CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES unveils mega-powerful SA75 switching amplifiers

Joanna Routaboul - 26-sept.-2014 14:32:28
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES of France, in partnership with G2ELab, has developed a new range of powerful amplifiers using switching amplifier technology. The company’s SA75D model is the most powerful amplifier on the market for piezo actuators and is designed for applications that demand reactive power (anti-vibration, fast actuation, vibration generation, etc.) in sectors  such as aeronautics, machine tools and large instruments. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES of France develops high-performance, cutting-edge actuators and piezoelectric motors. Its new SA75 range of switching amplifiers has been designed to harness the performance of its powerful piezo actuators (APA® and PPA in L and XL) from -20V to +150V under dynamic conditions. It also includes energy-recovery capacities, allowing consumption to be reduced by a factor of 10.   Traditionally, piezoelectric actuators are used at low frequencies for optical-positioning systems, but new dynamic-actuation requirements have been introduced into fields such as aeronautics (flaps) and machine tools (vibration assistance). When static, actuators may be adequately supplied by a linear amplifier thanks to their low noise and harmonic distortion.   The LA75C linear amplifier, developed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES, is a perfect example of this, but its main drawback is the power consumed — hence, dissipated — which makes it necessary to have a large heat sink for limited power output (maximum 2.4A at 170V peak to peak for the LA75C). An advantage of the new SA75X amplifier is the low level of active power taken from the grid with respect to the high reactive power supplied by the piezo load. This has been made possible thanks to the exceptional yield obtained through the SA75X amplifier’s energy-recovery capacities. This opens up opportunities in fields where embedded applications are used, such as aeronautics.   High-power linear amplifiers cannot be miniaturised but, compared with competing technology, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’ piezo actuators are relatively compact in terms of the mechanical energy that they are able to produce. In order to fully exploit this advantage, it is necessary to miniaturise the drivers, more particularly for embedded applications. It is for this reason that CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has developed a new range of powerful amplifiers using switching amplifier technology.   The SA75D is the most powerful amplifier on the market for piezo actuators. It is able to produce an average alternating current output of up to 20A at 170V peak to peak, representing a world record for low-voltage piezo drivers. This 20-amp current can be maintained indefinitely. Compared with the LA75C linear amplifier, this high-intensity amplifier will help to increase piezo-actuator speed and amplitude by up to a factor of 10. It will also help to control the largest piezo stacks (C>100uF) under dynamic conditions of permanent operation. The amplifiers provided by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES are designed to switch at very high frequencies (typically 100kHz) and include an optimised-voltage closed loop to ensure that the output voltage waveform is as ordered. These aspects provide a high resolution, which yields a highly satisfactory signal-to-noise ratio (SNR>60dB).   The switching power amplifiers are compatible with RK racking products and perform in either a linear continuous state or purely On/Off states when applied to piezo actuators with extremely fast actuations. The switching technique allows high current peaks, required by impulse or by high-frequency applications on large piezo actuators.   Further benefits of the SA75X amplifier are its range versatility, featuring three versions (SA75A, B and C) that can manage single or multiple channels, and its compatibility with all CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES electronic (SG, ECS, UC45 and UC65) ranges.   As with all CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’ products, the SA75 range of amplifiers has applications in such sectors as aeronautics (flap actuation, fast valves, etc.), energy, large instruments (shakers, fatigue testing, etc.), microelectronics, optronics, photonics, production machinery (anti-vibration and vibration-assistance machinery), and space.   The development of the SA75 range was made possible thanks to co-operation between CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES and the Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory (or G2ELab), part of the Université Joseph Fourier (UJF), in Grenoble (in south-eastern France). The project itself was an aspect of the broader AVIBUS and PPSMPAB project, involving business, R&D, high-tech players and academia across the region.   On the strength of its experience in the sector and high customer satisfaction, CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES  is pursuing and intensifying its international development, currently focusing on Europe, especially Germany, Italy, Russia and the UK.   About CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES   CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is located in the French Innovation Valley near Grenoble, in south-eastern France. The company specialises in mechatronic systems, smart actuators, smart sensors, and detection systems. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES also runs training courses focused on advanced technology.   SPA motors and APA® actuators are protected by several broad patents filed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES.   The technological advances made by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES and its capacity for innovation in mechatronics have earned it many awards for innovation, including prizes received from French government agency BPI and from INPI (the Institut National de Propriété Industrielle, i.e. the French National Industrial Property Institute).   The company will attend the following trade shows in the USA, in 2015: PHOTONICS WEST, from 10 to 12 February, in San Francisco, and DSS DEFENSE & SECURITY, from 21 to 23 April, in Baltimore.   For further information about the company, please go to:                                

CEDRAT unveils electromagnetic-simulation software Flux® 11.1

Joanna Routaboul - 24-janv.-2013 16:08:22
CEDRAT, a European leader in simulation technology, has developed Flux® 11.1 — the latest version of its Flux® electro-magnetic simulation software program. This software package provides electromagnetic and thermal physics simulations in 2D and 3D, producing accurate results efficiently, enabling users to optimise electrical devices.   With 30 years’ experience in electrical engineering, CEDRAT is the European leader in simulation technology and the developer of Flux® , a software suite that specialises in electromagnetic and thermal analysis for modelling and optimising electrical devices such as motors, transformers, actuators and sensors. Flux® is also relevant to equipment that is used in electric-fields studies, or that has heat-treatment applications.   CEDRAT’s tools are used by manufacturers to speed up the development of reliable and optimised solutions for a range of electro-magnetic devices, including drives and controls in motors and even smart grids.   Flux® was developed by CEDRAT in partnership with G2ELab, i.e. the Grenoble Electrical Engineering Laboratory, in Grenoble (south-eastern France) . The software provides comprehensive electrical, magnetic and thermal analysis of devices using the finite element method (FEM). Like a virtual laboratory, Flux® allows users to perform experiments and compare the results obtained under different conditions, therefore saving time and reducing costs by dispensing with costly prototypes.   CEDRAT has announced the release of Flux® 11.1, which is the latest version of Flux®. Compared with previous versions, Flux® 11.1 integrates various improvements for processing data in a unified and customisable environment, both in 2D and 3D. The geometry and mesh features are enhanced, allowing fast, realistic and reliable simulations to be carried out.   The company has also made improvements to pre-processing data that allow the solving of problems in 2D for use in 3D, while giving easy access to quantities for creating both 2D and 3D curves and for exporting force densities. In addition, Flux® 11.1 is customisable, allowing the software to be programmed to usage patterns.   Flux® 11.1 provides a range of benefits, including an accelerated 3D solving process that uses new linear solvers MUMPS and Pardiso; a faster and improved convergence for complicated cases; advanced simulation techniques; and, finally, a progressive start-up in 2D and 3D with time-step adaptation for accurate transient calculations in less time.   Flux® 11.1 is suitable for innovative projects in fields such as electric mobility and renewable energies. It is the only piece of software that offers such versatile coupling between the finite element, its drive and control, and the dimension system. This additional capacity makes it possible to validate the overall behaviour of the electrical object by taking its environment into account.   Objects that involve thin walls are particularly difficult to model in finite elements. Flux® has often stood out thanks to its ability to treat solid elements, such as shell elements (in marine applications, for instance). This ability allows modelling that is both accurate and inexpensive in terms of computing time.   The latest features of Flux® 11.1 now make it possible to simulate shell elements, such as aircraft cabins that have openings, while they are connected to an electric circuit. This feature opens new doors to low-frequency electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analyses, for example.   About CEDRAT   CEDRAT, based in Grenoble (south-eastern France), develops and sells engineering software packages, including Flux® for electromagnetic and thermal analyses in finite-element applications.   CEDRAT has developed GOT-It, for device-and-systems optimisation; InCa3D, for conductor impedance and near-field simulation; Portunus, for mechatronic system simulation; Motor-CAD, for the thermal optimisation of motors; SPEED , for sizing electric motors; and, finally, PSCAD, for power-systems simulation.   CEDRAT organises training programmes based around the company’s software, and offers the specialist services of its own design-and-development in-house team.   The company will attend the following trade shows, in Europe (below):   • HANNOVER MESSE 2013, from 8 to 12 April 2013, in Hannover (Germany);   • CWIEME, from 4 to 6 June 2013, in Berlin (Germany);   • EMC Europe, from 2 to 6 September 2013, in Bruges (Belgium).   For further information, please go to:       For further information, please contact :    Quote ref. : FTPB3806 Ms Katherine WOODS - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640      View other press releases at :      

UBIFRANCE UK News - December 2012 - N°34

Amal Froidevaux - 18-déc.-2012 10:37:28
We have a partly new team in place, here at the Press Office of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London, with our new Editorial Assistant, Amal Froidevaux, who comes from Aix-en-Provence (in south-eastern France) and started with us in September, and our new Project Manager, Joanna Routaboul, who joined the department at the start of December. Joanna, who was previously based near Agen (in south-western France), replaces Pierre Mancini, who decided to leave London and return to Paris when he was offered a job in the cultural-services sector. Joanna has a strong background in sales and marketing, and will be an invaluable addition to the team so as to develop our activity into 2013 — something which is more important than ever in these challenging times. The September-to-December period is always a busy one at the Press Office of the French Trade Commission, here in London, if only because there are so many trade shows in September and October that are attended by French companies over the period. (from left to right: Amal Froidevaux, Joanna Routaboul, Philip Jolly and Katherine Woods) From 20 to 23 September, in London, 100% Design focused on French expertise and creativity in interior design. On 21 November, we had another event relating to design but, this time, it was the world of fashion, with the French Fashion Showroom, organised by our colleagues in the Consumer Goods Department at the French Trade Commission. On 20 September, for my part, I travelled down to Southampton to meet one of our clients at the Boat Show: West Riviera Yachting is a dry-port operator that runs a well-equipped facility in the port of Tréguier, in northern Brittany, and we did some PR for them ahead of the trade show, in the summer, as you may remember. Many British sailing enthusiasts find that congestion and high charges in ports along the south coast of England are an issue, and increasingly turn to mooring options on the Continent as a result — Brittany being an obvious choice, given the quality of the facilities on offer, their comparatively low cost, and the overall beauty of this maritime region of western France. Gas Tech was another important trade fair I went to (8 to 11 October), and there were many interesting French companies at the EXCEL exhibition centre, which are involved in the business and technology of transporting and processing natural gas. The picture would not be complete without some references to Food & Drink, and the Saatchi Gallery wine event at the end of October (26 and 27) springs to mind: we assisted CIV CORSE, the syndicate of Corsican winegrowers, who had a stand at the event, to better promote a range of original and high-end Corsican wines. The Saatchi event was interesting in that it combined a B-to-B dimension (aimed at trade professionals) with a B-to-C angle (intended to offer the general public an opportunity to discover new, quality wines). We have also had a successful press trip (3 and 4 December), organised on behalf of our client, NFI, the agency for the promotion of the northern city of Lille and its surrounding region. A joint British/German press delegation (including four British journalists) travelled over to Lille in order to learn more about current developments in biotechnology in northern France. The press trip combined field visits, meetings with industry executives and entrepreneurs, and a tour of the BioFIT event: BioFIT is an international partnering event of reference in the life-sciences sector, and it focuses on technology transfers and collaborative projects that have the potential to shape the biotech industry of the future. Last but not least, among the events we have recently helped to organise and publicise, the docking of the Etoile du Roy tall ship, first at Portsmouth, then St Katharine Docks in London, has generated a huge amount of media interest — from regional TV news (with a report on ITV Meridian) to the trade and national press (with an article in The Daily Telegraph). The object of this interest has been the pink onion of Brittany, since the replica of a Nelson-era warship was laden with Roscoff pink onions typical of Brittany and known for their subtle, sweet taste. The ship itself is well known to the British public: it was originally built for Hornblower, the British television series, first broadcast in the UK in the 1990s. The pink onion has a special place in Franco-British relations: in 1828, a producer from Saint-Pol-de-Léon, on the northern coast of Brittany, decided to cross the English Channel and sell his produce directly to the British consumer. Won over by the taste of the pink onion, the British welcomed the sellers that arrived each year and named them Johnnies, or Little Jeans, as Jean — or Yann, in its Breton version — is John in English. The Onion Johnnies used to walk (or cycle) from door to door with the plaited onions on their shoulders — hence the stereotypical image of the French onion (or garlic) seller, who sports a beret and rides a bicycle up and down the country… I am told some people in Britain still think that all (or most) Frenchmen dress in the way that the Onion Johnnies used to in the 1920s and 1930s: for the sake of accuracy, it should be stressed that this is a misconception. On 4 December, the ship reached St Katharine Docks, and it is due to set sail on 17 December to go back to France: as a result, many Londoners and others have had the opportunity to get on board and sample the pink onions on offer. On 10 December, a special event was organised, which went on from 4.00pm to 9.00pm: it gave trade professionals and members of the media the opportunity to sample some pink onions brought over by the Etoile du Roy. Mr Bernard Emié, French Ambassador to the UK, was guest of honour and made a speech. Together with a few journalists, I went for a drink in Dickens Inn afterwards — a nice way to round off the evening. As you will see from the wide range of stories we have covered in the past few months, we continue to offer something for everyone, from flooring material for sports facilities (with Gerflor, which won several contracts for the London Olympic Games) to laminated timber (with sector leader MATHIS, making inroads into the Persian Gulf), and from exciting food products from France’s overseas territories (on display at SIAL 2012) to airbag protective jackets for motorcyclists (as designed and developed by innovative company HELITE). Many more companies covered in this bulletin would deserve a mention, but you can discover them for yourself, such as QOOQ and its culinary tablet preloaded with 1,000 recipes or ALDEBARAN Robotics, a world leader in humanoid robots, the latest application of which is in the classroom across many schools in England. (No, you can’t order one that will do the hoovering and the rest of the housework for you yet, although I wouldn’t be surprised if such a model were available on the market before long!) The next issue of UBIFRANCE UK will come out in the latter part of February 2013. Till then, and if you can’t wait that long, do follow us on Twitter in real time (   at @UBIFRANCE_UK). The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE will be closed over the festive season, from 24 December to 1 January included. We wish you an enjoyable end-of-year break, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Philip Jolly Manager — Press Office UBIFRANCE London, the French Trade Commission in the UK  Construction and Energy THETIS MRE keeps a-Brest in marine renewables THETIS MRE, the only annual convention devoted to marine renewable energy (MRE), will take place from 10 to 11 April 2013 in Brest (Brittany). The convention will provide an opportunity for the sector’s major international players to gather and exchange ideas about the marine-based energies of the future. MATHIS is glued to success in Qatar MATHIS, a European leader in glulam-timber construction, was chosen to supply the glulam elements of part of the new Doha International Airport, in the Qatari capital. The 80m x 25m structure, which has been completed, is the first glulam construction to be erected in Qatar. Gerflor’s Creation ushers in a new world in commercial spaces Gerflor, a flooring specialist, has launched Creation, which is a recyclable floor-covering range specially designed for commercial spaces. This product range is made up of luxury glue-down tiles and planks for areas that must withstand a large footfall.   Engineering and Transport CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’ mechatronic solutions strike the stroke CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops cutting-edge mini-size actuators and piezoelectric motors with a range of scientific, industrial and medical applications. One of the company’s innovations is the Linear Stepping Piezo Actuator (LSPA) motor, a linear piezoelectric micromotor with nanoscale positioning and a long stroke. TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES’ hoses and tubes go organic TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES, a specialist in flexible hoses for industry, has launched the innovative BBIO Universal TECALEMIT® tube, which is made from plastics of 100% biological origin. The company unveiled the tube at the MIDEST trade show, which took place from 6 to 9 November 2012 in the Paris region. INEL’s Xsolo measures your residual stress from America to Europe INEL, a specialist in X-ray diffraction (XRD) equipment, is to release Xsolo, a portable residual-stress-measurement system, in late 2012. The company manufactures a range of XRD equipment, used in both public- and private-sector R&D centres, as well as in industry. INEL, which is present in the USA, is seeking distributors across Europe. HELITE airbags the market for motorcycle protective jackets HELITE, an airbag-technology expert, launched its cutting-edge range of high-performance airbag protective jackets for motorcyclists at Motorcycle Live, which took place from 24 November to 2 December in Birmingham (UK). Lille region’s FUTUROTEXTILES lies in CETI  The Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants (or CETI, i.e. the European Centre for Innovative Textiles) opened on 10 October in the Lille region. The opening coincided with the start of the third FUTUROTEXTILES innovative-textiles exhibition.   Food and Drink Prince de Bretagne brings the Onion Johnnies back to Britain Prince de Bretagne, which produces and markets the Roscoff pink onion of Brittany, chartered the Etoile du Roy, a tall ship, to transport a cargo of onions from Brittany to London, via Portsmouth. On 10 December, an event held on the ship in London proved popular with the trade, the media and the general public. Corsican wines enrich London Experience at Saatchi Gallery CIVCORSE, the Corsican Wine Board, represented seven estates from the French island of Corsica at The London Experience, which took place at the Saatchi Gallery (London) from 26 to 27 October. All the producers are seeking partners and distributors in the UK and Ireland. Millésime Bio 2013 is organically yours at 20 Next year, Millésime Bio, the organic-wine trade show, will celebrate its 20th anniversary. From 28 to 30 January 2013, the trade fair will take place in Montpellier, which is at the heart of France’s leading region for organic winegrowing. The trade show is expected to attract 3,500 visitors. French overseas territories give SIAL 2012 that tropical feel There were 22 companies from France’s overseas territories at SIAL 2012, the international trade show for the food industry, held from 21 to 25 October at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre (near Paris). The Pavilion displayed products such as Rhum Agricole, coffee, fruit-based items and seafood from Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion Island. Nord-Pas-de-Calais features  Agroé at SIAL 2012 The Nord-Pas-de-Calais region hosted a pavilion at SIAL 2012. France’s leading region for agri-food exports focused on innovation and Agroé, its cluster of excellence within the sector. UNOWHY’s QOOQ speaks English in the kitchen UNOWHY has launched the English version of QOOQ, the first tablet computer that is made for the kitchen. The tablet is preloaded with 1,000 international multimedia recipes, ingredient fact sheets, and useful meal-planning tools to help gastronomy lovers in the kitchen.   Health and Services Minasolve’s parabens substitute takes SCS Formulate by storm Minasolve, a specialist in the personal-care and pharmaceutical ingredients markets, exhibited its new ethyl hexyl glycerine — MinaCare Hexcine — at SCS Formulate, the trade show for the cosmetics industry, held from 13 to 14 November in Coventry (England). Minasolve is seeking a distributor in the UK. EcoVadis and CDP bring CSR to the supply chain EcoVadis and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) have announced a partnership whereby the two companies offer an enhanced service to both EcoVadis and CDP Supply Chain’s customers. The partnership is founded on the companies’ expertise: CDP specialises in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, climate change and water, whereas EcoVadis covers all main CSR topics. B.I.G. Talents hit the town in November Involving both a trade show and a business convention, B.I.G. Talents is the only business event of its kind in France that is devoted to biotech, IT and greentech (B.I.G.). The event took place from 14 to 15 November in Rouen (north-western France). E-Commerce Paris 2012 goes from strength to strength — and to China The E-Commerce Paris trade show has reinforced its reputation as a crucial event for the e-commerce sector, with 500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors in 2012. E-Commerce Paris 2012 ended on 20 September after three successful days focusing on changes in market trends and on innovation; a special conference session put the spotlight on China. France is Brand Licensing Europe, from Asterix to Moulin Rouge® UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency, was organising a pavilion at the Brand Licensing Europe trade show, held from 16 to 18 October in London (UK). The Pavilion, which was supported by the French Licensing Federation (F2D2), featured 10 licensing specialists who work with The Jim Henson Company, Moulin Rouge® and Asterix, among others.   IT and Robotics ALDEBARAN Robotics unleashes NAO on Warwickshire schools ALDEBARAN Robotics, a world leader in humanoid robotics, has equipped over 200 secondary schools worldwide with its NAO robot. In order to increase pupil interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the company has introduced the humanoid robot into schools across Warwickshire (England). Runware’s Runalyzer Sport Pack conquers the heart of MFi users Runware has launched the Runalyzer Sport Pack, which combines an iPhone-compatible heart-rate monitor, chest strap and armband. The designer of innovative smartphone accessories has been certified by Apple to design devices specifically made for iPhones, iPads and iPods (or MFi devices). Conscio Technologies meters clients’ security awareness with ISAM Conscio Technologies, a publisher of information-security solutions, has joined forces with Hapsis, a Sensitive Security Information (SSI) specialist, to create the Information Security Awareness Meter (ISAM). The ISAM analyses the information-security culture of a company before providing a detailed action plan for improving security.   For further information, please contact : UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640    

CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES provides mechatronic solutions from aerospace to medicine

Amal Froidevaux - 09-oct.-2012 14:01:29
CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES develops cutting-edge mini-size, yet high-performing, actuators and piezoelectric motors with a range of scientific, industrial and medical applications. One of the company’s innovations is the Linear Stepping Piezo Actuator (LSPA) motor, a linear piezoelectric micromotor with nanoscale positioning and a long stroke (of several millimetres). CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES of France develops high-performing, cutting-edge actuators and piezoelectric motors. With various industrial, medical and scientific applications, these products are used for a range of functions, including micro- and nano-positioning, vibration generation, micro-scanning, fast and precise actuation, active vibration control, and energy recovery. The Linear Stepping Piezo Actuator (LSPA) motor bears witness to CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’ remarkable capacity for innovation. The company’s LSPA motors have long strokes (of several millimetres) and nanoscale positioning. An example is the LSPA30uXS piezo micromotor, which weighs less than 1g, is smaller than a penny coin, and offers a linear stroke of 3mm with submicron resolution. In addition, the LSPA30uXS’s micro-positioning is achieved with a power-off blocking force in the order of 0.5 N, which enables the micromotor to support 50 times its own weight. This is a key advantage in embedded microsystems, not only in relation to the loads involved, but also in terms of resistance to shock and vibration. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES originally developed its LSPA for the VALVELEC project, which is run by the microtechnology cluster of excellence based in the Franche-Comté region of eastern France. The LSPA30uXS has made it possible to produce intelligent microsystems implanted in the human body, used for medication delivery or fluid control. This technology is also employed in the motorisation of medical implants and in endoscopic robots. The LSPA30uXS’s non-magnetic design enables it to work under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) without image interference, unlike conventional electric motors, opening further the medical-application field. Although these MRI-compatible LSPA motors are mainly designed for medical applications, thanks to its small size, robustness and precision, the LSPA30uXS is also ideal for use in embedded systems, such as the motorisation of camera optics. Moreover, used for fast, precise actuation, this product meets the demanding requirements of the aerospace and manufacturing sectors. CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES has also made available a concept similar to the LSPA30uXS but available in rotative piezo micromotors (RSPA), offering the same advantages, such as position blocking and non-magnetic qualities. Stepping piezo actuator (SPA) motors are linear (LSPA) or rotative (RSPA) stepping micromotors with a blocked position at rest. The core of the SPA motor is an APA® actuator (or amplified piezoelectric actuator), which operates by deformation. The APA®’s reliability and robustness have been demonstrated through their numerous embedded applications. Additionally, the APA® is compact, dynamic and precise, with unique properties that demonstrate the actuator’s advanced performance. These properties include high force and displacement (up to 1 mm), high resolution within the nanometre range, extremely fast response times (under 1 ms), long lifetime (over 1010 cycles), low supply voltage (under 150V DC), no play or wear, low energy consumption in static use, non-magnetic qualities, and compatibility with demanding environments (such as in a vacuum or at extreme temperatures). CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES’ APA® has facilitated a range of innovative medical applications. For instance, the Cardiolock is an active heart-stabilisation system that is based on the APA® and is used during cardiac surgery. APA® technology has also been used in the development of an exoskeleton for muscular assistance, designed to restore mobility to the disabled. About CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES is located in the French Innovation Valley near Grenoble, in south-eastern France. Employing 26 staff, the company specialises in mechatronic systems, smart actuators, smart sensors, and detection systems. CEDRAT also runs training courses focused on technology. SPA motors and APA® actuators are protected by several broad patents filed by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES. The technological advances made by CEDRAT TECHNOLOGIES and its capacity for innovation in mechatronics have earned it many awards for innovation, including prizes received from French government agency OSEO and from INPI (the Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle, i.e. the French National Industrial Property Institute). For further information, please go to:
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