VIE scheme goes from strength to strength in the UK

Amal Froidevaux - 12-déc.-2012 12:31:10
Almost 700 VIE graduates are working in the UK for a total of 210 companies in order to gain experience and contribute to the success of French-based businesses in Britain.  This successful government scheme enables employers to test future key managers in situ, find talents for given projects, source bilingual or trilingual professionals for companies and other organisations, and tackle localized labour shortages. ▪76% of VIE graduates are aged between 25 and 28, with a professional experience of their own before joining the scheme ▪60% of former VIE graduates, on average, are offered a permanent position after their VIE contract ▪50% of former VIE graduates are working outside France We would like to hear how VIE recruiters integrate the VIE scheme into their HR strategy.  For further information about VIE, please contact: Isabelle Tibayrenc, V.I.E scheme business development advisor. +44 (0) 2070243638  

French Ambassador gives VIE Awards 2011 at Wallace Collection

Marie-Alienor GOILLANDEAU - 27-sept.-2011 18:26:32
On Friday 16 September, at the Wallace Collection, in London, Mr Bernard Emié, France’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, unveiled the Grand Prix VIE 2011 awards. The awards ceremony was organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE and the British chapter of France’s Counsellors for Foreign Trade on the 10th anniversary of the launch of the VIE programme by the French government.    “The submissions reflected the diversity of the profiles and the range of competences that our young talents make the most of, as part of the VIE programme,” explained Hervé Ochsenbein, Director of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE    in London, in his speech, given before the announcement of the winners.   The candidates for the awards had to hand in a dossier in print together with a video-clip presenting their project and achievements. As the judges, who were members of the British chapter of France’s Counsellors for Foreign Trade (known in French as Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France or CCEF), underlined, the decision was not easy to make, since all the applicants showed a wide range of skills and qualities — the ability to see the big picture, charisma, adaptability, creativity and self-determination.   Rémi Campagne has successfully developed the operations of Magellium’s British subsidiary and won the prize for best Professional Project . The prize included a one-day high-performance car experience, courtesy of Renault UK, together with a cash prize of £700. Magellium is a medium-sized company specializing in imaging technology for the aerospace and defence sector. The second prize in this category went to Solène Doukhan of automotive group PSA. The prize for best Entrepreneurial Project was given to Antoine Quentin, who works for Mobilitas, the international furniture remover. The prize included a coaching session with a member of CCEF, as well as a cash prize of £1,200. Antoine Quentin wants to set up a pan-European and dynamic web-based platform whose aim will be to better defend the interests of medium-size companies.   For the first time since its launch, the Grand Prix VIE in the UK was sponsored by several leading companies, which made it possible to broaden the range of prizes and for the winners to get prizes in kind as well as cash prizes. The sponsors were Air France, Bongrain, Bouygues UK, Eurostar, Maileva, Pernod Ricard, Roset UK and Véolia.   “We wish the winners of the Grand Prix VIE 2011 all the best for their promising future career,” says Isabelle Tibayrenc, who is in charge of the VIE programme at the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK.
The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London:  The partner of choice of the French Export Team The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK, which is based in central London, is a French government organisation that comes under the aegis of the Secretary of State in charge of Foreign Trade.  UBIFRANCE assists French-based companies seeking potential partners and new markets within the United Kingdom, and, more generally, promotes Franco-British trade relations. Our team can help UK-based companies to identify potential French suppliers. The UK is a mature and demanding market, but it is also full of potential and opportunities: over 15,000 French businesses already sell their goods and services in Britain. In 2011, UBIFRANCE UK made a difference by helping French-based businesses across the board - UBIFRANCE UK organised 35 trade missions and trade shows for French exhibitors - UBIFRANCE UK accompanied and assisted 600 French-based



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