional event will take place from 9.00am to 6.30pm in central London, on 29 April 2014. Members of the trade and the media who would like to attend should contact the Press Office of the French Trade Commission.   This unique event, organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London, will give the opportunity to members of the trade and the media based in the UK to meet well-recognised French-based companies specialising in contract manufacturing. The showroom will take place between 9.00am and 6.30pm on Tuesday 29 April of this year, at the Meridien Piccadilly Hotel, in the heart of the West End (in central London).   The list of exhibitors can be found below; further information can be provided on request.   ACC JB has more than one trick up its sleeve   The success of Atelier Cannelle Couture (ACC JB) is based on providing the best service and respecting its commitments in terms of production, quality and lead times. The production unit, with a workforce of 50, draws on all its technical means, expertise, skills and passion to satisfy the expectations of loyal, yet demanding, customers.   The company has an integrated design office and can take care of its clients’ logistical needs. ACC JB also has a production unit specializing in sleeved clothing, such as coats, jackets and raincoats.   BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE is delicate and professional with light garments   BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE has been working as a subcontractor since 1956. The company manufactures items for the high-end brands of the luxury market and for fashion designers. BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE works the most delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk, jersey and organza; its production is essentially for women. Very light garments are the company’s specialism.   Flexible production processes, together with the expertise of its highly skilled 75 staff, allow BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE to meet the requirements of the luxury-brands market. BOCAGE AVENIR COUTURE’s strength resides in the production of small and medium-size series, in the high quality of its output, and in its efficient processes (with an ability to meet short deadlines).   The company has special machines and offers the full range of pre-production services (patterns, pattern grading, pattern layout and samples) as well as post-production services (reception, stocking, fabrics and supplies control, dispatching, quality control, and repairs).   LA FERRIERE COUTURE is the one wearing — and making — the trousers   Set up in 1972, LA FERRIERE COUTURE has over 40 years’ experience in the production of trousers. The company is a contract-clothing manufacturer specialising in high-end items and the luxury market. It makes trousers and shorts for both men and women, and can deal equally with short and long product runs, as well as the timely production of samples.   With 40 employees and modern industrial equipment designed specifically for the production of trousers, LA FERRIERE COUTURE has an average output capacity of 250 items per day. The company’s facilities cover 1,000 m2 and include advanced professional equipment (Lectra system, automated cutting machines, fusing press and overhead conveyor). Packaging meets industry standards, with individual polybags as well as cardboard boxes with hangers.   Les Ateliers Grandis has 600 highly skilled staff on hand   Les Ateliers Grandis have been dedicated to the design, development and production of luxury garments for men’s and women’s fashion for over 20 years.   The company has 600 employees, who work in nine different workshops, and has increased its production capacity through close co-operation with a network of subcontractors based in France and in other European countries. Using an array of delicate fabrics (chiffon, silk and jersey), Les Ateliers Grandis manufactures suits, structured pieces, as well as light garments.   In addition to advanced manufacturing facilities, Les Ateliers Grandis has a development-and-patterns department that works in close partnership with studios and technical teams; an exclusive model workshop with a team of expert seamstresses dedicated to the manufacturing of original pieces, toiles, collection models, press models, and made-to-measure garments; and, finally, a customer-service department that looks after purchases, the control of schedules and quality, storage, supplies and deliveries.   PR3 SAS takes charge, from the initial sketches all the way to the catwalks   PR3 SAS covers all aspects of the manufacture of loose, tailored and structured garments. The company has recently developed a portfolio of finished products intended for tailored garments, which are ideal for men’s ready-to-wear collections.   For over 30 years, PR3 has built a solid reputation across the sector: the company combines technical expertise and high-quality manufacturing with effective management, reactivity and reliability in meeting customer deadlines. PR3 is thus able to meet requests for small, medium-size and larger orders, as well as all types of prototype orders.   Combining a traditional know-how with modern organisational techniques, the skills and expertise of PR3’s staff are a guarantee of quality every step of the design and production process — from the initial sketches to the manufacturing of prototypes, and from the development of collections to their completion for catwalks and showrooms.   SCT DEVELOPPEMENT’s 30 highly skilled staff draw on 30 years’ experience   For the past 30 years, SCT DEVELOPPEMENT has developed a proven know-how and excellence in the manufacturing of ladies’ ready-to-wear garments for famous haute-couture houses and luxury-brand names. The company maintains strong partnerships with fashion designers.   SCT boasts a highly skilled team of 30 people, who have modern equipment at their disposal for cutting (automatic Lectra system), sewing and finishing pieces. SCT specialises in producing dresses and skirts, as well as trousers and tops, with delicate woven (silk, chiffon, veil, laces, etc.) or knitted (jersey, interlock, etc.) fabrics.   The company can produce prototypes, samples and collections in small and medium-size quantities. SCT offers bespoke services to its customers, with the option to move up the value chain in pattern making, grading and cutting, or the choice of fabrics.   SOCOVET SISTEM is a full-service player, from embroidery to stitching   Since 1972, SOCOVET SISTEM has helped designers and creators develop collections with a French touch. SOCOVET can assist with collections for both men and women and the company will take care of pattern creation from sketches; of the manufacturing of the first prototype; and, finally, of alterations and pattern grading.   SOCOVET manages all aspects of production. The company offers fast manufacturing of the first production prototype and has four production groups (including one dedicated to collections and small ranges). SOCOVET’s production facility is fitted with the latest technology, including Lectra equipment, automated cutting Bullmer machines, and special stitch machines.   SOCOVET has a locally based network of partners for embroidery, digital printing, pleating and washing. The company can conduct prime-cost studies in order to optimize processes for its clients.   SOCOVET offers a range of products, including jackets, coats (for men and women), dresses, skirts, and tops. The company deals with both tailored garments and dressmaking, making use of an array of materials — wool, chiffon, crêpe, lace, fur and leather yoke, technical fabrics, wadding, as well as cut and sewn knitwear.   About The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE   The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London facilitates trade development between France and the UK. UBIFRANCE offers a wide range of services to French-based companies, so as to assist them in their business activities within the UK. As such, it organises B2B events in the form of conferences and networking opportunities.   The French Trade Commission is organising a showroom for leading contract-clothing manufacturers: the event will take place from 9.00am to 6.30pm at the Meridien Piccadilly Hotel in central London, on 29 April 2014. Members of the trade and the media who would like to attend should contact the Press Office of the French Trade Commission.   For further information about UBIFRANCE in the UK, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3925 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :

Cordia’s English-version e-catalogue brings fire-safety innovation to the UK

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Cordia of France provides an extensive range of fire-safety solutions and technologies: the company is now launching an English-language website and catalogue, with a view to expanding into the British and international market. Quotations for a wide range of specialist products and solutions can easily be requested on the company’s user-friendly web portal. “We are an independent company specialising in a very wide range of fire-safety solutions. Our solutions meet the global needs of fire-safety professionals, and we are in a position to study (and respond to) any request for a quote that comes to us: we will then make an offer to the prospective client that can be specifically tailored to their requirements. We are proud of our capacity to respond to client needs in a way that is adapted to their individual situation,” explains Jean-Yves Maturel, founder and CEO of Cordia. With the launch of its English-language online catalogue, Cordia is embarking on a new phase in its international expansion, more particularly into the British market. In the UK, Cordia is already able to offer 300 different product lines, which represent a selection of innovative products out of its 1,000 references currently available on the French market. The company intends to increase its offering in Britain over time. A hard copy of the 2013-2014 catalogue can be ordered and will be delivered for free. Cordia has an extensive product catalogue, which includes fire-alarm products, fire-extinguisher servicing equipment, fire-flame generators, gas and extinguishing systems, and more. The company prides itself on delivering quality fire-safety equipment, but also a comprehensive aftersales service, combined with training in the use of Cordia’s fire-safety solutions. Requesting a quote on the website could not be easier, whether the buyer already has an account with Cordia or not. All the relevant information is readily accessible on the Cordia web portal, which is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The company has provided fire-safety equipment since 1987, when it was set up by Jean-Yves Maturel. The specialist company also takes care of the servicing and maintenance of installed units for its clients, as part of its commitment to customer care. “Since the beginning, our reputation has been based on a strong ability to innovate and adapt any firefighting technology to the specific needs of the various countries where we operate, starting with equipment and solutions complying with French standards. Today, we are expanding throughout Europe and beyond,” explains Jean-Yves Maturel. Cordia is now considered to be a key player in the field of fire-safety equipment and services for European manufacturers and dealers. The company’s product portfolio is the largest in France — with over 1,000 individual products for the French market — and grows all the time. Cordia is now expanding its services worldwide. “We are currently delivering our ranges of fire-safety products in many countries, where we are proud to protect and safeguard people and property,” says Jean-Yves Maturel. Cordia’s key commitment to clients is twofold. First of all, the company strives to deliver a customer service that provides state-of-the-art systems, on time and on budget. Second, Cordia is keen to constantly challenge company processes in order to launch, every year, a new series of innovative products that are reliable and cost-effective. Cordia’s proven commitment to fire-safety innovation stems from the company’s sustained investment in R&D and the launch of novel products on an ongoing basis. Cordia’s Innovations page, on its website, illustrates the company’s focus on technological improvement. About Cordia   Cordia has provided fire-safety equipment since 1987, when it was set up by Jean-Yves Maturel, the company’s founder and CEO. Cordia is headquartered at Mitry-Mory, to the North-East of Paris (France), close to Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.   With the launch of the English version of its comprehensive online catalogue, the company is seeking to expand internationally and, more particularly, in the British market. For further information, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3923 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :

Atelier Steaven Richard forges a name for itself at French Design Forum

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Atelier Steaven Richard specializes in upmarket metalwork for use in interior decoration: the company will display its creative work at the French Design Forum, organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, on 6 March 2014, in central London. In its artistic working of metals, Atelier Steaven Richard’s workshop allies traditional French savoir-faire with innovative contemporary designs.   Situated in the very heart of Paris, Atelier Steaven Richard is active both in France and internationally. The company has been awarded the Living Heritage Company label and is a member of Grands Ateliers de France, a network of excellence covering over 80 traditional trades across the country. Atelier Steaven Richard counts some great names of architecture and interior decoration among its supporters, such as Jacques Garcia, Pierre Yovanovitch and Jean Nouvel.   Atelier Steaven Richard’s creations are custom-made and respond to the requirements and tastes of the world of luxury design. The company has invested a great deal in its research centre and favours experimentation with varied materials and shapes, when working side by side with decorators on their creations.   The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK organises the French Design Forum in central London, on 6 March 2014. During the event, to be held at Chandos House, Steaven Richard, owner and founder of Atelier Steaven Richard, will present his workshop’s latest innovation: flooring — in the style of a parquet floor — made of textured metal, which is available in nickel silver, bronze, or stainless steel. This product was first perfected to respond to a request by Parisian fashion house Chanel to cover its creator’s studio floor with a Versailles parquet floor — made of metal.   This project has yielded positive outcomes for the company: Atelier Steaven Richard is now able to offer an entirely customisable metallic parquet floor, with a multiplicity of design options with regard to textures and shapes.   Following the introduction of the textured-metal parquet, Atelier Steaven Richard is now looking to expand upon its expertise in order to develop new manufacturing processes — an approach that is supported by the Ile de France Innovation Centre, the centre for innovation for Paris and its region.   Thanks to the company’s approach, which has always been open to a combination of innovative technology and creative design, Atelier Steaven Richard has perfected a technique that enables all metals to be textured with unique and diverse motifs. With Atelier Steaven Richard, designers are free to let their imagination roam, invent daring textures, and apply innovative techniques such as inlaying metal in wood panels.   Alongside this creative drive, Atelier Steaven Richard has been keen to maintain its expertise in the specialist company’s original craft, i.e. classic wrought-iron work.  The team in the workshop comprises highly skilled artists and continues to create wrought-iron pieces following the strict design rules of the art form.   About Atelier Steaven Richard   Steaven Richard’s Paris workshop opened in 2001 and, for over 10 years, has been offering high-quality services in artistic metalworking. The company works with a variety of materials including brass, chrome, steel and wrought iron in order to create, for example, pieces of furniture and interior decorative objects.   During a 10-year tour of Europe, Steaven Richard, founder and owner of Atelier Steaven Richard, familiarized himself with the different facets of forge work and wrought-iron work. Following a series of meetings within contemporary-art circles that revolutionized his approach to the craft, Steaven Richard then set out to launch himself into the artistic working of metals, placing his traditional expertise at the service of contemporary creativity.   Atelier Steaven Richard has been awarded the Living Heritage Company label. The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV, or Living Heritage Company) label is a mark of recognition given by the French government, which has put this scheme in place in order to reward French companies in the arts and crafts for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.   Atelier Steaven Richard will participate in the French Design Forum 2014, on 6 March of this year. The event, which is organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, will take place at Chandos House, in central London.   Journalists and members of the trade are welcome to attend the event at a time that suits them, on the day, any time between 10.00am and 8.00pm. To register, they should get in touch with Ms Agathe Barbier, commercial officer in charge of the event at the French Trade Commission in London (see email address below), or with the press office.    To register your interest in this event, please RSVP to:   For further information about EPV, please go to:   For further information about Atelier Steaven Richard, please go to:     For further information, please contact :    Quote ref. : FTPB3898 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

Elissance Paris range nails it at French Cosmetic Day 2014

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Elissance Paris will be attending the French Cosmetic Day, in London (UK), on 25 February 2014, which will enable the company to showcase its three innovative products dedicated to restoring broken, damaged and dehydrated nails. The clinics run by development-laboratory Elissance Paris of France propose a three-stage treatment designed to reinvigorate and protect the nail, using products enriched with ultra-nourishing natural elements. Elissance Paris is seeking partners and distributors in Britain.   For several years, varnishing has been the must-have beauty product for those seeking to add a splash of colour to their wardrobe. However, the growth in the number of boutiques and nail bars offering a range of treatments — from semi-permanent varnishing to gel coating — has had a damaging effect on the health of women’s nails.   The removal of such treatments often involves the use of harsh chemicals and UV light, which damage and dry out the nail. Moreover, many external factors such as climate, diet and environment equally influence the state of a person’s nails. Elissance Paris’ solution is designed to reverse the damaging effects of modern treatments in a few simple stages.   The company will attend the French Cosmetic Day, a B2B event organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK on 25 February of this year. The French Cosmetic Day, which will take place from 12 noon to 3.00pm on the premises of the French Trade Commission, in the heart of the West End, will enable Elissance Paris to showcase its novel concept in Britain for the first time.   The Elissance Paris solution can be easily implemented in three stages. The first step involves reinvigorating the nails with Elixir, which is a nourishing solution composed of oils and natural essences including myrrh, chestnut oil, and vitamins A, E and Provitamin B5. This combination of ingredients encourages healing, regeneration and growth of the nail.   A generous amount of Elixir should be applied nightly to the cuticles, and then, delicately massaged into the nail. The surplus should be left overnight to be absorbed by the nail and the cuticle. The next morning, the Elixir should be washed away with soap and another base layer should be applied. This process should be repeated daily over a period of 10 days.   The second step involves the application of Le Gommage, the deep-cleaning formula that softens and eliminates dead cuticles from the surface of the nail, allowing for a complete clean. Le Gommage contains high levels of vitamins and proteins, as found in almond oil, which is valued for its moisturising and softening effect; lemon oil, for its purifying and antiseptic properties; and, finally, glycerine, in order to restore hydration to the skin and nail.   The third step involves protecting the nail with the 3-in-1 Varnish developed by Elissance Paris, which covers the nail in a protective film to render a natural, ultra brilliant finish. The formula is reinforced with vitamin E, which is high in antioxidants and gives protection, suppleness and moisture to the nail. The varnish also includes wheat-germ oil, which is rich in proteins that nourish, protect and stimulate the nail.   Subsequently, this unique formula can be used in combination with coloured varnish. As a base coat, the 3-in-1 Varnish effectively protects nails from the transfer of certain colours and is an ideal product to apply before coloured nail varnish. As a top coat, the product forms a protective film, which gives a high-shine finish and long-lasting maintenance to the colour.   About Elissance Paris   Based in the Paris region (France), B&SENS manufactures and distributes a range of innovative products under the Elissance Paris brand. Having worked for several years within the beauty industry, the company’s founders launched B&SENS with a view to creating simple and stylish high-quality products to meet the needs of modern women.   The company’s novel product formulas bring together the best ingredients from essential oils, minerals and natural extracts. B&SENS’ R&D laboratories analyze, select and extract the active ingredients from these elements and combine them to produce a natural range of cosmetics suited to all skin types. Not a single product developed by B&SENS contains any parabens or has been tested on animals.   The company will attend the French Cosmetic Day, a B2B event organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the United Kingdom on 25 February 2014. The French Cosmetic Day will take place on the premises of the French Trade Commission, in the heart of the West End (central London), between 12 noon and 3.00pm.   A total of nine companies will showcase their products, including B&SENS. The other participants are Candora, Demain Nature, Detaille, Indemne, Ixxi, Kadalys, MGC International and Neomist, which are all dynamic and interesting brands looking to build partnerships in the UK.   For further information about the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London, please go to:   For further information about Elissance Paris, please go to:     For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3903 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

Kadalys launches anti-ageing banana-based cosmetic in UK

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Kadalys of France is a highly innovative company specialising in natural cosmetic products incorporating the unique anti-ageing benefits of West Indian bananas into a proven formula. The company, based in Martinique and Paris, will showcase its MUSACTIF® range in London (UK) as part of the French Cosmetic Day, a B2B event organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE on 25 February 2014. Kadalys is seeking distributors in Britain.   “With our roots both in Martinique [in the French West Indies] and in Paris, we can say, at Kadalys, that we have — in more ways than one — found beauty at the heart of the banana plantations of the Caribbean region! We have also placed the banana, with its amazing properties, at the heart of the production of a novel class of 100% organic, truly unique cosmetic products. We are proud of the anti-ageing benefits that our natural cosmetic products offer,” explains Shirley Billot, founder and CEO of Kadalys.   The company will attend the French Cosmetic Day, a B2B event organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE on 25 February of this year. The French Cosmetic Day, which will take place from 12 noon to 3.00pm on the premises of the French Trade Commission, in the heart of the West End, will enable Kadalys to showcase its novel cosmetic products in Britain for the first time.   Kadalys has developed MUSACTIF®, a banana concentrate with unique properties. Referred to as Kadali in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language, the banana tree is, in the Hindu tradition, an embodiment of Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty. This giant tropical plant, known as the Tree of a Thousand Uses, holds a special place in the traditional medicine of tropical and sub-tropical countries. Thus, the fruit of the banana tree has long been known for its healing and soothing properties.   After two years of R&D, Kadalys has created two unique, oily active ingredients, which concentrate the extraordinary antioxidant and anti-ageing properties found in green and yellow bananas that grow in the Caribbean region. Kadalys explains that MUSACTIF® fights against signs of ageing by stimulating the skin’s natural mechanisms with clinically proven results: the cosmetic product elaborated by Kadalys boosts the production of collagen by 136% and increases the person’s epidermal thickness, points out company founder Shirley Billot. MUSACTIF® is 100% natural and has been certified organic by ECOCERT.   There are differences in the properties of the green and the yellow banana. The green banana offers a perfectly balanced concentration of antioxidants and OM9 (or Omega 9 elements): when applied, extracts from the green banana counter the first signs of ageing and protect the skin against chemical aggressions by the atoms (or groups of atoms) known as free radicals.   The yellow banana, for its part, contains remarkably high levels of phytosterols, polyphenols, OM6 (Omega 6) and OM3 (Omega 3), which neutralize the free radicals and provide the skin with unique regenerating and restructuring properties. “This helps your skin fight against the visible signs of ageing and reduces their appearance,” explains Shirley Billot.   Since its launch in September 2012, Kadalys has enjoyed considerable coverage in the French media. The company won two awards in September 2013. Firstly, the quality of Kadalys’ products was recognised as part of the Victoire de la Beauté Awards, which are the most prestigious French prize in the field of cosmetic products.   Kadalys submitted three different products — Musaclean peel, Green Banana nutritive oil and Musalis serum — to the 70-strong jury in 2013. After rigorous tests, all three won the prestigious award, which is regarded as a guarantee of a product’s effectiveness across the industry. Kadalys’ cosmetic products were praised for their texture, perfume and efficacy.   Secondly, Kadalys’ products won two prizes at COSMEETING Paris, which focuses on the most promising brands and stages a competition that is highly valued by industry players and specialists. The COSMEETING awards stem from the recognition that is afforded by a demanding jury going by the highest standards — a jury made up of international prescribers on the lookout for new talents and innovative concepts.   Each year, at COSMEETING, brands are singled out that meet stringent criteria in terms of innovation, originality and novelty. In 2013, Kadalys won two Beauty Challenger Awards: the Press Favourite Award and the Emerging Brand Award.   About Kadalys   Kadalys is owned by SHB SAS, a French-based company specialising in cosmetics that was created by Shirley Billot in 2011. Kadalys runs operations in Martinique (in the French West Indies) and in Paris (in mainland France). As part of its international expansion, Kadalys is currently looking for distributors in the UK.   The company specialises in researching and developing new active ingredients inspired by Creole medicine, the traditional medicine of the Caribbean region. Kadalys has acquired particular expertise in the beauty benefits of active ingredients extracted from the banana tree, as found in the West Indies.   In 2012, the company was nominated by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research on the occasion of the 14th national competition for businesses involved in innovative technologies: Kadalys was awarded the status of Young Innovative Company (Jeune Entreprise Innovante or JEI, in French).   The company will attend the French Cosmetic Day, in central London, a B2B event organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE on 25 February 2014. The French Cosmetic Day will take place on the premises of the French Trade Commission, in the heart of the West End, between 12 noon and 3.00pm.    A total of nine companies will showcase their products, including Kadalys. The other participants are Candora, Detaille, Demain Nature, Elissance, Ixxi, Indemne, MGC International, and Neomist, which are all dynamic and interesting brands looking to build partnerships in the UK.   For further information about the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London, please go to:    For further information about Kadalys, please go to:     For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3904 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

Barrisol® inspires with innovative Artolis® range

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Barrisol Normalu SAS of France is the world leader in innovative stretched fabrics for walls and ceilings: the company’s new Artolis® concept features printable fabrics, using the latest digital-printing techniques. Artolis® offers seamless technical and aesthetic solutions for interior walls and ceilings. Artolis® can also incorporate acoustic solutions and lighting systems to provide a superior interior finish.   Using high-definition digital printing (1,200 dpi) over a large surface area, the Artolis® range of fabrics can be colourful and vibrant, allowing interior spaces to be transformed.   Clients are able to define the printed images from their personal collection. Barrisol® also offers an extensive range of designs from its own collection, as well as a selection from exclusive partnerships with the Museum of Printed Textiles in Mulhouse (France) and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (France’s organisation for national museums). Available in five-metre widths free from any seams, Artolis® is easily adaptable for use in any interior space. Available in lengths of up to 50 metres in one continuous piece, Artolis® offers an innovative decorating solution for a variety of environments including residential properties, cinemas, theatres, hotels, retail spaces and exhibition premises.   The quick installation process achieves a clean and flawless finish with minimal installation and environmental impact. All Artolis® materials are 100% recyclable and installations can be easily updated to cater for changing designs and fashion trends.   Barrisol® recognises the importance of acoustics and ambient lighting when designing interior spaces and has applied its Acoustic® and Lumière® concepts to the Artolis® range in order to create two additional versions of the product.   Artolis Acoustic® is a range composed of materials which provide excellent acoustic properties. The acoustic system is available in depths from just 10mm to 40mm, allowing for a sleek finish. Artolis Lumière® uses backlighting, which creates a perfectly balanced lighting effect to enhance the printed surface and interior spaces.   About Barrisol Normalu SAS   Founded in 1967, Barrisol Normalu SAS is based in Kembs, in Alsace (France).   The company holds 80 patents across its wide product range (the first one was filed in 1975). Established in over 150 countries through a 1,200-strong distributor network, Barrisol Normalu SAS is the world’s Number One in stretched materials and framing systems.   The company belongs to the World Export Leaders Club. Acknowledged worldwide, Barrisol Normalu SAS has received more than 30 awards since it was founded, including the Innovation Trophy, a special mention by the Batimat Jury, and the INPI Trophy.   Many designers, such as Ross Lovegrove, as well as world-renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid and the Manuelle Gautrand architectural consultancy, have chosen Barrisol® products in their outstanding projects.   Barrisol Normalu SAS has been involved in the following projects, among many others: the Enzo Ferrari Museum, the London Aquatic Centre, Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the Bugatti showrooms, and Citroën Champs-Elysées.   For further information, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3890 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

Barrisol® inspires with innovative Artolis® range

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UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency, will present an array of leading companies during the METS – Marine equipment 2013 trade show, in Amsterdam (Holland), from 19 to 21 November 2013. The companies will be exhibiting on halls 1 & 4 as well as on hall elicium, in co-operation with the French Nautical Federation (FIN).   The French nautical industry is one of the sectors in which France still enjoys leading global positions: in sailboats, inflatable boats and boardriding sports. It is also the second producer of outdoor craft and the world’s third largest producer of motorboats. It continues to make a positive contribution to the country’s balance of trade, with export levels up again in 2011/2012 to a record high of 67.8%.   Please find attached a brochure with more information about each company. Further information is available upon request. Should you be interested in meeting these companies, I would be happy to arrange this for you. You can confirm to me your interest and your availability by contacting me:   Magali PIALAT, Trade Adviser for the nautical industry:   - +44(0) 207 024 3620  

The Consumer Goods and Healthcare Department assists French companies with their international development strategy and promotes trade between France and the UK.   In order to maximise commercial opportunities between French and British companies, the Department organises French Pavilions at a number of key exhibitions in the UK, as well as offering other B2B networking events and individual partnering services.   We assist companies from a range of industries including fashion and accessories, home furnishing and interior design, cosmetics, healthcare equipment and biotechnology, as well as e-commerce and the franchising sector.   Consumer Goods and Healthcare contacts:   Head of Consumer Goods Department Sandra Pini   Tel: +44 (0)207 024 3664 Fashion and Accessories, Leisure, Sports, Nursery Products Roselyne Fitzgerald Tel: +44 (0)207 024 3667 Home Decor, Gifts, DIY, Gard


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