LASELEC develops system to reduce wire waste in industry

Amal Froidevaux - 11-déc.-2012 13:23:05
LASELEC, a leader in the UV-laser industry, has designed a new wire-marking system that will reduce wire waste in industry. The company has developed a method that uses ULYS Modena wire markers and an automatic feeding system to reduce waste from 1 metre to between 4 and 12 centimetres. Each time production begins on a new type of wire, up to a metre is wasted, which can lead to substantial costs due to the price of aeronautical wire, for example. LASELEC, a worldwide leader in the UV-laser industry, has developed a method that can reduce such waste to a length of between 4 and 12cm, using ULYS Modena UV-laser wire markers and automatic feeding. The system can be mounted on both single-spool and multi-spool dereelers and, thanks to LASELEC’s innovative design, the system can also be retrofitted on all ULYS Modena machines that are already installed. Using UV lasers to identify electric wiring is currently a method in widespread use in both military and civilian projects, as it is a process that provides indelible marking without damaging the insulation, thanks to the machine’s robust and reliable wire dereeling and cutting system. The ULYS Modena UV-laser range perfectly meets all wire-marking requirements, from the ULYS 110, which is an entry-level machine that is suitable for low-production rates, to the ULYS 990, which has unmatched productivity. Entities involved in modification, maintenance and repair of aircraft are showing growing interest in this technology. The MRO 200 was developed by LASELEC specifically to meet the needs of such aerospace companies. Devoted to small and medium-size production runs and to unit-by-unit production, this range of markers is used in workshops producing such runs and can be used for rework. The French-based company’s computer-controlled laser cable markers are easy to operate, reliable and efficient. The marking ranges are constantly evolving and have had new models added this year. A key benefit of direct UV-laser marking is a reduction in the wiring weight, which subsequently reduces the weight of the wire-equipped devices, lowering users’ energy costs. Such wire marking is gradually replacing sleeving in the aeronautics industry, and LASELEC equipment is used by all the main aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, EADS, Embraer, Eurocopter, Northrop Grumman, Sikorsky and Westland Helicopters. The rail industry has also begun using LASELEC equipment, including Canadian rail specialist Bombardier Transportation. Similarly, workshops for industrial vehicles, as well as those for upscale, competition and rally vehicles, feature such equipment, which is specifically suited to their particular requirements. In 2012, LASELEC began to take part in VESUVE, a collaborative R&D project that aims to improve considerably the productivity of aeronautical-cable production by developing the laser solutions of the future. VESUVE will take place within the framework of the French government scheme known as the Fonds Unique Interministériel (FUI) and will be supported throughout by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The project was selected by ERDF thanks to its innovative approach to wire waste, along with the business that it will generate. LASELEC makes over 80% of its turnover outside France. Since 2004, the company has had great success in India, signing contracts with HAL Group and its subcontractors, including ROSSEL and AMPHENOL-SEFEE Group, in 2011 and 2012. The reliability and quality of LASELEC products and its customer service are acknowledged worldwide, especially in Japan where the company founded a support centre in 2011 and established relationships with FHI, JAMCO, MHI and SANYU.  Moreover, LASELEC is successful in China, where it has a range of customers, including Changhe Aircraft, Lode Technology and Shanghai Aircraft. LASELEC is also well-established in America, thanks to the Customer Support Service provided by LASELEC Inc. from its offices in Dallas and Queretaro. About LASELEC LASELEC is a French-based specialist in laser technology with over 20 years’ experience. The company provides UV-laser systems for wire and cable marking. The company will attend the following trade shows in 2013: -      HELI-EXPO (USA) from 4 to 7 March 2013; -      Paris Air Show (France) from 17 to 23 June 2013; -      MAKS Air Show (Russia) from 13 to 18 August 2013; -      NBAA (USA) from 22 to 24 October 2013. For further information about LASELEC, please go to:  

DBM Technology lands at Farnborough International Airshow

Philippe Amann - 29-juin-2012 12:26:55
DBM Technology of France will attend Farnborough International Airshow (England) from 9 to 15 July 2012. The company, which is a specialist in insulation and high-temperature thermal protection for engines, aeronautic equipment and special industrial applications, has recently established itself in the UK. “Our activity is aimed at a niche [market] in the aeronautic and industrial world, to which we owe our good start and our consequent partnerships with, and privileged support from, Airbus and EADS Development,” explains Alain Mounier, Director General of DBM Technology. Established in 2005, DBM Technology specialises in insulation at (and thermal protection against) high temperatures. Having worked with over 100 clients, DBM Technology has been intensifying its export efforts. In recent years, DBM has experienced an annual growth rate of 20% to 40%. In 2012, the company established itself in England and Canada and will be exhibiting (Hall 1, Stand 22) at Farnborough International Airshow (in Farnborough, in the south of England) from 9 to 15 July of this year. DBM’s products are designed for use in aeronautics, but also in engineering, more generally. Its aerospace-related clients include Airbus, Aircelle, Bombardier, Eurocopter, Liebherr-Aerospace, and Snecma. DBM designs and manufactures a range of products which conform to international aeronautical standards, notably the FAR25.856(a) standard, which certifies materials and equipment in terms of fire propagation and extinguishing times, and the DO-160 environmental standard. DBM’s product range includes high-performance, rigid thermal-protection items, which are resistant to a temperature of up to 1,200°C. The company also fabricates supple thermal and acoustic high-performing insulation mattresses that protect against temperatures of up to 1,400°C; complex supple or rigid insulating fire screens, enclosed by sheets made from leaves of heat-resistant stainless steel or other incombustible materials; and, finally, rigid high-temperature insulating and heating shells that are resistant to continuous temperatures of up to 1,000°C. These innovative solutions are designed for different industrial fields, including aeronautics and space, where DBM provides products for different applications. The company’s supple thermal insulation products are used for air-treatment systems (such as in piping, exchangers, valves and ozone converters), and its fire screens are integrated into batteries and engines. Additionally, DBM produces thermal insulation for aeroplane and helicopter engines: thermal screens in 0.1mm-thick heat-resistant stainless steel embossed with insulating encapsulation, along with innovative extra-light and supple thermal screens made from polyimide foam encapsulated in Viton, which are designed to be composite items. In order to manufacture its thermal screens, DBM’s production site uses special machines to assemble the coating material, the silica-powder or glass-fibre-based insulating material, the polyimide foam and the heat-resistant stainless-steel leaves. DBM uses machines for sheet-metal embossing, for laser cutting, and for the micro-welding of electric-resistance-welded sheet metal; DBM also has insulator-cutting press bridges in its workshop. “We either use subcontractors, mechanical- and thermal-research consultancies and specialists in composites fabrication, or we undertake prototyping for model creation at exceedingly short notice ourselves,” explains Alain Mounier. DBM also produces equipment for the railway sector, including high-temperature thermal insulation solutions for diesel locomotive exhausts. Furthermore, the company makes mechanical shovels (JCB is a client in the UK), wheeled mining equipment, military vehicles, tractors and buses. Finally, DBM is a recognised player in the world of endurance-competition vehicles and Formula 1, with clients such as M-Sport (in the UK) and Renault Sport F1 (in France). About DBM Technology Situated near Angers, in Western France, DBM Technology, an expert in insulation and high-temperature thermal protection, employs 20 specialist staff. The company is committed to innovation, responsiveness to customer needs, and offering competitive prices — three key factors in the company’s growth. Alain Mounier is the Director General of DBM. He started his career as an engineer with Thomson and, then, worked at Schneider Electric. In 2005, together with Dominique Bahuon, DBM’s Industrial Director (whose background is in the thermal-insulation sector), he founded DBM Technology. DBM will be at Farnborough International Airshow from 9 to 15 July 2012 in Farnborough (England). The air show is a global event to showcase equipment and technology from the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors. To see samples and to meet Alain Mounier and Mike Bednall, DBM Technology’s UK representative, at Farnborough, please go to Hall 1, Stand 22. For further information, please go to:

UBIFRANCE UK takes delegation of French SMEs to Farnborough International Air Show

Pierre Mancini - 28-mai-2012 12:56:14
The Farnborough International Air Show is one of the world’s most iconic global aviation events . It takes place every two years for one week, in July. The first five days of the exhibition are traditionally trade days, followed by a weekend where the trade show is open to the general public. The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE is pleased to introduce a delegation of innovative French SMEs which will be presenting their technological solutions for the aerospace industry on its communal stand, on the GIFAS pavilion (in Hall 1).   The companies include Aquarese Industries, ATEM, Clemessy, Compose, DBM Technologie, EUROMAG, Tresse Metallique J Forissier - International Wire group, INS SARL, JET CUT, Lathuille Hudry, Loiretech and Sunaero. Come and meet potential new suppliers on stand A22.

INDRAERO SIREN takes aeronautical expertise to the heart of Aircraft Interiors

Pauline Bogacz - 31-mars-2011 13:09:06
INDRAERO SIREN of France, a specialist in the design, production and integration of aeronautical systems, will be taking part in the Aircraft Interiors exhibition in Hamburg (Germany), from 5 to 7 April 2011. This event will give visitors the opportunity to discover INDRAERO SIREN’s expertise in the production of complete and complex composite and metallic work packages. INDRAERO SIREN’s expertise, stemming from 60 years of experience in the field, also covers the design and production of various types of equipment for aeroplanes and helicopters, as well as aircraft interiors. INDRAERO SIREN is looking for business partners for the provision of primary materials or specific production operations.   INDRAERO SIREN’s position as a manufacturer and outsourcer for the European and worldwide aerospace industry means that it is the ideal partner for designers, contractors, interior designers and engineers, explains the company.   INDRAERO SIREN handles the global outsourcing of production for primary sheet-metal parts manufacturing, structural bonding and assembly by welding or riveting. The company has also developed several product ranges that make it possible to fit out the interior of a structure; it manufactures locks and bolts for interior doors, as well as cargo conversion kits and protective flooring.   The company is a specialist in the cutting, trimming and fitting of carpets through the method known as pre-sizing – a process that is less time-consuming and cleaner than traditional methods. INDRAERO SIREN handles the cutting-out and preparation of NTF kits, curtain production, and the manufacturing and fitting of a range of upholstery, including cargo-securing nets, protective covers, troop-transport seats, drop seats, and stretchers.   INDRAERO SIREN has been awarded the necessary accreditations to produce, through global outsourcing, sets of structures for use in civilian and military applications, on the one hand, and to repair civilian aircraft, on the other hand.   The company complies with the BVQI ISO 9001/2000 standard and the EN9100 standard, which are awarded by the grouping of aeronautical and space industries (QUALIFAS and AECMA EASE). INDRAERO SIREN is also ISO 14001-certified. Additionally, the company is accredited by BAE, SHORT’S, ROLLS ROYCE, SNECMA and AIRBUS for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) processes and welding, and for the protection and painting of primary parts.   About INDRAERO SIREN INDRAERO SIREN, which is based in Argenton-sur-Creuse, in Central France, has specialised in the design, production and integration of aeronautical systems for 60 years.   INDRAERO SIREN will be taking part in the Aircraft Interiors exhibition, which will take place in Hamburg (in the north of Germany) from 5 to 7 April 2011. The company will also be taking part in the Paris Air Show, which will be held at Le Bourget Airport, near Paris (France), from 20 to 26 June 2011.   For further information, please go to:

Laselec unveils new laser marking process for aluminium wire

Justine Fulla - 07-mars-2011 12:53:19
Laselec has developed a marking process specially designed for aluminium wire. Produced at the request of international aerospace group Airbus, this novel process, which has resulted in the lodging of several patents, involves pre-marking spots with laser. A high degree of precision is required in order to position the dots: this was a challenge for Laselec, which the specialist in laser wire marking managed to overcome.     In order to meet current weight-reduction constraints, aluminium wire is being used extensively and increasingly in the latest generation of aircraft. To give an idea of the significance of the issue, an A380 aircraft, manufactured by Airbus, requires over 500km of wires and cables of various kinds, and each section must be clearly identified in order to facilitate maintenance.    Further to requests from Airbus, Laselec has designed and developed a specific process for the marking of aluminium cables that is perfectly adapted to their characteristics. Laselec has a proven track record in the field, having successfully developed the first-ever system for stamping and identifying cables with the help of UV-laser technology, as early as 1989.    The latest technology developed by Laselec consists in a pre-marking of the spots by laser. The spots need to be positioned with the utmost precision in order to guarantee the safety of the crimping process. The key issue is that, on this type of aluminium cables, the contact points are totally leak-proof, without any openings that would enable the operator to check, by the end of the process, that the operation has indeed been carried out correctly.  At present, cabling companies use ‘felt-tip’ markers. As Eric Dupont, CEO of Laselec, explains: "The main disadvantage of this manual method stems from the imprecise and non-permanent nature of the resulting markings, which precludes any verification, after the event, of the crimping operation. Pre-marking the cables with laser-printed dots that are positioned with great precision solves these problems and, thus, guarantees the security of the operation.”   The novel process for the marking of aluminium wires, which has resulted in the lodging of several patents by Airbus and Laselec, has been approved, and should shortly be deployed by wiring and cabling companies across the aerospace industry.    The use of a laser system guaranteeing a permanent marking solution that does not damage the insulator represents a genuine technological breakthrough in the cable and wire marking sector. Widely used in both civilian and military programmes, this technique has proved very successful in various sectors. This is particularly true of the automotive industry, for top-of-the-range, competition and rally vehicles.    The models available in the ULYS Modena range, developed by Laselec, are upgradeable, enabling the end-user to meet all marking requirements. Designed for low-volume production sites, the basic ULYS 110 units can be adapted to achieve the unrivalled productivity levels offered by the ULYS 990, which is equipped with two lasers. The MRO 200, for its part, has been developed by Laselec to meet the specific requirements of aircraft maintenance, modification and repair centres. ULYS Modena and MRO 200 are computer-controlled and fully automated, which makes them easy to use and guarantees a high level of productivity.    Laselec has also designed a sample tester, the MT 200, in order to verify the UV markability of cable and wire types currently under development, and to carry out periodical inspections of the cables (or wires) during production. The new EN 4650 standard underlines the manufacturer’s responsibility for the composition of wires and their various characteristics, which must remain unchanged after undergoing laser marking.    More than ever before, the MT 200 is emerging as a vital tool for verifying the suitability of the contrast level under the laser irradiation conditions applied by the users. The COMET system completes this range of equipment, offering the possibility to check the contrast of the markings once they have been applied. The software integrated into the COMET system performs the real-time analysis of the data obtained from a digital camera and a dual optical-fibre sample lighting system.    Laselec’s cable and wire marking equipment is widely used by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, including Agusta Westland, Airbus, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopters, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Changhe Aircraft, EADS, Embraer, Eurocopter, Gulfstream Aerospace, HAL, Hawker Beechcraft, Honda Aircraft, IAI, MIG, Sikorsky Global Helicopters, Shanghai Aircraft, and Tusas Aerospace    About Laselec      With over 80% of its turnover generated internationally, Laselec is focusing extensively on Asia and on the American market in 2011.    Laselec has been represented in India since 2004, and equips some of the largest Indian prime manufacturers, including HAL. A new site will be set up in the Asia-Pacific region this year, with stocks of spare parts stored in ‘service stations’ strategically located within easy reach of the main users.    Laselec is well-established on the American continent, where the company provides its clients with high-quality products and customer service from its main facility in Dallas (Texas). Laselec’s US team will be attending four trade shows in 2011.    The latest products and technologies developed by Laselec will be showcased at the following trade shows in 2011: from 9 to 13 February, at AERO INDIA in Bangalore (India); from 5 to 8 March, at HELI EXPO in Orlando, Florida (USA); from 17 to 20 April, at the Army Aviation Association of America/Quad-A in Nashville, Tennessee (USA); from 10 to 11 May, at a trade event held at Thai Airways Technical Department (Thailand); from 18 to 19 May, at the Wire Processing Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA); from 20 to 26 June at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, north of Paris (France); and, finally, from 10 to 12 October, at the NBAA in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).    For further information about Laselec, please go to:

French tech flies high at Farnborough with Trade Commission

Pauline Bogacz - 07-juil.-2010 11:13:56
The French Trade Commission in London will present eight French companies on its stand, which will be part of the French Pavilion at Farnborough International Air Show. The Farnborough Air Show will take place from 19 to 23 July 2010. The French Pavilion (Stand A15 in Hall 1 at the Farnborough Air Show, from 19 to 23 July) will offer a unique environment in which visitors will be able to discover new products and find potential business partners. The exhibiting companies will showcase a range of cutting-edge products and technologies from across the entire aerospace sector. These companies are aiming to reinforce their professional contacts and explore new business opportunities between France and the UK. The companies due to attend are listed below; a more comprehensive catalogue with full details on each of the exhibitors is available upon request. Aquarese  Aquarese designs and produces machinery for the automotive sector (engines and bodies) as well as the aerospace industry. Its processes and products include scouring, abrasive cutting-out, micro-drilling, water-jet cutting-out, washing/flushing, deburring, assembly and test, autofrettage, and fatigue test.  For further information, please go to:     Aviatec  Aviatec specialises in aerospace product distribution, with a product portfolio covering a full range of chemicals, including adhesives, lubricants, sealants, paints, cleaners and surface-treatment products. Aviatec also offers global sourcing contracts, which cover outsourcing, stock management, quality control, shelf-life monitoring and call delivery. Aviatec already works with 1,500 customers worldwide, including major airlines (Air France/KLM), OEMs (EADS), MROs and other aerospace companies.  For further information, please go to:     Forest Liné 
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