Ubifrance UK News - April 2011 - N°26

Pauline Bogacz - 18-avr.-2011 18:32:46
We have been very busy at the Press Office of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London since the February edition of this bimonthly newsletter, as the list of press releases dealt with by the Press Bureau’s team illustrates (see below), with the topics covered ranging from residential rentals and holiday homes to fashion and interior design, and from counter-terrorism and the IT sector to port development and fine wines, among many other areas of interest involving French know-how and technology.    We have continued to issue press releases (and press packs) on behalf of our ongoing clients, more particularly Wallix, a specialist in IT security that is fast expanding into the British and US markets; Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA), which owns and runs the ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg, and is keen to develop closer ties with Portsmouth and other southern English ports; and CIVCORSE, which represents Corsican wine growers and promotes Corsica’s quality wines on export markets.    There were many B2B events and trade shows that involved the French Trade Commission in London between late February and now. As in previous years, Ecobuild, the trade show devoted to environmentally friendly construction and sustainable building (1 to 3 March), was a success for the French participants.    French interior design was centre stage on 15 March with the one-day French Design Forum held at Chandos House, in the heart of London. Two days later (17 March), fine wines were in the spotlight, with a wine tasting that took place in, of course, Le Cercle, the well-known restaurant situated near Sloane Square, in central London.    For the third consecutive year, the French Trade Commission, in partnership with Association Cercle Rive Droite, the syndicate of winegrowers from the north bank of the River Gironde in south-western France, organised the Cercle Rive Droite, Bordeaux en primeur event.   For the owners of the châteaux, this was an opportunity to present their wines to British professionals — buyers, importers, restaurant owners, consultants and wine writers — who were given an exclusive insight into the 2010 millésime. A total of 30 wines were on display, put forward by 14 winegrowing estates.     The general view which is emerging, from what I have heard, is that the 2010 harvest has resulted in a very interesting vintage; some commentators predict a very good millésime, to be revealed in due course and after some ageing of the liquid in the cellars of the Bordeaux region… I can confirm that Mary-Ann Williams, press officer, has been on the case, doing her best to test as many of the fine wines in question as she could on the day. I, myself, never fail to support France’s winegrowing sector through determined and sustained personal effort, A.K.A. drinking.   On 7 April, it was the turn of Champagnes de Vignerons to be celebrated: the independent winegrowing sector, in the Champagne region of eastern France, has a wide range of authentic and quality products to offer.    The French Trade Commission may celebrate the country’s wines, but it cannot ignore its food products either: on 24 March, a French Speciality Food day was organised by our colleagues in the Food & Drink Department. I was intrigued by the output of one exhibitor, TRADITION GASCONNE, which makes a range of delicious terrines, pâtés and confits, all produced in south-western France.    The lady who runs the company was able to offer pâtés made out of exotic meats, including snails: she admitted that, in order to make one small pot of the delicacy, she has to slaughter rather a large volume of the molluscs. She assured me that they are all bred for the purpose of being canned — hence fatter than your average, wild snail — which is a comforting thought. They are not known to squeal or complain about their fate anyway — and they can’t do a runner either, when the end is in sight, which is handy. Not so with the ostriches, I suppose, since ostrich pâté was also on offer, as I found out. Both tasted fantastically good, which reminded me of the Chinese proverb to the effect that, ‘If it has four legs, eat it — except tables and chairs.’ (Apologies to vegetarians: if they have not fainted yet, they may continue reading.)   There also was a French pavilion at the Natural & Organic Products trade show on 4 April, which covers not only food products, for that matter. I do not know whether organic snail (or ostrich) pâté was on display or not, however.   All the same, French expertise should not be reduced to fine eating and drinking, important as they may be: we have had two key trade shows in the field of transport and logistics. Ocean Business, in Southampton (5 to 7 April), focused on maritime transport and technology, while Multimodal, in Birmingham (same dates), also covered other segments of the transport and logistical industries, including haulage.    On 7 April, I could have chosen to stay in London in order to sample some of those remarkable vigneron champagnes. Alternatively, I could have travelled down to the coast for Ocean Business, in Southampton. I am proud to say that, instead, I decided to head for Birmingham and go to Multimodal. Indeed, it is a very interesting trade fair, easily accessible by train from London, and one does not even need to go into Birmingham to reach the trade show — sadly, or not, as the case may be.    We have more fun and games in the pipeline, including the French Pavilion at Counter Terror Expo (19 to 20 April) — a growth industry these days, as we all know. In the high-tech field, still, there will be French Pavilions at Infosecurity (19 to 21 April) and Internet World (10 to 12 May), and we are assisting our colleagues at the French Trade Commission with the promotion of these events.    I hope you will enjoy reading the April issue of UBIFRANCE UK News. The next issue of our bulletin will come out in mid-June, before the summer break.    Philip Jolly Manager — Press Office Mission Economique UBIFRANCE, the French Trade Commission in London Commerce and Services Maileva leaps from snail mail to hi-tech hybrid mail Maileva, the leading hybrid-mail solution in France, was launched in the UK in March, and it promises to change the way UK-based businesses send and manage their office mail. Maileva is a comprehensive and integrated hybrid-mail solution that enables business users to send post directly from their PC.   ALTAVIA’s retail solutions take EUROSHOP by storm ALTAVIA is a leading European partner for retailers. ALTAVIA showcased its solutions at the EUROSHOP trade fair, which took place in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 26 February to 2 March 2011.   MPV 2012 woos EUROSHOP attendees Marketing at Retail (MPV), the biennial trade show dedicated to marketing solutions for the retail sector, had a stand at the EUROSHOP trade fair.   Cegid’s retail solution takes up vertical software challenge at EUROSHOP Cegid, a provider of enterprise and vertical software solutions, showcased its products for the first time at the EUROSHOP trade show.   ATC property rentals branch out into reforestation ATC is a property-development company that provides a wide range of residential rentals, holiday homes and hotels throughout Europe. The company pledges to plant one tree for every booking made, which means that its customers are in a position to contribute towards the reforestation of the planet.   France’s arbitration reform seduces foreign lawyers International law firms find France a choice market. More particularly, international arbitration in France has proved, over the years, advantageous and cost-effective, and the reform introduced in January 2011 by the French government is set to improve the framework further.         Design and Construction French Fashion Day puts a contract on clothing expertise On 20 April, in partnership with the Association for the Promotion of Clothing Manufacturers in Western France (APHO), the French Trade Commission held a French Fashion Day at Le Méridien Piccadilly Hotel for 10 well-established contract clothing manufacturers.   French Design Forum puts Gallic crafts in the limelight The French Trade Commission, in partnership with Rabih Hage, the architect and interior designer, presented 15 bespoke craftsmen from France at the Design Forum — a unique event held in central London on 15 March.   Marbrerie Rouillon’s success is set in marble at French Design Forum Marbrerie Rouillon took part in the French Design Forum. The event was organised by the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in the UK. The company specialises in high-end interior design and construction involving stone, marble and granite.   ERCUIS & RAYNAUD is the jewel in the crown at French Design Forum ERCUIS & RAYNAUD took part in the French Design Forum on 15 March. The company specialises in tableware (silversmith items and porcelain) as well as jewellery.   NOVIDIS carves out leading position in architectural mouldings NOVIDIS, a specialist in architectural mouldings and artworks, took part in the French Design Forum, on 15 March.   Kerneos buttresses European Coatings Show with dry-mix mortar Kerneos, a provider of chemicals for use in construction, has announced the launch of TERNAL ® EV and TERNAL® RG-S, which will provide dry-mix mortar manufacturers with two new technical solutions. Kerneos showcased these innovations at the European Coatings Show in Nuremberg (Germany) in late March.   Engineering and Security French IT know-how secures pride of place at Infosecurity The French Trade Commission will present nine innovative French companies on the French Pavilion at the Infosecurity trade show, which will take place in London from 19 to 21 April.   French players do their bit at Counter Terror The French Trade Commission will unveil the French Pavilion at the Counter Terror Expo, to be held from 19 to 20 April in London. Counter Terror Expo is the largest international event focusing on counter-terrorism and specialist security. Kermel ensures that police and military are stretched Kermel, a manufacturer of protective clothing, has developed Stretch Kermel® to meet the needs of military and police personnel. This textile base provides the right balance between comfort, safety and aesthetics, while offering a high level of technical performance.   Laselec goes to the aluminium wire with laser marking process Laselec has developed a marking process specially designed for aluminium wire. Produced at the request of international aerospace group Airbus, this patented process involves pre-marking spots with laser.     Food and Drink REUNIPECHE sets sail for Reunion on European Seafood REUNIPECHE, a company specialising in the fishing, carving and distribution of large pelagic fish caught in the vicinity of Reunion Island (in the Indian Ocean), will take part in the European Seafood Exhibition trade show in Brussels (Belgium) from 3 to 5 May.   French Speciality Food Day is all of that The French Trade Commission invited members of the press to meet French producers of selected speciality foods on 24 March at the Royal Garden Hotel, in Kensington (central London).   Corsican wines spice up Speciality French Foods Corsican wines from seven estates — Clos Canarelli, Clos Culombu, Clos Santini, Domaine Cordoliani, Domaine de Tanella, Domaine Sant’Armettu, and Domaine Vico/Clos Venturi — accompanied  the  French Speciality Food Day organised in London by the French Trade Commission.   Champagnes de Vignerons in bubbly mood upon return to London Following on the success of the 2010 event, Les Champagnes de Vignerons, the trade body that represents champagne producers and co-operatives of growers in that region, presented its members’ know-how and production at an exclusive B2B event held in central London on 7 April.   Cercle Rive Droite gives full marks to 2010 Bordeaux vintage The French Trade Commission presented Cercle Rive Droite, Bordeaux en primeur, an event featuring châteaux from the Bordeaux Right Bank, on 17 March in central London. The event gave trade professionals and journalists the opportunity to taste the 2010 vintage.   INNOVIN’s WineFair 2011 acquires a taste for 3D On the strength of the success enjoyed by its first event, in 2010, INNOVIN is holding its second 3D online international trade fair devoted to wines and spirits on , between 14 and 18 March.   Millésime Bio 2011 grows organically by almost 20% The 18th Millésime Bio organic-wine trade show, which was organised by the AIVB-LR (Languedoc-Roussillon Organic-Wine Trade Association), was successfully held in Montpellier (in southern France) from 24 to 26 January.       IT & Telecommunications French hi-tech has four pavilions to itself at CeBIT UBIFRANCE, the French government agency for international business development, was in charge of four pavilions hosting 30 French companies in the ICT field at CeBIT, in Hanover (Germany), between 1 and 5 March.   EfficientiP sets up shop in the UK EfficientiP, a leader on the DDI market (DNS/DHCP/IPAM, IP-address and DNS & DHCP services management), has announced the opening of two new offices, in the UK and Germany respectively. The decision follows on the successful opening of an office in Spain in 2009.   Wallix’s WAB 2.2 reinforces the AdminBastion WAB 2.2, the latest version of the Wallix AdminBastion (WAB) software suite, developed by Wallix, has been unveiled: it brings to IT-security managers a comprehensive solution for access management and the traceability of operations carried out on information systems.   CLICDATA’s is an INFINIS business-intelligence software solution INFINIS is a business-intelligence software solution that has been released by CLICDATA, which allows users to analyse data and to easily create dashboards independently of IT-support departments.   BetAdvisor’s sports predictions liven up your iPhone BetAdvisor is the first European platform for the distribution of sports predictions, and the service is now available as an iPhone application.   Kapsys unveils smartphone navigation tool for visually impaired Following the success of the first-ever entirely voice-driven GPS navigators, developed by Kapsy, the company has released a smartphone-based navigation solution specifically intended for the visually impaired, which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona (Spain), in mid-February.   CARTES in North America goes to Vegas in 2012 CARTES & IDentification, the global event for digital security and smart technology, has announced the launch of a new event — CARTES in North America — which will take place from 5 to 7 March 2012 in Las Vegas (USA). Logistics and packaging French logistics expertise proves it is Multimodal The French Trade Commission organised the French Pavilion at the Multimodal trade show, for the second consecutive year. Multimodal, the industry’s key event for transport and logistics, was held at the NEC in Birmingham from 5 to 7 April.   PNA and Portsmouth meet up in Caen Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA), the body owning the ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg, intends to work more closely with Portsmouth (in the south of England). PNA’s managers welcomed their English counterparts, who came to Caen on 26 January.   Saint-Omer sits in England’s backyard at Multimodal Saint-Omer Développement, the regional development agency for St-Omer, in northern France, took part in Multimodal 2011, between 5 and 7 April. St-Omer has the potential to become a key logistical hub for southern England.   French technology makes a splash at Ocean Business The French Trade Commission showcased the best of French ocean technology at Ocean Business 2011. Ocean Business, which is held every two years at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, took place from 5 to 7 April.   GEPPIA packs the best of French at INTERPACK GEPPIA, the French Partnership for Processing & Packaging Equipment Manufacturers, will be taking part in the INTERPACK trade show in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 12 to 15 May.   Serac is ready to Roll N Blow at INTERPACK Serac, a manufacturer of filling and capping machines, will be taking part in the INTERPACK trade fair in May, where it will showcase French start-up Agami’s Roll N Blow thermoforming machine.   SOLUTRANS 2011 roars ahead from Lyons to the future SOLUTRANS, the international transport-solutions trade event, will take place from 29 November to 3 December 2011 at the Parc des Expositions EUROEXPO exhibition centre, in Lyons. SOLUTRANS covers all areas of haulage.   SITL 2011 supplies the right combination for key logistics players SITL Logistics Solutions 2011, the trade show for products and services dedicated to procurement, distribution and the supply chain, took place from 29 to 31 March at the Parc des Expositions, in Paris (France).                                     

Laselec unveils new laser marking process for aluminium wire

Justine Fulla - 07-mars-2011 12:53:19
Laselec has developed a marking process specially designed for aluminium wire. Produced at the request of international aerospace group Airbus, this novel process, which has resulted in the lodging of several patents, involves pre-marking spots with laser. A high degree of precision is required in order to position the dots: this was a challenge for Laselec, which the specialist in laser wire marking managed to overcome.     In order to meet current weight-reduction constraints, aluminium wire is being used extensively and increasingly in the latest generation of aircraft. To give an idea of the significance of the issue, an A380 aircraft, manufactured by Airbus, requires over 500km of wires and cables of various kinds, and each section must be clearly identified in order to facilitate maintenance.    Further to requests from Airbus, Laselec has designed and developed a specific process for the marking of aluminium cables that is perfectly adapted to their characteristics. Laselec has a proven track record in the field, having successfully developed the first-ever system for stamping and identifying cables with the help of UV-laser technology, as early as 1989.    The latest technology developed by Laselec consists in a pre-marking of the spots by laser. The spots need to be positioned with the utmost precision in order to guarantee the safety of the crimping process. The key issue is that, on this type of aluminium cables, the contact points are totally leak-proof, without any openings that would enable the operator to check, by the end of the process, that the operation has indeed been carried out correctly.  At present, cabling companies use ‘felt-tip’ markers. As Eric Dupont, CEO of Laselec, explains: "The main disadvantage of this manual method stems from the imprecise and non-permanent nature of the resulting markings, which precludes any verification, after the event, of the crimping operation. Pre-marking the cables with laser-printed dots that are positioned with great precision solves these problems and, thus, guarantees the security of the operation.”   The novel process for the marking of aluminium wires, which has resulted in the lodging of several patents by Airbus and Laselec, has been approved, and should shortly be deployed by wiring and cabling companies across the aerospace industry.    The use of a laser system guaranteeing a permanent marking solution that does not damage the insulator represents a genuine technological breakthrough in the cable and wire marking sector. Widely used in both civilian and military programmes, this technique has proved very successful in various sectors. This is particularly true of the automotive industry, for top-of-the-range, competition and rally vehicles.    The models available in the ULYS Modena range, developed by Laselec, are upgradeable, enabling the end-user to meet all marking requirements. Designed for low-volume production sites, the basic ULYS 110 units can be adapted to achieve the unrivalled productivity levels offered by the ULYS 990, which is equipped with two lasers. The MRO 200, for its part, has been developed by Laselec to meet the specific requirements of aircraft maintenance, modification and repair centres. ULYS Modena and MRO 200 are computer-controlled and fully automated, which makes them easy to use and guarantees a high level of productivity.    Laselec has also designed a sample tester, the MT 200, in order to verify the UV markability of cable and wire types currently under development, and to carry out periodical inspections of the cables (or wires) during production. The new EN 4650 standard underlines the manufacturer’s responsibility for the composition of wires and their various characteristics, which must remain unchanged after undergoing laser marking.    More than ever before, the MT 200 is emerging as a vital tool for verifying the suitability of the contrast level under the laser irradiation conditions applied by the users. The COMET system completes this range of equipment, offering the possibility to check the contrast of the markings once they have been applied. The software integrated into the COMET system performs the real-time analysis of the data obtained from a digital camera and a dual optical-fibre sample lighting system.    Laselec’s cable and wire marking equipment is widely used by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, including Agusta Westland, Airbus, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopters, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft, Changhe Aircraft, EADS, Embraer, Eurocopter, Gulfstream Aerospace, HAL, Hawker Beechcraft, Honda Aircraft, IAI, MIG, Sikorsky Global Helicopters, Shanghai Aircraft, and Tusas Aerospace    About Laselec      With over 80% of its turnover generated internationally, Laselec is focusing extensively on Asia and on the American market in 2011.    Laselec has been represented in India since 2004, and equips some of the largest Indian prime manufacturers, including HAL. A new site will be set up in the Asia-Pacific region this year, with stocks of spare parts stored in ‘service stations’ strategically located within easy reach of the main users.    Laselec is well-established on the American continent, where the company provides its clients with high-quality products and customer service from its main facility in Dallas (Texas). Laselec’s US team will be attending four trade shows in 2011.    The latest products and technologies developed by Laselec will be showcased at the following trade shows in 2011: from 9 to 13 February, at AERO INDIA in Bangalore (India); from 5 to 8 March, at HELI EXPO in Orlando, Florida (USA); from 17 to 20 April, at the Army Aviation Association of America/Quad-A in Nashville, Tennessee (USA); from 10 to 11 May, at a trade event held at Thai Airways Technical Department (Thailand); from 18 to 19 May, at the Wire Processing Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA); from 20 to 26 June at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, north of Paris (France); and, finally, from 10 to 12 October, at the NBAA in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA).    For further information about Laselec, please go to:
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