DECOVISION® decorative cables bring colour and design to home cabling

Joanna Routaboul - 18-févr.-2013 18:49:51
DECOVISION® has brought a novel range of decorative cables for household appliances to the UK. Items in the home, such as lamps, coffee machines and shower hoses, can now have a touch of colour thanks to the company’s cables that come in a large variety of patterns, from camouflage and chrome to glitter and granite. DECOVISION® is a subsidiary of cable specialist OMERIN Group.   French-based DECOVISION® has launched a range of decorative cables for electrical items in the UK. Previously, plain, unattractive electrical cables have been carefully hidden in the home, whereas today both mains cables and electric leads can be displayed as decorative objects thanks to DECOVISION® and the French touch that the company brings to functional wiring.   Conceived, designed and manufactured in France by DECOVISION®, a subsidiary of cable specialist OMERIN Group, this cable decoration process is the only one of its kind worldwide.   The company’s cables are available in a wide range of colours: from the more classic, such as gold and chrome, to the modern, which includes denim, animal-print, camouflage, glitter and floral patterns.   In the range suitable for ceiling lights, bedside lamps and other light fittings, DECOVISION® provides more than 30 designs. This collection has a variety of product options, including a regular cable, and a lead with a patterned standard switch for a bedside lamp, or patterned foot switch for a floor lamp.   Additionally, the company produces electrical cable in 10-metre reels, ideal for ceiling fittings. These reels are available in 20 designs, such as tartan, pink marble, fluorescent and patchwork.   Together with the cables dedicated to light fittings, DECOVISION® also offers patterned mains leads to customise other electrical items around the home, from toasters and coffee makers to video-game consoles and amplifiers.   The unique decorative process has also been applied to shower hoses, to create DECOVISION®’s Showerflex range. This range is available in 17 different designs, including pine, floral, vintage and fluorescent, in order to integrate the shower hose into any bathroom-design scheme.   Thanks to a sophisticated manufacturing process, DECOVISION®’s designs are indelible, resisting both water and extreme temperatures. The ready-to-use cables produced by the company are of a high technical standard and comply with all safety standards.   The customer can visit in order to choose a decorative-cable design and select the product suited to his (or her) needs. The ready-to-use decorative cable is then delivered within a week. In order to install a DECOVISION® cable, all that is needed is a standard screwdriver and a few minutes to replace the old lead, paying attention to wire colour coding.   DECOVISION® also offers a professional range of decorative cables aimed at distributors and manufacturers.   Although the prices for decorative cables and mains leads may vary — depending on the design or model chosen — a 3-metre decorative cable is available from €10 and a shower hose from €24.   About DECOVISION®   DECOVISION®, a specialist in decorative electrical cables, is part of OMERIN Group. As a result of many years of R&D, DECOVISION®’s cable decoration process is unique. The company has applied for a patent in this respect.   For 50 years, OMERIN Group has been producing electrical cables for use in extreme conditions, ranging from -190°C to +1,400°C. OMERIN Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of silicone-insulated cables.   For DECOVISION®’s Pinterest account, please go to:   For further information about Showerflex or to place an order, please go to   For further information about DECOVISION®, please go to:   For further information, please contact :     Ms Katherine WOODS - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP – UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640   View other press releases at :

Home Technology runs your home smartly and remotely via web/mobile

Pierre Mancini - 16-juil.-2012 15:22:41
Home Technology of France, a specialist in hi-tech, integrated home-automation systems, offers a smart home-management gateway that improves security and comfort in the home, while reducing energy use. The system is compatible with all broadband modems on the market and can also work without a broadband line — by using a SIM card — to better manage one’s home remotely, while on the move. The Home Technology system, which has been developed by the French-based company of the same name, acts as home-care support by monitoring and analysing the level of activity in any given zone within the home over any given time period, whilst not intruding. The system manages an anti-intrusion alarm system with a double-detection function, which detects movement from sensor to sensor (rather than zone to zone), taking into account more than one sensor trigger, thus avoiding false alarms. An integrated battery will supply several hours’ autonomy in the event of a power cut. Home Technology’s product can control gas and oil boilers, electric radiators (with or without pilot wires), hot-water tanks and heat pumps, while using eight programmable time periods daily. The user is informed about any change in temperature relative to the required temperature, as programmed by him (or her). The system has a home-safety functionality, which informs the user of any power cuts. It will also automate routine tasks such as controlling indoor and outdoor lighting, shutters, blinds, entrance gates and garage doors. Furthermore, applications related to power-consumption analysis and video surveillance are currently being developed by the company. The set-up is entirely plug & play, requiring no specific configuration on the part of the user. The GPRS mobile-telephony network run by telecoms group Orange can take over via an integrated SIM card, which means that the system may be installed inside a secondary residence where there is no broadband access. The SIM card operates throughout the entire European network, and there is no impact on subscriber rates. For protection purposes, all communication is secure throughout the chain between the mobile device, the server architecture and the system. To make sure that any command sent is performed, the system sends a confirmation to the server to that effect. It is also possible to configure SMS and/or email alerts for all critical functionali ties, including anti-intrusion alarms, heat settings, home safety, and home-care support. The system is compatible with most browsers used on desk tops, tablets and mobile phones (including iPhone and Android devices), along with those using wireless access points (WAP). An application programming interface (API) is available to develop mobile applications under other operating systems. The Home Technology application is hosted on secure servers managed by machine-to-machine (M2M) communications specialist Sierra Wireless. There are 53 of these servers with duplicated architecture (located in Canada), ensuring full scalability. Moreover, these servers perform updates on embedded software (whether broadband or GPRS), along with remote diagnostics of the system, its peripherals, or even of the SIM card itself. In order to communicate with home appliances, Home Technology has developed a 433/868 MHz (AM and FM) radio architecture by integrating the proprietary protocols from leaders in every targeted market, so that there are currently over 150 peripherals that are compatible with the system. Compatibility is provided for Delta Dore X2D, Optex, X10, Thomson and Visonic Group, and it will be extended to other companies in the coming months. To meet the needs of the smart-grid market, the electronic card is ready to include Zigbee, a suite of high-level communication protocols, as well as the Wireless Meter-Bus module (i.e. the European standard for the remote reading of gas and electricity meters). The solution developed by Home Technology is affordable: a yearly subscription, which includes M2M-platform services and the SIM card, costs €399 (including tax). This comprises 2 MB per month in transfers on the SIM card, as well as 50 SMS per annum. The subscription may be renewed the following year for €69 only. About Home Technology Home Technology was founded in France in 2009 in order to offer affordable and integrated home-automation systems that can manage alarms and heat settings remotely. In November 2011, and thanks to three years of R&D, Home Technology was granted patent protection by Institut national de la propriété industrielle (or INPI, the French institute for the protection of industrial property). Thanks to its track record in high technology, Home Technology has established excellent working relationships with such renowned companies as Sierra Wireless (the global front-runner in M2M communications), Orange (the leading European telecoms operator), Delta Dore (one of Europe’s top home-automation specialists) and Optex Security (world leader in motion detection). For further information about Sierra Wireless, please go to: For further information about Home Technology, please go to:

UBIFRANCE UK News - September 2011 - N°28

Pierre Mancini - 21-sept.-2011 15:50:30
July and August always constitute a slower period for us since most of our clients over in France are on holiday for at least part of the summer period — and a good few British journalists are in and out of town too over the summer months... However, I have quite a lot to talk about in this bulletin, and a few things to announce — so, please read on. Here at the press office of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London, we have taken advantage of the summer recess, relative as it may be, to make sure we are fully ready for the peak of activity we can expect in September-October, and into November. I can confirm that the new team at the press office is up to the mark. (So that you may picture the members of the press office’s team, and for those who have not met my new colleagues yet, we have inserted a photo.) Indeed, between the end of May and the middle of July, a completely new team — apart from the author of these lines — has replaced the previous incumbents. The new project manager, Pierre Mancini, started on 1 June and is by now fully settled in his job. Subsequently, Marie-Aliénor Goillandeau, our trainee-cum-editorial-assistant, who is also from France, began her placement on 13 June. Since she is half-English, she has found adjusting to life in London a bit easier than other trainees did. (Pierre, for his part, has distant Russian roots and speaks the language, but this has not proved that useful, so far.) Last but not least, Katherine Woods took over from Mary-Ann Williams in mid-July. After about a year at the press office, Mary-Ann decided to return to journalism. (She had worked as a journalist for three years before joining the press office.) Katherine, who is from Leeds and was eager to start a career in PR in London, began working with us on 18 July. She is fast adjusting to the many demands of the job, and has found that her very good French is proving more useful than ever. Left to right: Philip Jolly, Marie-Alienor Goillandeau, Pierre Mancini, Katherine Woods The rentrée of September is always a busy time, and this year has confirmed the rule. First of all, we have signed (or prolonged) several big contracts with companies that were keen to entrust the press office with their PR in the UK.  The Port of Normandy Authority (PNA), which owns and runs three ports on the Normandy coast, i.e. Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg, has renewed its contract with us. Expect more information coming from us on what they are doing and planning in 2011-2012, some of it in relation to wind power in the Channel, as the latest press release illustrates. Another significant and exciting contract has been signed with HUET, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of high-performance acoustic- and fire-rated timber doorsets. Founded 65 years ago, HUET, which is headquartered in Western France, produces nearly 600,000 interior doors and over 150,000 exterior doors and windows every year! Recently, HUET took part in the multi-million-pound refurbishment of the five-star St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, near King’s Cross and the Eurostar terminal — a remarkable building if ever there was one. The French specialist company provided more than 250 of its Chorus 42 acoustic-rated doorsets, as part of the modernization of the iconic, neo-Gothic site. (Should you wish to have a look at the inside of the building, you do not need to be a guest in order to have a drink downstairs in the bar, on the ground-floor.) In addition to being a supplier to the hotel industry, HUET designs and produces fire- and acoustic-rated timber doorsets for a wide range of buildings, including hospitals, surgeries, health/medical centres, schools, colleges, universities, and television/recording studios. The company will be at Sleep Event, the trade show for the hotel industry, which will take place at the Business Design Centre, in London, from 23 to 24 November. If you work in the logistics press, you will have been in contact with Katherine, since we have a press trip taking place around this topic at the end of the month (26-28 September). Two British journalists, working for key logistics-sector titles, will be whisked away to Lille, in Northern France, by Eurostar — journey time: 90 minutes — and will be given the opportunity to visit various sites in and around the city. We have one or two more press trips on the cards between October and December of this year, which will also be organised, on the French side, by Nord France Experts (NFX), the agency for the development of Lille and its region. Katherine will get in touch with you over those, if they relate to your expertise, as and when we get the pre-programme from NFX. As you will see from our selection of news stories, we continue to cover a very wide range of topics, from marketing and retail to food and farming, and from wine or clinical research to rail transport and software development: Whatever you write about, we have something for you! (I think that is going to be our new motto for 2012, come to think of it.) We also continue to support our colleagues at the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London. Among other events, they are working on the French Pavilion at 100% Design, due to take place at Earl’s Court (in London) from 22 to 25 September. As in previous years, the pavilion will provide an opportunity to showcase the best in creative and innovative French interior design. I have kept the best bit for the end, since I know where the heart of our readers is: please make a note of 23 November, because, on that day (from 6.30pm), we will be organising our Christmas party for the media. There will be food and there will be drinks, and we won’t even inflict a lengthy speech or a dull Power Point (or two, or three) on you; or expect you to write an article about the event afterwards; or demand that you interview someone or other; or check that you have taken some notes as you are leaving the venue; or complain if you do not Tweet non-stop right through the evening about the cocktail party, as opposed to actually taking part in (and enjoying) it… No, all we are asking you to do is to turn up, so that you may enjoy the press office’s end-of-year bash. It is our way to say ‘thank you’ to all the publishers, editors, journalists, staff writers, and freelancers who, whether they are in the trade press (in print and/or online) or in other media, work with us on an ongoing basis and appreciate what we do, just as we value what they do. Full details will be sent to you shortly, and all you need to do is confirm your attendance by email to Katherine Woods, press officer. The party will also give you the opportunity to meet the new team at the press office and, more particularly, Katherine herself, and that is another reason why we hope you can make it. The next issue of UBIFRANCE UK News will come out sometime in late November, after our Christmas party. See you on the 23rd! Philip Jolly Manager — Press Office Mission Economique UBIFRANCE, the French Trade Commission in London Business and Marketing French retail marketing solutions stand out at In-Store The French Trade Commission in London unveiled the French Pavilion at the In-Store Show, the retail marketing trade fair, held in London on 29-30 June 2011. For the second consecutive year, the French Pavilion showcased dynamic French companies from across the industry.  For further information, please go to: French Pavilion provides both at Insight Show  The French Trade Commission unveiled the French Pavilion at Insight Show, the market-research trade fair, held in London on 29-30 June. For the third consecutive year, the French Pavilion showcased dynamic French companies from across the industry. For further information, please go to: Northern France consumers sit pretty within 300km radius Experian pH, a specialist in information and marketing services, has conducted a detailed study that shows the city of Lille and its region to be at the heart of the wealthiest consumer centre in Europe within a 300-kilometre radius. For further information, please go to: Energy and Environment ONET and BRADTEC DECON are an item  ONET TECHNOLOGIES, which operates in the civil nuclear industry, has strengthened its presence in the UK further to the takeover of BRADTEC DECON TECHNOLOGIES LTD, a company specialising in decontamination procedures. ONET wanted to boost its operations in Britain. For further information, please go to: ONET ventures jointly into India with PCI Ltd  ONET TECHNOLOGIES has decided to invest in India’s civil nuclear industry by setting up an engineering joint venture with PCI Ltd (part of PRIME Group of India), to be called ONET TECHNOLOGIES INDIA. ONET holds 70% of the shares in the joint venture and PCI Ltd the remaining 30%.  For further information, please go to: Overkiz makes Ray Bradbury’s sci-fi vision reality Overkiz has developed a multi-protocol software and hardware platform making possible the remote running and diagnostics of domestic equipment and appliances. The package offered by Overkiz consists of a secure plug & play gateway installed on the end-user’s premises – the kiz box . For further information, please go to: EcoVadis ensures RENAULT’s suppliers evince CSR  EcoVadis has been selected by RENAULT to set up an innovative platform in order to assess the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance of the car manufacturer’s suppliers. In a recent report, the United Nations Environment Programme recognised the validity of the tools offered by EcoVadis to help companies integrate Sustainable Development criteria into their supply chain. For further information, please go to: Engin eering and Transport Northern France moves to Belgium for Transport & Logistics  The Chamber of Commerce of Nord-Pas-de-Calais is hosting the Northern France pavilion to showcase the region’s logistics expertise at the Transport & Logistics 2011 trade show, in Antwerp (Belgium). The trade fair is expected to attract 300 exhibitors between 20 and 22 September. For further information, please go to: RAILENIUM firmly on track with €550 million boost  RAILENIUM, the European Institute for Technological Research in Rail Infrastructure, has been selected by the French government as a leading investment project and has been awarded €550 million in funding. This major European and international project will be based in and around Lille. For further information, please go to: Legrand’s prefabricated cable pits are not Legrand, a manufacturer of prefabricated cable pits made from recycled composites, has developed cable pits that represent a lighter alternative to their concrete equivalent. The patented device offers many other advantages. Legrand is one of SNCF’s preferred suppliers. For further information, please go to: RONIS interlock systems can free you from security concerns RONIS has developed a full range of interlock systems designed specifically to ensure the safety of users and equipment during work on medium- and high-voltage machines and electrical installations. The systems developed by RONIS can be tailored to each company’s specific needs. For further information, please go to: APLIX gets to grips with inter-mold® in hook and loop  APLIX, a specialist in self-gripping fasteners, has developed the inter-mold® technology, making it possible to offer a new generation of fasteners for the hook-and-loop industry. Inter-mold® fastening technology allows hooks to be injection-moulded directly into plastic parts. For further information, please go to: TIFLEX printer stamps its mark on traceability  TIFLEX has unveiled the HRP 1000 R3 , its new Very High Resolution inkjet printer, which was designed to meet traceability requirements in industrial-product logistics using the GS1 128 bar code. With the HRP 1000 R3, bar codes (and other data) can be stamped easily, straight on to a range of substrate materials. For further information, please go to: Food and drinks   So French So Good , says French Trade Commission in London   Mr Pierre Lellouche, France’s Secretary of State for Foreign Trade, has launched a campaign for export promotion — So French, So Good — to showcase France’s food-and-drink sector and the country’s gastronomy. French gastronomy was recently added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.For further information, please go to: Sommet de l’Élevage celebrates 20 years in beefy style    Sommet de l’Élevage, the leading trade show for European livestock professionals, will celebrate its 20th year, when it takes place from 5 to 7 October in Clermont-Ferrand. This year’s trade show will feature 2,000 animals belonging to 64 breeds.   For further information, please go to:      VEGEPOLYS and SIVAL to reward those with breeding — in plants   VEGEPOLYS, the international plant cluster of excellence based in Western France, has launched a major European competition in plant-variety innovation in association with the SIVAL trade show (in Angers). The 2012 competition will be open to European plant breeders, whether they are exhibitors or not.   For further information, please go to:   Domaine de Trévallon builds on its 18/20 mark In 2011, winegrower Eloi Dürrbach has, once again, unveiled an outstanding Domaine de Trévallon red wine. The 2008 red vintage, which is recognised by French specialists for its subtle taste and fruitiness, was given marks ranging from 18 to 20 (out of 20) by Vins de France magazine.   For further information, please go to: Healthcare and Consumer goods   ONET supplies hot cells for ALGETA’s ALPHARADIN   ONET TECHNOLOGIES UK Ltd has agreed to manufacture specialised hot cells for the commercialization of ALPHARADIN. Developed by ALGETA SAS of Norway, ALPHARADIN is a highly targeted alpha-pharmaceutical, currently under clinical evaluation, intended to improve survival in patients with advanced cancer.   For further information, please go to:   BORDEAUX CLINICAL RESEARCH NETWORK accelerates French healthcare   BORDEAUX CLINICAL RESEARCH NETWORK (BCRN) is the first public/private R&D accelerator for the healthcare industry to be set up in France. BCRN fulfills increasing CRO and industry sponsor requirements to boost patient inclusion rates and speed up Phase I-to-Phase IV tests.   For further information, please go to:   MINE4SURE irons out parents’ back-to-school season angst   With the MINE4SURE School Pack , school uniforms and personal belongings are sure to find their way back home: offering a combination of personalised iron-on labels and stickers, the MINE4SURE School Pack is an easy-to-use, long-lasting and affordable way to identify children’s belongings.   For further information, please go to:     IT & Telecommunications   UBIFRANCE’s virtual trade show is for real   UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency, has launched a virtual trade-show platform, which will consist of six pavilions covering various industries such as fashion, health, infrastructure, transport, food and new technologies. In mid-June, the first virtual trade show took off, focused on the food industry and the So French So Good promotional campaign.   For further information, please go to:   Paris Chamber of Commerce accompanies 34 French players over Amsterdam weekend   The French Pavilion at IBC, the trade show for the electronic media, presented 34 companies from across the sector: IBC was held in Amsterdam (in The Netherlands) from 9 to 13 September. The French Pavilion was organised by the Paris Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCIP), in partnership with France Broadcast.   For further information, please go to:   E-Commerce Paris welcomes 30,000 visitors in the flesh   E-Commerce Paris is in its eighth year, and 30,000 visitors from across Europe were expected at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, in Paris, for the trade show, taking place from 13 to 15 September.   For further information, please go to:   VAD e-commerce is 15 in Lille in October   The 15th VAD e-commerce trade show will take place from 18 to 20 October in Lille. Since its creation, this event has offered a multichannel approach for traditional distance-selling companies, established players and, more recently, retailers in the e-commerce sector.   For further information, please go to:   CARTES & IDentification 2011 has Turkey before Christmas   CARTES & IDentification will be held from 15 to 17 November in Paris. The event covers digital security, smart technology and contactless payments. This year’s CARTES & IDentification, which will welcome 450 companies, will place the spotlight on Turkey.   For further information, please go to :   Taliance provides the perfect package for Internos’ assets   Taliance, a software provider for the investment-property market, has developed FinAsset , which is an asset-management software suite. Fund-management company Internos Real Investors has chosen the FinAsset system. For further information, please go to:   XandMail delivers solution via Parallels Plesk Panel 10   XandMail, a provider of internet and mobile applications, has announced that its Web 2.0 Communication Solution is now available through Parallels Plesk Panel 10 . The solution offered by XandMail enables service providers to increase revenue and to cut customer churn.   For further information, please go to:   TalentSoft takes talent management to Windows Azure Cloud   TalentSoft, a provider of integrated SaaS talent-management solutions, has teamed up with Microsoft to deploy TalentSoft’s solutions worldwide, using Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. Thus, TalentSoft has become the first talent-management solution to be optimised for Microsoft’s Cloud.   For further information, please go to:   France investment in data centres worth a billion The Invest in France Agency (IFA) has supported 26 data-centre investment projects in France since 2006. Major multinational companies, including IBM and Equinix, have made investments in the French market, worth an estimated €1 billion per year, while the digital economy now accounts for nearly 5% of France’s GDP. For further information, please go to:

UBIFRANCE UK News - June 2011 - N°27

Pauline Bogacz - 22-juin-2011 14:24:59
We were probably busier between January and the end of March than over the April-to-June period: things slowed down at the start of the second quarter, also because of the string of bank holidays that there always is, in France and/or in Britain, from Easter onwards and well into May — not to mention the Royal Wedding. The level of activity has still been sustained and encouraging since the April issue of UBIFRANCE UK News and, as far as the press office of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London is concerned, up on the same period in 2010 and in 2009.   Trade shows are a major aspect of what we do, and there have been several key ones in the past few weeks, notably Infosecurity in London (19 to 21 April), which focuses on IT security; Internet World, also in London (10 to 12 May), which is centred on internet technologies and services; IFSEC in Birmingham (16 to 19 May), which is about security in the broad sense; and, finally, Railtex in London (14 to 16 June), which has just taken place and covers the railway industry.   In every case, the French presence was tangible and appreciated, the French exhibitors having been assisted in their participation by our colleagues in the relevant sector-based departments within the Trade Commission.   The Trade Commission also organises B-to-B events, such as the French Fashion Day at the Méridien hotel on Piccadilly (in central London) on 20 April, or the Foodservice Networking Event at the Royal Geographical Society (also in central London) on 11 and 12 May. The former gave contract-clothing manufacturers based in Western France the opportunity to showcase their expertise and meet British buyers and designers.   The latter focused on the food-service sector and attracted British-based food buyers and importers. Delicacies to be sampled included ham and sausages, terrines and pâtés, dips and chutneys, lemon meringues and chocolate cakes, and many, many more. Mary-Ann Williams, press officer, and myself did our bit for France and tasted as many of the food products on offer as we could, when we went along to meet the French exhibitors and British journalists on the second day of the event: it was a tough assignment, but we managed…    Press trips are back on the agenda and we have just organised a three-day press trip in the field of nutrition for Nord France Experts (NFX), the agency in charge of promoting the city and region of Lille, in northern France (14 to 16 June). The press trip coincided with NutrEvent, which takes place every two years and brings together key players in science and industry, as well as experts and officials from the regulatory agencies, around a single theme, i.e. R&D projects in health and nutrition. About 1,500 participants were expected to take part in the 2011 event.   Our three journalists stayed in the splendid Crowne Plaza Hotel, which has the advantage that it is situated right outside the Eurostar terminal at Lille. The northern French city may not be an obvious tourist destination if you are thinking more along the lines of sea-sun-sand locations, such as Nice on the French Riviera. Having said this, it is an attractive city, with a pedestrianized central district. The old part of town is about 15 minutes on foot from the Eurostar terminal, across a bridge or a park, and it is undeniably full of charm.   Given the fact Lille is 80 minutes by train from King’s Cross Saint-Pancras (in London), it is actually perfectly feasible, if you are based in South-Eastern England, to go over there for lunch and be home in the evening. In fact, the journey time is probably shorter than going from Richmond to Barking. Then again, you might ask, who would want to go from Richmond to Barking on a Saturday, or a Sunday? Or on any day, for that matter.   We have other press trips scheduled for NFX in the autumn (to be confirmed): one in September in the field of recycling and ‘eco-activities’; and the other in October, in logistics. So, if you are involved in recycling or in logistics — and, better still, if you write about both logistics and recycling — watch this space, as they say, and you can be sure to hear from us before long with the prospect of an interesting trip over to Lille and its dynamic region.   The June issue of UBIFRANCE UK News is bound to be of interest to you, since there are few industries we have not covered in the past few months. Indeed, you will find stories on soap (Savonnerie de l’Atlantique and the famous Marseille soap) and essential oils (CAMYLLE), but also on design and clothing (with 3D-measurement technology, as developed by TELMAT).   The French film industry features among this bulletin’s stories and you will learn that gasification technology is about more than hot air. Solar-powered appliances (IDCOOK SAS) are on the list, which goes to show that we are doing our bit to save the planet. Trains (with Railtex 2011), planes (with INDRAERO SIREN) and automobiles (with EQUIP AUTO) are all on the menu, not to forget information technology, packaging and much more.   If none of this tickles your fancy, you can dream about Corsican wines, which are on offer at VINEXPO, the leading wine trade fair taking place in Bordeaux right now (19 to 23 June): for those journalists and wine writers privileged enough to attend, CIV CORSE, the syndicate of Corsican wine producers, was planning on a wine-tasting session on the Corsican Pavilion, followed by a traditional Corsican-style lunch.   The meal was due to entail the consumption of a free-range calf to be spit-roasted whole over a wood fire (using wood from wild olive trees from Corsica), the beast being cooked by three chefs, two of whom are Michelin-star-rated. We were not told, at the Press Office, whether the animal would be slaughtered in front of a crowd of amazed onlookers or not, but our assumption was that the bovine is indeed dead by the time it is carted in to be skewered.   The translation of the invite proved a bit tricky, since we did not want to give the impression that a mere portion of veal would be served on a plate, of the kind you get at a restaurant near you. Since we had not specified it was a beef calf we were talking about, alarmed journalists enquired as to whether the calf would indeed be of the bovine kind: some of them appeared to believe that, in Corsica, elephants roam freely in the island’s hinterland, across the rugged scrubland known as le maquis, and that, as a result, the said calf might be — horror of horrors — a young elephant on a spit.   I want to reassure all concerned readers: it is a young bovine we were referring to, not any other kind of mammal — whole or part.   Now that this weighty matter has been duly clarified, it is time to conclude this editorial and to wish you an enjoyable summer break, since we hope, here at the Press Office, that you will have the opportunity to take some time off between now and September. The next issue of UBIFRANCE UK News will come out sometime in mid-September.   Philip Jolly Manager — Press Office Mission Economique UBIFRANCE, the French Trade Commission in London       Biotechnology and Cosmetics   bioMérieux and Labor Berlin team up in excellence and lab diagnostics   Labor Berlin (Charité Vivantes GmbH) and bioMérieux have announced the signature of an agreement to create a Centre of Excellence for microbiology and enhanced laboratory automation in Berlin (Germany). The bioMérieux/Labor Berlin partnership in laboratory diagnostics will help design solutions to improve patient care.   For further information, please go to: www.     Savonnerie de l’Atlantique takes 100% soap to PLMA   Savonnerie de l’Atlantique, a specialist in organic soaps, perfumery soaps and home-care products, attended the PLMA trade show in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from 24 to 25 May 2011. The company remains the only industrial soap maker in France to implement the Marseille method, synonymous with 100 % on-site saponification, 100 % soap, and 0% preservatives.   For further information, please go to:   CAMYLLE heats up the market for essential oils   LABORATOIRES CAMYLLE has established itself as a reference in enhancing humid zones in spas through the use of aromatherapy, while relying on 100% pure and natural essential oils as the base for treatment.   For further information, please go to:     Energy and the Environment     Gasification Asia Pacific 2011 set to deliver a lot more than hot air   Gasification Asia Pacific (GAP) 2011, the international conference on gasification, took place in Beijing (China) from 8 to 10 June. GAP 2011 played host to technology workshops and plenary sessions, where heads of companies and institutions gave a range of presentations.   For further information, please go to:   IDCOOK turns your BBQ into a solar-powered experience   IDCOOK SAS has developed a comprehensive range of innovative, high-tech solar-powered appliances, including solar barbecues. The company, part of SUNITED, a group specialising in solar power, is seeking importers and distributors, more particularly in the UK and Northern Europe.   For further information, please go to:     Engineering and Transport   EQUIP AUTO 2011 is 70% booked up   EQUIP AUTO 2011, the biennial international exhibition for automotive parts, systems and equipment, will take place at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition centre (France) from 11 to 15 October. Over 70% of the floor space for exhibitors has been booked already.   For further information, please go to:   French shipbuilding steams ahead to Oslo for Nor-Shipping   UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency, presented a dozen innovative French companies on the French Pavilion at the Nor-Shipping trade show, which took place in Oslo (Norway) from 24 to 27 May.   For further information, please go to:   French Pavilion on track and on time for Railtex 2011   The French Trade Commission unveiled the French Pavilion at the Railtex trade show, held in London from 14 to 16 June. The French Pavilion showcased seven innovative companies from across the railway sector.   For further information, please go to:   French innovation is sky high at Aircraft Interiors and Aerospace Testing   UBIFRANCE presented innovative French companies on the French Pavilion at the Aircraft Interiors and Aerospace Testing trade shows, which were held in parallel in Hamburg (Germany) from 5 to 7 April.   For further information, please go to:   INDRAERO SIREN takes aeronautical expertise to Aircraft Interiors   INDRAERO SIREN, a specialist in the design, production and integration of aeronautical systems, took part in the Aircraft Interiors exhibition in Hamburg.   For further information, please go to:     Food and drinks   Corsican wines charm VINEXPO with insular beauty   As part of the Corsican Pavilion, Corsican wines from seven estates — Clos Canarelli, Clos Culombu, Clos Santini, Domaine Cordoliani, Domaine de Tanella, Domaine Sant’Armettu, and Domaine Vico/Clos Venturi — are being showcased at the VINEXPO trade show in Bordeaux (in south-western France) between 19 and 23 June.   For further information, please go to:   Foodservice Networking Event goes geographical   The French Trade Commission invited members of the press and trade to attend its Foodservice Networking Event on 12 May at the Royal Geographical Society in London. This event was the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the food-service industry from experts in the field, while meeting French producers and British buyers.   For further information, please go to:     Logistics and Packaging     PACCOR extends product shelf life at ROSUPAK   PACCOR has launched a new barrier packaging solution, which is made up of multi-layer structures. PACCOR unveiled this innovation at the ROSUPAK 2011 trade show, which took place in Moscow (Russia) from 14 to 18 June.   For further information, please go to:   CLARANOR packs a punch at INTERPACK 2011   CLARANOR, a provider of sterilisation solutions for packaging products, took part in the INTERPACK trade show, which took place in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 12 to 18 May.   For further information, please go to:   Kermel Insulright® turns up the heat at CWIEME in Berlin   Kermel, a manufacturer of heat- and flame-resistant aramid-fibre protective clothing, has launched Kermel Insulright®. Kermel presented this new thermal and electrical insulating paper at the Coil, Winding, Insulations and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME), which took place in Berlin from 24 to 26 May.   For further information, please go to:     IT & Telecommunications   Conscio Technologies makes Sensiwave with software solution   Conscio Technologies has released Sensiwave, which is a software solution available in Saas mode. In only a few days, Sensiwave enables users to optimise the communication of projects and to raise awareness among stakeholders.   For further information, please go to:   Axiatel brings faxing into the 21st century with Fax to Email   Axiatel has released the new features of its Fax to Email online service, which meet the requirements of SMEs. With no set-up costs and attractive packages on offer, Axiatel’s customized, VoIP-based solution makes faxing easier, greener and cheaper.   For further information, please go to:   EfficientIP is ‘promising’ in DDI market, says Gartner   In its new MarketScope report on the DDI market, Gartner, the international consultancy firm, has rated EfficientIP as ‘Promising’. EfficientiP is a software developer delivering DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services and IP-address management) worldwide via a premium-partner network.   For further information, please go to:   CARTES in Asia 2011 is on the up and up   CARTES in Asia, the trade show on digital security and smart-card technology, which took place for the second time in Hong Kong, between 29 and 31 March, attracted over 3,000 visitors from 61 countries — an increase of 8% on 2010.   For more information, go to:  

Overkiz runs your appliances remotely and efficiently with kiz box

Pauline Bogacz - 15-juin-2011 16:39:08
Overkiz of France has developed a multi-protocol software and hardware platform making possible the remote running and diagnostics of domestic equipment and appliances. The package offered by Overkiz consists of a secure plug & play gateway installed on the end-user’s premises – the kiz box – and various means of access to the platform.     The technology developed by Overkiz, already operational in the fields of access controls, lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning), is offered in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) mode to industrialists. Overkiz’s technology offers a range of benefits to all market participants (from manufacturers to end-users), including the smoother running of appliances as well as cost gains, notably regarding maintenance and operational costs.   As a proven provider of technological solutions, Overkiz adapts the package it offers to clients in line with their specific needs, ensuring that there is a perfect match between the solutions that are delivered and the client systems that are already in place.   The integrated solution developed and marketed by Overkiz features a secure plug & play gateway that is installed on the end-user’s premises and is known as the kiz box. The unit ensures that the appliances being run are able to communicate their running data and receive setting instructions, which is usually done through high-frequency (HF) communication – Power Line Communication or plug-in being also possible.  Through the use of the local internet connection, the kiz box enables the secure transfer (by https internet protocol) of the data after its encryption and, more particularly, all the device’s operational data, which can be transmitted to (and from) the server.   The manufacturer of the device, the installer (who is responsible for the maintenance of the system) and the end-user all benefit from secure access to this data by means of dedicated web interfaces.  Therefore, at all times, it is possible to consult and modify the state of operations across these interfaces, which are available through all devices that come with web access – be they computers, smartphones, tablet PCs, and so on – and for which Overkiz provides applications.   Additionally, an SMS or email alert system allows, at the set-up stage, for the configuration of alerts concerning the critical parameters of the device.   The uses of the Overkiz platform are manifold, with a wide range of critical applications. Overkiz can be deployed across all household appliances and, in fact, equip an entire building; the technology makes it possible to develop remote diagnostic and maintenance services with ease.    In order to do this, the manufacturers make use of web applications a llowing for the remote management of systems from their stock of installed equipment. Overkiz also facilitates the statistical exploitation of data and makes it possible to put in place an array of diagnostics and maintenance services for the client’s network of installers.  As a result, each installer is in a position to offer the service as well as optimize operational costs, while his (or her) responsiveness, in terms of the service offered to clients, is enhanced.   For their part, the end-users have, at their disposal, a simple and user-friendly way of running and supervising their installations remotely. The areas covered include heating, lighting, automatic access controls, alarm systems, etc.   The kiz box plays the role of a central gateway clearing the different communication protocols that it takes on board. Therefore, through a unique architecture, it can run the domestic devices of a large client entity: Overkiz’s technology works with all leading European brands of appliances.   Once the adaptation of the OEM platform to the client’s needs has been achieved – with the embedding of the required communication protocols, the  integration of the drivers and the implementation of the required product profiles – Overkiz offers two types of access: in SaaS mode, or on the basis of a duplication of the Overkiz platform.   In SaaS mode, Overkiz makes its IT infrastructure available, which comprises, notably, a server on which the Exploitation System known as EPOS (Extended Protocol Operating System) and the web applications sit.  The system data of the devices which are to be run are held on the Overkiz server and the data can be consulted at all times via secure web access through cloud computing.   With the duplication-of-the-architecture option, the client accesses the Operating System and the web applications via a user licence, which enables him (or her) to install them on the client entity’s own server.  Thus, the client’s remote operation-and-diagnostic services are deployed through cloud computing within the client entity’s own IT infrastructure.   In these two access modes, the client puts back in a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK), which enable the customization of the applications, the development of new ones, or the creation of a link with existing applications.   About Overkiz   Overkiz is headquartered in Archamps, in the département of Haute-Savoie, in south-eastern France.    Overkiz is a specialist in home-automation services and technologies. The company’s stated ambition is, “To supply our partners with customized digital, electronic means to integrate the remote access and control of their appliances.”    Overkiz is a member of various protocols associations, such as io homecontrol ®, OpenTherm, EnOcean and Z-Wave.    Overkiz’s core business is the provision of turnkey solutions in home-and-building control. Overkiz positions itself as an OEM partner for manufacturers of equipment intended for residential homes and other buildings in areas such as HVAC, lighting, and controls, among others.   For further information, please go to:

IDCOOK turns your BBQ into a solar-powered experience

Pauline Bogacz - 11-mai-2011 16:04:17
  IDCOOK SAS of France has developed a comprehensive range of innovative, high-tech solar-powered appliances, including solar ovens and solar barbecues. The company, part of SUNITED, a group specialising in solar power, is seeking local importers and international distributors, more particularly in the UK and Northern Europe, for its environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products. IDCOOK SAS has designed and developed a comprehensive and innovative range of high-technology appliances and devices that are solar-powered, including solar ovens, solar barbecues, and even solar lighters. These eco-friendly products can be used anywhere, be it at home or on the move.  IDCOOK is a division of French-based group SUNITED, as is SELER INDUSTRY. SELER INDUSTRY, for its part, designs and manufactures solar reflectors and mirrors, as used in the field of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology.  SELER INDUSTRY’s solar reflectors and mirrors have been integrated into the product range developed for IDCOOK — the COOKUP200, the COOKUP INOX, the SOLAR COOKING KIT, and SUNCOOK+.    Users of the COOKUP200 or the COOKUP INOX units are able to take their barbecue equipment anywhere they go, to be used in their garden, on the beach, or on a walk and picnic, for instance. Within minutes of stopping for lunch, the solar barbecue can be assembled and is ready for use, and users can enjoy risk-free cooking with the rays of the sun as the sole source of energy that is required.    With SUNCOOK+ and the SOLAR COOKING KIT, users are able to cook healthily and ecologically, just as one would in a standard oven, but using the sun’s rays as the only source of energy. Gentle cooking using a solar oven will help consumers rediscover the genuine flavours of freshly prepared food, while preserving all the nutrients.   The solar lighter developed by IDCOOK is ideal as a trendy present and an unexpected accessory. Thanks to this energy-saving gadget, a cigarette (or a twig) can be lit up in mere seconds. Fully customisable, the solar lighter can be a great promotional gift.    As Europe’s leader in solar cooking, IDCOOK is intent on pursuing its international growth. IDCOOK currently markets its products through a variety of distribution channels including stores specialising in outdoor pursuits, shops focused on ecologically friendly and organic products, as well as garden centres and DIY stores.    IDCOOK is currently seeking importers and distributors in the British and Northern European markets.               About IDCOOK SAS IDCOOK SAS, which is based in Paris (France), is part of the SUNITED Group, as is SELER INDUSTRY.   Building on 60 years of experience in solar energy and technology accumulated at the SUNITED Group, SELER INDUSTRY manufactures solar reflectors and mirrors, as used in the field of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology.    IDCOOK has developed a comprehensive range of hi-tech solar cooking appliances and is now seeking partners to market its products internationally. SELER INDUSTRY’s solar reflectors and mirrors have been integrated into the product range developed for IDCOOK — the COOKUP200, the COOKUP INOX, the SOLAR COOKING KIT and SUNCOOK+.   The SUNITED Group is set to raise substantial capital in late 2011 in order to strengthen its position in the solar-energy market.   For further information, please go to:  

EfficientIP rated by Gartner as “promising” in DDI market

Pauline Bogacz - 20-avr.-2011 16:49:37
Courbevoie (France), 20 April 2011 — In its new MarketScope report on the DDI market — "MarketScope for DNS, DHCP and IP Management” — Gartner, the international consultancy firm, has rated EfficientIP of France as “Promising”. EfficientiP is a software developer delivering DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services and IP-address management) worldwide via a premium-partner network.  In this report (full title: “MarketScope: DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management, 2011”), released in late March 2011, Lawrence Orans, Gartner Research Director, describes the DDI market as an independent niche market as well as a rapidly growing market.  He forecasts that, “The DDI market will grow another 28% in 2011, to approximately $276 million.”   David Williamson, Managing Director of EfficientIP, declares: “We are pleased to get a ‘Promising’ rating from Gartner.  We feel it proves that the effort we have put into the development of our channels and our international growth plans are producing demonstrable results. The launch of the SmartArchitecture™ advanced concept, which upgraded the management of DNS and DHCP from service level to architecture level, and the opening of offices in Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, strongly contributed to this success.  We became e xtremely competitive, and we will continue this momentum, in particular with the opening of a new office in the United States.”   EfficientIP is based on a range of hardware and virtual effective appliances. The company is now ready to take on the 2011 challenges highlighted by Gartner, namely IPv6 and DNSSEC.   The report, titled “MarketScope: DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management, 2011,” by Lawrence Orans, was released by Gartner, Inc. on 24 March 2011.   The Gartner MarketScope evaluation is available at   MarketScope Disclaimer — The MarketScope is copyrighted 2011 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The MarketScope is an evaluation of a marketplace at (and for) a specific time period. It depicts Gartner’s analysis of how certain vendors measure against criteria for that marketplace, as defined by Gartner. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in the MarketScope, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest rating. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.   About EfficientiP EfficientIP is a software developer delivering DDI solutions (DNS, DHCP services and IP-address management) worldwide via a premium-partner network. As a market leader, EfficientiP offers solutions that have been chosen by hundreds of the most demanding companies across a range of industries, from telecommunications and manufacturing to banking, non-financial services, and the public sector. Companies such as T-Mobile, United Airlines, Crédit Agricole, STMicroelectronics, EADS and Vodafone use EfficientiP solutions every day.  EfficientiP invented the advanced SmartArchitecture™ concept, which upgraded the management of DNS and DHCP from service level to architecture level. EfficientiP offers a suite of hardware and virtual appliances such as SOLIDserver™ for IP-address management, as well as DNS and DHCP management and services.   For further information, please go to:
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