Grand Prix VIE UK 2014 prize winners rewarded at French Embassy

Marine Juillard - 06-nov.-2014 17:17:18
Ms Sylvie Bermann, Ambassador of France to the United Kingdom, presented the prizes at the Grand Prix VIE UK 2014 awards ceremony, which took place on 4 November at her Residence in central London. This competition, which is now in its fifth year, was sponsored by the Committee of French Advisors for Foreign Trade in the UK (CCEF) and organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK. Ms Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, underlined the fact that the UK is, year on year, the third or fourth destination worldwide in terms of the number of young VIEs in post. Today, there are more than 700 VIEs employed in 215 companies throughout the country. The VIE Programme, which is run by French export-support agency UBIFRANCE, gives young graduates from across the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes all EU countries, the opportunity to spend up to two years on an assignment outside France, working for the local subsidiary of a French-based business. The young VIEs must be under the age of 28 and posted in a country other than their country of origin. The VIE programme offers a range of advantages to companies; through the scheme, companies are able to source talent and recruit future executives. The candidates for the Grand Prix VIE 2014 in the UK were asked to present the mission and the projects that had been assigned to them over the course of their contract. Each candidate submitted a written file and those who were shortlisted were asked to present their work to a jury, which then chose two overall winners. Olivier Morel, President of the Committee of French Advisors for Foreign Trade in the UK (CCEF), outlined the quality of the candidates, who all had an impressive array of competencies and showed initiative, creativity, enthusiasm and strength of character, making the final decision a difficult one for the members of the jury. Lauren Prigent, Risk Assessment Engineer at GDF SUEZ E&P UK, was awarded First Prize in the Large Corporates Category. In the same category, the jury decided to award a Special Mention Prize to Shairah Djouma of Sanofi UK. First Prize in the SME Category went to Andrea Ghezzi who, as part of his contract with the trade association for the promotion and development of mechanical industries in France, carried out commercial prospecting for three companies — AHG, Lathuille Hudry, and Mure et Peyrot. In the same category, the Special Mention Prize was awarded to Farah Cohen for her work at Amiral Holding, a French SME. Olivier Morel believes that the diversity of the assignments undertaken by the prize winners underlines the variety of projects entrusted to VIE employees. Other projects presented to the jury included risk analysis in hydrocarbon production, marketing in the health sector, commercial development for three SMEs in the mechanical sector, and the management of airport spas. Thanks to the generosity of the members of CCEF, as well as Air France, Brasserie Blanc, Cirque du Soleil and Renault Trucks, the winners also received a selection of prizes alongside their trophies. For further information about the VIE scheme and its advantages for both young graduates and the companies that employ them, please do not hesitate to contact Hervé Ochsenbein, Director of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK.   Hervé Ochsenbein, Director of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK

Domoscio knows how to succeed at Dublin Web Summit 2014

Marine Juillard - 13-oct.-2014 16:59:46
Domoscio of France, a specialist in the field of educational technology (EdTech), will showcase its expertise at this year’s Dublin Web Summit, which will take place at the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland from 4 to 6 November 2014. Domoscio is keen to meet potential partners and investors as part of its strategy for international growth. Domoscio’s CTO Benoit Praly says: “Lack of knowledge can be costly. Domoscio is an adaptive-learning solution based on the consolidation of knowledge. We encourage businesses and training organisations to address issues surrounding efficient learning processes and to measure the relevance of training programmes.” By linking cognitive studies with adaptive algorithms, Domoscio acts as a personal assistant for more rapid learning and longer information retention. To achieve this, Domoscio calculates optimum revision periods and topics for each user according to their learning abilities. In fact, the solution tends towards short revision periods that gather together several key principles. CEO of Domoscio Ivan Ostrowicz explains: “It is easy to see the advantages. At a time of free and accessible content both for and by all, it is essential to re-invent the acquisition and use of knowledge. For example, e-learning must no longer be the simple delivery of knowledge and information, but assimilation and mastery of know-how.” From the first evaluation of the user’s competencies to the implementation of acquired knowledge (based on the structuring of knowledge), Domoscio pilots an adapted and personalised revision programme by sending messages (aides-memoires) by smartphone notification or by email to each user. Furthermore, Domoscio provides individualised and detailed analysis of each learner’s level of knowledge. Mr Ostrowicz adds: “Domoscio helps to pilot and measure the effectiveness of training schemes. It allows e-education providers and training specialists to improve and personalise training methods, enabling users to learn more by optimising effort.” Users become more efficient and regain the taste for learning. For example, to help a student achieve 100% rather than 60% in their history test, Domoscio sends personalised messages by smartphone notification or email that focus on areas of knowledge that had not previously been retained by the user. For example, the message will recap the three countries that took part in the Yalta conference if the user was only previously able to recall two of them. Domoscio can be used by business managers to monitor their employees’ progress in terms of acquisition and practical implementation of knowledge. With this information, the employer is able to adapt programmes to suit personal training needs as well as measure the adequacy of their training plan. Training centres can also benefit from Domoscio’s solutions. With the help of personalised statistics, it is easy to evaluate and enhance current training programmes as well as develop new services. Domoscio’s solutions conform to IT norms (interfaces and plug-ins), making them compatible with all information systems. About Domoscio Domoscio, which is headquartered in Paris, is a French start-up providing technological solutions in the fields of education and training. The solution uses a statistical algorithm based on best practice in cognitive sciences and neurosciences in order to anchor knowledge and enable the user to progress their studies at their own rhythm. Domoscio’s aim is both to improve the skill level, through increased knowledge retention, of all users (students, trainees, etc.) as well as help parents, teachers, trainers or managers in their roles as educators, mentors and tutors, giving the trainee a desire to learn and pleasure to succeed. For further information about Domoscio, please go to: Domoscio will be exhibiting at the Dublin Web Summit, which will take place at the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland from 4 to 6 November 2014. For further information about the Dublin Web Summit, please go to:       Ms Kate RILEY- Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP - UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640  

France’s difference when it comes to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Aurore Bernard - 12-juin-2014 10:44:18
The trend, across cities around the world, is for ever-higher densities in urban population. Benoît Perino, UBIFRANCE’s expert on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs), says that, once a city reaches a critical size (i.e. a population density of up to 20,000 people per square kilometre), urban mobility becomes a paramount issue. Public-sector authorities need to solve such issues as to how to manage road traffic flows, give commuters up-to-the-minute information, and run efficient back-office payment systems to make these essential services financially viable.  High tech makes a difference, and France has been a precursor in ITS technology for over 40 years now, designing and building ‘the future is now’ solutions. The ITS market in France is worth €4.5 billion overall, generating 45,000 jobs. Naturally, Paris is the premier showcase, although every major French city displays impressive achievements in urban transportation. In Paris, the métro is being automated and ‘traditional’ tickets are on their way out, being replaced by dematerialized Near Field Electronic paid-entry systems such as Navigo that whisk passengers through the turnstiles. Navigo will soon to be deployed across Thalys services — the bullet train serving the high-speed line between Paris and Brussels. One of the key players behind these ultra-efficient, yet complex, ticketing solutions is ERG Transit Systems SA — a specialist company capable of designing ITS ticketing systems for target groups of users ranging from 10,000 to 10 million passengers a day, in cities such as Hong Kong, Melbourne, Rome, Singapore, and maybe San Francisco soon. Managing environmental impact and highway safety is a prime concern, and French technology has met another ITS challenge on its highways (the country’s autoroutes), providing traffic reports and free-flow tollbooth collection (or ETC, for Electronic Tolling Collection). This complex mix of infrastructure and back-office consolidation of on-line toll collection works now in the United States, while respecting each individual state’s strenuous and complicated guidelines for toll-collection management, yet still designing a reliable, interoperable system that makes financial sense. Systems have also been designed to identify licence plates on trucks in order to apply the eco-tax, as the vehicles pass under electronic sensory equipment. Obviously, a variant of this multi-mode system is equipment that checks for vehicles exceeding the speed limit, combined with the processing of massive volumes of data in order to properly assess fines. French players have developed solutions that are environmentally and user friendly. Autolib, introduced by Blue Solutions, Bolloré SA’s subsidiary, has put up to 1,800 electric cars on the streets of Paris and its region (with 59 suburbs of the French capital included in the scheme) – an environmentally friendly initiative soon to be launched in Indianapolis (USA), where the scheme will be known as Speedy Car. Any visitor to Paris has seen, or perhaps even used, Vélib’ bikes to get around. The Vélib’ scheme, launched and managed by JC Decaux SA in 2007, maintains a fleet of 17,000 bicycles used by an average of 85,810 riders every day and extends to over 30 suburbs. The running of the Vélib’ scheme requires real-time back-office management software and a convenient, yet secure payment system — always the prime ingredients for a successful ITS. What about the role of UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency? UBIFRANCE interacts with the key players in the sector, such ATEC ITS France ( ), a professional association that brings all the ITS industry together in order to shape the public debate and lobby in favour of future land-based transportation projects. Another important player is TOPOS, an association that is particularly active in the south-west of France ( ) and has a special interest in developing geo-localization in the transportation field. In fact, a highlight with an international dimension for the entire sector will be the World Congress for ITS in Bordeaux (in south-western France), to be held from 5 to 9 October 2014. As Benoît Perino of UBIFRANCE sees it, “There is a high potential for ITS in France and internationally. There are a lot of French SMEs with great, highly advanced technologies. Our role at UBIFRANCE is to accompany them, so that they can meet local operators and authorities throughout the world and have their technology integrated into turnkey projects.”  

Atelier Steaven Richard forges a name for itself at French Design Forum

Coline BORDET - 13-févr.-2014 15:37:50
Atelier Steaven Richard specializes in upmarket metalwork for use in interior decoration: the company will display its creative work at the French Design Forum, organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, on 6 March 2014, in central London. In its artistic working of metals, Atelier Steaven Richard’s workshop allies traditional French savoir-faire with innovative contemporary designs.   Situated in the very heart of Paris, Atelier Steaven Richard is active both in France and internationally. The company has been awarded the Living Heritage Company label and is a member of Grands Ateliers de France, a network of excellence covering over 80 traditional trades across the country. Atelier Steaven Richard counts some great names of architecture and interior decoration among its supporters, such as Jacques Garcia, Pierre Yovanovitch and Jean Nouvel.   Atelier Steaven Richard’s creations are custom-made and respond to the requirements and tastes of the world of luxury design. The company has invested a great deal in its research centre and favours experimentation with varied materials and shapes, when working side by side with decorators on their creations.   The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK organises the French Design Forum in central London, on 6 March 2014. During the event, to be held at Chandos House, Steaven Richard, owner and founder of Atelier Steaven Richard, will present his workshop’s latest innovation: flooring — in the style of a parquet floor — made of textured metal, which is available in nickel silver, bronze, or stainless steel. This product was first perfected to respond to a request by Parisian fashion house Chanel to cover its creator’s studio floor with a Versailles parquet floor — made of metal.   This project has yielded positive outcomes for the company: Atelier Steaven Richard is now able to offer an entirely customisable metallic parquet floor, with a multiplicity of design options with regard to textures and shapes.   Following the introduction of the textured-metal parquet, Atelier Steaven Richard is now looking to expand upon its expertise in order to develop new manufacturing processes — an approach that is supported by the Ile de France Innovation Centre, the centre for innovation for Paris and its region.   Thanks to the company’s approach, which has always been open to a combination of innovative technology and creative design, Atelier Steaven Richard has perfected a technique that enables all metals to be textured with unique and diverse motifs. With Atelier Steaven Richard, designers are free to let their imagination roam, invent daring textures, and apply innovative techniques such as inlaying metal in wood panels.   Alongside this creative drive, Atelier Steaven Richard has been keen to maintain its expertise in the specialist company’s original craft, i.e. classic wrought-iron work.  The team in the workshop comprises highly skilled artists and continues to create wrought-iron pieces following the strict design rules of the art form.   About Atelier Steaven Richard   Steaven Richard’s Paris workshop opened in 2001 and, for over 10 years, has been offering high-quality services in artistic metalworking. The company works with a variety of materials including brass, chrome, steel and wrought iron in order to create, for example, pieces of furniture and interior decorative objects.   During a 10-year tour of Europe, Steaven Richard, founder and owner of Atelier Steaven Richard, familiarized himself with the different facets of forge work and wrought-iron work. Following a series of meetings within contemporary-art circles that revolutionized his approach to the craft, Steaven Richard then set out to launch himself into the artistic working of metals, placing his traditional expertise at the service of contemporary creativity.   Atelier Steaven Richard has been awarded the Living Heritage Company label. The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV, or Living Heritage Company) label is a mark of recognition given by the French government, which has put this scheme in place in order to reward French companies in the arts and crafts for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.   Atelier Steaven Richard will participate in the French Design Forum 2014, on 6 March of this year. The event, which is organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, will take place at Chandos House, in central London.   Journalists and members of the trade are welcome to attend the event at a time that suits them, on the day, any time between 10.00am and 8.00pm. To register, they should get in touch with Ms Agathe Barbier, commercial officer in charge of the event at the French Trade Commission in London (see email address below), or with the press office.    To register your interest in this event, please RSVP to:   For further information about EPV, please go to:   For further information about Atelier Steaven Richard, please go to:     For further information, please contact :    Quote ref. : FTPB3898 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at : to showcase parental-control solution at MWC 2014

Coline BORDET - 05-févr.-2014 15:40:00 will be showcasing its smart and intuitive multi-device parental-control solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show, which will take place from 24 to 27 February 2014 in Barcelona (Spain). This unparalleled filtering-software solution is designed to address the growing need to fight against internet addiction and protect young people from inappropriate content.’s aim, in creating its parental-control solution, was to provide families with a practical and educational tool. This solution, which combines intuitiveness, efficiency and high added value, has already been recognized as a forerunner in the field of parental control. The company’s technology is a genuine breakthrough with regard to parental-control devices on the market. It has placed in a strategic position, to the extent that it has recently become an official partner of the Safer Internet Day 2014 and of the French national scheme known as Internet Sans Crainte (or Safer Internet Program). stands out due to its ability to protect all types of devices, irrespective of the network used (with Wi-Fi connection, in particular). This amounts to an important technical innovation, which is in tune with public expectations as well as those of mobile-telecommunications operators seeking to provide an advanced parental-control service to their customers. identified this market need and has become a specialist in the integration of its technology with mobile-telecoms operators. In fact, it is the first provider to equip a major French mobile-telephone operator with a white label 2.0 parental-control application for smartphones and tablets.   This centralized system is designed to safely guide children through the digital world by focusing on two main objectives: avoiding inappropriate content (patented internet-filtering technology, management of content and applications on smartphones and tablets, etc.), on the one hand, and tackling addiction (usage-time management), on the other.   The software developed by can be downloaded and installed in a few clicks onto smartphones, tablets and computers. It can then be accessed via an application portal or via a secure management console on the website. All operations are centralized from a device connected to the internet, which allows the parents of the under-age users to manage several profiles. is very easy to use with its pre-defined and customizable access schedules, easily accessible statistics with regard to children’s internet use, and its time- and content-management platform. places the child at the heart of the protection process and applies a tailored and unique safety profile for each child, irrespective of the medium used, the connection location, and the type of network. This feature has two benefits: firstly, users are able to calculate the time spent on each device and, secondly, it provides a unified internet filter. features a patented innovative internet-filtering technology (Rapid Host Validation). The analysis (text and images) and site-categorisation motor offers filtering rates that far exceed the standards recommended and achieved by rival software products on the market.   The focal point of has always been the quality of its product and, as such, it places great emphasis on the innovation and added value of the services provided. Accordingly, the R&D division is a crucial part of the company. has been geared towards multi-devices from the onset. As a result, its integrated solution was tested on more than 10,000 families and guarantees protection under all networks, therefore meeting the expectations of mobile-telecoms operators.   The company has expanded into the iOS market, thereby offering an array of solutions to control the use of iPhones, iPads and iPods: control of applications by age group (including Safari), filtering of inappropriate content, limitation of online purchases and other installations, and limitation of use with a corresponding schedule. focuses on B2B marketing by providing its solution — based on a set-up fee and income-share scheme — to mobile-telecoms operators seeking to offer this service to their customers. Thanks to this economic model, the company satisfies the need of mobile-telecoms operators to increase their service portfolio by providing them with a high-added-value product.   The general-public solution takes the form of a subscription on the website. A single licence allows users to equip all the devices used by family members. This package costs €2.99 per month (i.e. less than £2.50).   Nowadays, more and more schools are using digital school bags in the form of tablets. offers a solution that is suited to this use through software that helps to manage application content, create usage schedules, and apply an internet filter. This solution can also be used to automatically allocate different user profiles to students, both inside and outside the institution concerned.   About Ars Nova Systems   Ars Nova Systems is a French company based in Nantes (Western France) that specializes in IT security and the analysis of multi-media content. The company has developed, a multi-device parental-control solution that can be managed remotely via the internet. It has been designed to enable parents to filter the internet content that is available to their children and monitor the time they spend online, in order to fight against internet addiction.   Ars Nova Systems will be showcasing its solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show, which will take place from 24 to 27 February 2014 in Barcelona (Spain). MWC is one of the world’s leading events for mobile telecommunications, services and content. The company will be exhibiting on the French Pavilion, in Hall 5 of the trade fair (Stand 5B41, Station 10), and is seeking partners and distributors in Britain.   For further information about the trade show, please go to:     For further information about the company, please go to:     For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3909 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

French tech cluster PICOM innovates in retail at EUROSHOP 2014

Coline BORDET - 23-janv.-2014 17:59:55
For the first time, France’s PICOM competitiveness cluster is exhibiting at the EUROSHOP 2014 trade show. PICOM, which is supported by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, will be presenting seven of its members in the EUROCIS Section. EUROSHOP is the foremost international exhibition for solutions and equipment in the distribution sector; the trade fair will take place from 16 to 20 February 2014 in Düsseldorf (Germany).     PICOM, which was established in 2006 in the north of France (near the city of Lille), is France’s competitiveness cluster for the retail sector: PICOM has, among its members, most of France’s biggest retailers as well as 15 R&D centres. PICOM is supported by the regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais.   PICOM will be presenting seven of its members on the French Pavilion, organized by UBIFRANCE, at Display 7aG24 (Hall 7), at the EUROSHOP trade fair. EUROSHOP will take place in mid-February (16 to 20), in Düsseldorf (Western Germany).   PICOM is currently building a strategy involving partnerships abroad. It is unifying a network of businesses and R&D facilities with a wide range of acknowledged competencies. Over 100 companies are now partners in the Cluster, one-third of which are technology SMEs, as well as 15 research laboratories gathering several hundred researchers specialised in ICT.   The French companies that will be showcased at EUROSHOP all run innovative projects in connection with the areas of activity covered by the Cluster. Visitors are encouraged to visit the stand to meet representatives from each of the companies listed below. Further information on the exhibitors can be provided on request.   Idé   Idé is a digital agency specializing in innovative and interactive customer experiences. It helps companies make their catalogues more interactive and accessible to customers.   Kylii Motion   Kylii Motion develops digital animations for brands and businesses to link or strengthen relations with their visitors, their audience or their customers. The technology and applications software, which employs gesture control and augmented reality, is intended for use by professionals to animate visitor attractions and events.   Natural Security   Natural Security stores biometric data, which is used for authentication, on a Secure Element such as a key fob, micro-SD, smart card, token or smartphone. All information is exchanged using secure, mid-range, contactless technology, enabling strong authentication without manipulation. The absence of a database makes the Natural Security authentication process very easy to integrate into existing solutions.   Onyme Opinion   Onyme Opinion is a real-time management solution for customer feedback. The solution is able to measure, follow and analyse the customer experience. Onyme Opinion delivers the key satisfaction (and dissatisfaction) points, which are directly extracted from comments voiced by the customer himself (or herself).     Phocéis   Phocéis is one of the leading French mobile-communications agencies, specializing in connected commerce.  The company has started its international expansion, working cross-channel strategy projects with major brands in the retail and distribution sectors (Auchan, But, 3 Suisses etc.). Phocéis is able to handle all projects on iOS, Android or Windows-Phone platforms, as well as on HTML5 mobile websites.   Webpulser   Webpulser assists companies in the development of innovative projects utilizing web technologies and agile-development methodology. Prototypes can be developed within a few weeks in order to test innovative new uses provided by 3D printing in the retail world.     Zetes   Zetes is a highly specialized international group and a pioneer in identification and mobility solutions: the business is based on building connections, be they focused on physical movements and digital flows, customers and their critical data, consumers and corporations, or citizens and governments. By using the most innovative technologies, the company allows its customers to improve speed, quality and accuracy in order to be at the cutting edge of their industry.     About PICOM   PICOM, which was established in 2006 in Northern France (near the city of Lille), is France’s competitiveness cluster for the retail sector: PICOM has, among its members, most of France’s largest retailers as well as 15 R&D centres. PICOM is supported by the regional council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais.   PICOM’s R&D policy runs along several avenues of research, including that of ubiquitous worlds (where it will become possible for consumers to shop anywhere, at any time), as illustrated by the New Shopping Experience® concept.   Launched in 2010, this initiative heralds what the shopping experience will be like in the near future. It is being implemented with the help of innovative SMEs and ICT research teams, and supported by major distribution brands. In the past four years, the New Shopping Experience® scheme has staged over 30 innovative projects.   In 2013, PICOM began a new approach by creating the Shopping Innovation Lab, a project which was recently taken up by the French government thanks to its Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (or Future Investments Programme).   The programme, driven by PICOM and its partners, is the only one of its kind in Europe and provides genuine backing for innovation in the field of commerce and related technologies. The programme will feature an R&D laboratory, with fully equipped technological facilities, and will provide businesses and research teams with high value-added services to boost innovation in commerce.   For further information, go to:       For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3899 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :    

UBIFRANCE showcases innovative application developers at Apps World 2013

Coline BORDET - 02-oct.-2013 18:38:43
The French participants have proven expertise in application development and are looking to build partnerships in the UK. Company representatives will be available for one-to-one business meetings on the French Pavilion.   The following companies will be exhibiting on the French Pavilion (Stand 258). The French Trade Commission is presenting these four innovative companies, as part of the Apps World trade show, due to take place from 22 to 23 October of this year at the Earls Court exhibition centre in central London (UK). Further details are available on request.   FidMe FidMe is the leading European mobile loyalty-wallet application with 2.5 million users and 100,000 new users per month; it is available to download on every smartphone. FidMe gathers all loyalty cards in one place, combining both barcode cards from retailers and stamp cards from small businesses. Combining over 4,200 loyalty schemes gathered together from across 80 countries, FidMe is free to use and now offers premium services for retailers, who can connect the app to their CRM system or manage their stamp-card system via a complete set of online tools (including couponing, analytics and notifications).   NEOMADES NEOMADES will present the latest version of its NeoMAD© framework and introduce other new products and offerings. NeoMAD© is a complete framework to produce native applications, starting from a single code, for all mobile and tablet devices (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, WindowsPhone 7 and 8, Windows 8, Asha and JavaME). NeoMAD© has also recently been used to create applications for companies such as Sony, Publicis, Viadeo, GFI and L’Oréal.   StreamWIDE StreamWIDE, a specialist in next-generation value-added solutions for telecommunications operators, introduces SmartMS™ Technology, a new white-label, Cloud-compatible Mobile Messaging technology open to mobile-telecoms operators and networkless service providers. Based on an application server and a suite of white-label mobile applications, SmartMS™ provides rich one-to-one and group multimedia messaging capabilities and SMS fallback mechanisms, together with its Push API-enabling third-party system interaction and leading-edge encryption capacities. SmartMS™ opens up new mobile-messaging experiences and business models to operators, consumer brands and enterprises.   Utel Utel is a Social Networking mobile-applications publisher which has developed a range of successful applications made for the mobile environment. Thanks to its expertise in mobile applications, mastery of social-network monetization and constant search for imaginative ideas, Utel has developed Fotochat, described as an entertainment mobile application. In addition to this application, Utel has developed Allokang, a unique community platform using website development and means-of-payment systems. With these two products, Utel has entered the sharing economy as its first move into the international market.     About UBIFRANCE   The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK is the London office of UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency, whose remit is to support French-based companies in their international development. The French Trade Commission organises B2B events and provides a range of services to French-based businesses in order to assist them in the UK.   UBIFRANCE is showcasing four French companies at Apps World, which will take place at the Earls Court exhibition centre, in London (UK), from 22 to 23 October 2013. The companies will be on Stand 258.   For more information about Apps World, please go to:   For more information about the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, please go to:     For further information, please contact: Quote ref. : FTPB3886 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640   View other press releases at :  
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