Rail Freight Meetings in spotlight at SITL Paris 2015

Nicolas Aguero - 05-févr.-2015 16:30:04
Rail Freight Meetings in spotlight at SITL Paris 2015     Rail Freight Meetings in spotlight at SITL Paris 2015 With workshops, a showroom and work areas across a space of 300 m², the Rail Freight Meetings will constitute one of the key innovations at SITL Paris 2015, which will be taking place from 31 March to 2 April in Paris (France). Innovative players such as Herta France, SNCF Freight and Agenia are looking forward to this key event. Under the aegis of France’s Secretary of State for Transport, the Rail Freight Meetings reflect the measures entrusted to the Association of Freight Transport Users (or AUTF, in French) following the ministerial conferences held with respect to the revival of rail freight in France. The aim is to have a business dialogue at the service of growth in the rail industry, and, more particularly, to match supply and demand in the field of rail freight and combined road-rail transport by means of business meetings between shippers and all those involved in the rail-industry value chain. T he three case studies below illustrate the scope and interest of the Rail Freight Meetings due to take place at SITL Paris 2015, from 31 March to 2 April of this year. CASE STUDY 1: HERTA FRANCE               "We would like to use rail freight and combined road-rail but we do not find that the shoe fits,” says Marc Bernard, Transport & Supply Chain Projects Manager for Herta France — a comment which reflects the difficulty faced by shippers when evaluating current rail and multimodal offerings. "Traffic volumes and the will to deploy these alternative solutions exist,” points out Christian Rose, Executive Officer at AUTF, who bases his comment on an audit carried out among purchasing managers. "Though they lack visibility in terms of capacity and rail operations, compared to the very dynamic road possibilities.” A subsidiary of the Nestlé Group, Herta France operates factories in Arras (northern France) and Strasbourg (eastern France) that process 95,000 tonnes of food products per year. Using controlled-temperature storage, the goods are sent daily to two logistical hubs — one located in Ile-de-France (i.e. the Paris Region) and the other in the Lyons region — before being sent on to supply the retail trade. "This just-in-time logistics process, today, is done 100% by road. On the Arras-Lyons link, for example, we use up to 12 refrigerated trucks per day,” laments Marc Bernard.   From the agricultural producer through to the consumer, Herta France’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets mean, in practice, that the company must actively seek sustainable organisations that reduce its carbon footprint in relation to all the links in its supply chain. "Implemented in the choice of raw materials, production methodology, packaging, etc., our social-responsibility plan also covers our out-bound logistics. This is the reason why we are looking for rail and multimodal solutions linked to our retail clients,” explains Marc Bernard. With this aim in mind, Herta France will be at the Rail Freight Meetings: "This event is a time-benefit accelerator, which will help us to achieve our ambition to lower our distribution carbon footprint. Herta wants to use rail and combined freight,” says Marc Bernard, who has high expectations of the trade show. At the Rail Freight Meetings, the manufacturer hopes to better understand how the rail sector operates. "We want to develop links with the professionals who can best respond to our logistics needs right through to the final customer, and also discover all the available multimodal innovations,” explains Marc Bernard. CASE STUDY 2: SNCF FREIGHT Rail services have evolved over the last decade and have, in many ways, been revitalised. "Deregulation has put the clients and their requirements at the heart of the issue. Competition and the effects of the [financial] crisis have led to a rethink of the service and internal organisation of SNCF Freight,” says Olivier Juban, Director of SNCF, the State-owned French railway operator. It is in this context that the Rail Freight Meetings are an excellent occasion for SNCF Freight to meet procurement managers in order to explain current industry developments and, also, how the railway sector can respond to logistics challenges. Shared services, Multi-Lots/Multi-Clients options, long trains, combined rail-road initiatives, and ‘rail highways’ are various aspects of the range of solutions developed by SNCF Freight, which demonstrate the company’s efficiency and relevance. "Driven by teams managing production and sales, the solutions are configured to respond to the complex logistics challenge from purchasers within a framework of sustainable collaboration,” explains Olivier Juban. CASE STUDY 3: AGENIA Agenia is a subsidiary of NGE, a multi-expertise group in the field of public works with a turnover of €1.5 billion. Agenia works with shippers, local communities and logistics hubs in order to develop sound rail-transport links and multimodal solutions.    “The expertise of Agenia is wide-ranging: from the construction and management of rail infrastructure through to developing rail-freight offerings, and including the management of hubs and network maintenance,” says Michel Colombié, CEO. On this basis, Agenia is the partner of Moulins Communauté in order to develop jointly the LOGIPARC 03 rail centre, in Moulins (central France). The logistics of a rail network go well beyond mere point-to-point traffic management. Indeed, Agenia’s added-value proposition comes from its ability to interlink connected services: handling, door-to-door transport, rail-road combined transport, connections to inland networks as well as ports, and so on. “These extended services that include the management of infrastructures are essential in order to guarantee a premium service quality which responds to the challenges of the modern supply chain. At LOGIPARC 03, Agenia has developed this offering in partnership with Transports Terrancle and Eurorail,” explains Michel Colombié. These are concrete examples of the potential offered by the pooling of rail-sector skills and multimodal complementarities — common themes of the Rail Freight Meetings at SITL Paris 2015, to be held in Paris (France) between 31 March and 2 April of this year. About Reed Expositions Reed Expositions is the French subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, the worlds leading event organiser. Reed Expositions organizes over 50 trade shows per year in France across a range of sectors including transport and logistics.   Reed Expositions will be organising Transport Next Generation 2015, a new event that will run concurrently with SITL Paris 2015, as well as Intralogistics Europe 2015. These events will take place from 31 March to 2 April 2015 in Hall 7.2 of the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, in the southeast of Paris (France). For further information about this press release, you can contact Ms Silviane Dubail of SD COM on: +33 (0)6 07 53 53 43 (telephone) and (email). For further information about Reed Expositions, please go to: For further information about the different trade shows, please go to:  

Transport Next Generation drives SITL 2015 to next level

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This leading international event, focused on innovative transport equipment, will be held concurrently with SITL and Transport Logistics Europe from 31 March to 2 April 2015, in Paris (France). Transport Next Generation will take place from 31 March to 2 April 2015 in conjunction with SITL Paris 2015 and Intralogistics Europe. The trade shows will be held in Hall 7.2 of the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, to the southeast of central Paris. Alain Bagnaud, Director of Reed Exhibitions Transport & Logistics, organisers of SITL Paris 2015, gives his thoughts on the launch of Transport Next Generation, the new event to be launched in conjunction with the trade fair, and his expectations as to what it will bring to the transport sector and the logistics industry. How would you describe the positioning of Transport Next Generation? What is distinctive about it, and what added value does it bring to the industry? The aim of Transport Next Generation is to be an international event that responds to the expectations of supply-chain directors in industry and retailing. This new exhibition brings together, in a single space, innovative multimodal transport equipment that works to achieve the most effective transport performance for industry and retailers. As such, Transport Next Generation addresses the link between shipper and transporter. Fundamentally multimodal, it touches the five main transport segments – maritime, rail, river, road, and combined transport (both urban and temperature controlled). The programme for Transport Next Generation is based around a Steering Committee which, besides SITL’s usual partners, also has the support of the Fédération Française de la Carrosserie (FFC), the Association Française du Gaz Naturel pour Véhicules (AFGNV) and the Industrial Vehicle Rental trade council, led by Transport et Logistique de France (TLF). What solutions does Transport Next Generation provide? The common element of all the equipment exhibited at Transport Next Generation is the changing organisation and planning of transportation, as well as the emergence of a link between the shipper and the transporter. This results in multiple new challenges and new transport requirements, including reduction in travel distances; improved productivity of equipment and personnel; safety and security of goods and personnel; evolving regulation; environmental protection; development of e-commerce and urban deliveries; and optimisation of loads, etc. How does Transport Next Generation integrate into SITL Paris 2015 and Intralogistics Europe 2015? Transport Next Generation extends and completes our expertise across all transport, logistics and supply-chain activities. It is in complete synergy with SITL Paris 2015, which brings together all transport and logistics services, and Intralogistics Europe 2015, which covers handling equipment at all levels of the supply chain. For its part, Transport Next Generation provides innovative transport-equipment solutions. It will have its own dedicated space with unique signage and decoration to attract visitors. It will have its own programme of seven conferences and also its own Innovation Award which, reflecting the initial concept, is open to ‘equipment solutions that are immediately operational for shippers or transporters to add value and optimise the services of transporters in light of competition’. Therefore, between them, the three trade shows cover the full market range and expectations of purchasers. How do you see Transport Next Generation developing in the future? In 2015, Transport Next Generation will be located in a space that hosts around 30 exhibitors. Taking into account the real interest already expressed in this year’s event, as of 2016, Transport Next Generation will become a separate exhibition with its own area, its own community of exhibitors, and a specifically targeted visitor base. Our ambition is to attract transport buyers and shipping specifiers from all industry and retail sectors. In line with SITL and Intralogistics, this new event will, in due course, be rolled out internationally, as is the case with all the exhibitions we create and develop. About Reed Expositions Reed Expositions is the French subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading event organiser. Reed Expositions organises over 50 trade shows per year in France across a range of industries including the environment sector, marketing and communications, and transport and logistics.   Reed Expositions will be organising Transport Next Generation 2015, a new event that will run concurrently with SITL Paris 2015 as well as Intralogistics Europe 2015. All three events will take place from 31 March to 2 April 2015 in Hall 7.2 of the Paris Porte de Versailles Exhibition Centre, to the southeast of central Paris (France). For further information about the various trade shows, please go to:   For further information about Reed Expositions, please go to:    For further information, please contact :   Ms Kate Riley - Press Officer - UBIFRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP – UK - Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 -

Reed Expositions predicts bumper year for Intralogistics Europe 2014

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Alain Bagnaud, Director of Reed Global Transport Group (a division of Reed Expositions), organisers of the SITL Europe 2014 trade fair, reveals his expectations for Intralogistics Europe 2014. This leading transport-and-logistics trade show, which specializes in handling equipment in manufacturing and distribution, is being held concurrently with SITL from 1 to 4 April 2014, in the Paris region (France).   Intralogistics Europe 2014 will take place from 1 to 4 April of this year in conjunction with SITL Europe 2014, as well as the World Transport & Logistics Forum, Maritime Day, European Rail Freight Day and the Humanitarian Logistics Conference. The trade shows will be held in Hall 6 of the Parc des Expositions, in Paris Nord Villepinte (north of the French capital).   A lain Bagnaud, Director of Reed Global Transport Group (a division of Reed Expositions), organisers of SITL, gives his thoughts on the upcoming events as well as on current trends in the transport sector and logistics industry.   Interest in Intralogistics 2014 started to pick up pace back in November 2013. Is this still the case, with one month to go before the opening?   The enthusiasm has grown and accelerated. In November 2013, taking into account the number of reservations made and [the number of] brands expressing an interest in the Intralogistics 2014 trade show, we were forecasting 15% growth in exhibitor numbers. Today, that figure is in excess of 30% and the initial objective of 150 exhibitors has been well and truly surpassed.   Consequently, we have had to expand the exhibition’s surface area to 10,000m². Given that the trade show is only in its second year, this confirms the need for an exhibition dedicated to handling equipment and automated systems.   How has this growth reflected the three areas of interest at the exhibition?   The progression in numbers of exhibitors is even across the three areas of interest, with a strong presence of the leaders in each Intralogistics sector: Automation, Mobile (industrial trucks, lifting and handling equipment, etc.), and the Static sector (racking and shelving, storage solutions and packing). With regard to the last one of the three, several specialist providers in the field of warehouse construction and door supply have confirmed their attendance. Many exhibitors are involved in two, or even three, of the areas covered by the trade show.   For all these businesses, the Intralogistics trade show has become a central, professional event that allows them to present their innovations, products and services. The event responds to a clear market need that goes beyond its original target, which was to promote the handling equipment and automated systems that process, streamline and optimise the physical flow of supply, production and distribution.   What are the results so far of initiatives set up by Reed Expositions with regard to future visitors?   In the build-up to this year’s event, Reed Expositions has been identifying project planners, basing its search on visitors from the 2013 event; on a database of decision makers, specifiers and buyers of intralogistics solutions; and on pre-registered visitors. At this stage, the majority of these qualified visitors are interested in the fields of handling and automation, and more than 30% of the projects involve an evolution or significant changes to current handling systems.   This initiative seeks to ensure that projects are well planned in terms of agreed investment and will enable the project planners at Intralogistics 2014 to identify suppliers to partner them with in order to implement the project.   How do you ensure that the connections made at the exhibition respond to this demand?   There are several ways in which we look to establish connections with the exhibitors. In the first instance, visitors that have completed the pre-registration process are directed to the suppliers that are capable of responding to their search in handling equipment and automation.   Secondly, our teams work with the visitor to better define their project. This can be done on arrival, or can be organised by Reed at the event itself. Reed also offers this customer service on an ongoing basis, both before and after the event.   Lastly, visitors are invited to make use of a Project Planners Space, in which they can present their projects and arrange meetings with exhibitors.   How would you describe the projects that will be presented?   The projects will be wide-ranging and, in the main, come from the major players in their respective markets. The sectors that will be represented include automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, cosmetics, e-commerce, food processing, heavy industry, and multichannel distribution. Projects are led by senior-level managers that are seeking a return on investment and fast improvements in productivity. In that sense, many involve automation, with the objective of reducing production costs.   What are the other high points visitors can look forward to?   With the participation of exhibitors and qualified visitors, and led by a steering committee, a cycle of around 20 conferences and workshops is planned, with updates, testimonials, [focuses on] innovations and trends, together with actual case studies.   A particular highlight will be the first plenary conference, entitled Warehouse automation, how far?   It will be chaired by Jean-Michel Guarneri, Vice President of Supply Chain for Vente Privée ( and member of the steering committee.   On the last day of the event, three Innovation Awards will be presented, one for each section of the Intralogistics trade show.   Exhibitors at Intralogistics Europe 2014   Below is the list of exhibitors due to take part in the trade show.   @VANCE TRANSPORT ITEMS-ACK FORANKRA-ACTEMIUM-ALSTEF AUTOMATION-ALVEY SAMOVIE-AMBAFLEX-APOLLO-APPLIED MATERIALS-A-SAFE-AUTOMATED PACKAGING SYSTEMS FRANCE-BA SYSTEMES-BAC-LAND PACK-BAK ORGANISATION-BALEA-BALYO-BAUER SUDLOHN-BMZ GMBH-BOA CONCEPT-BOPLAN-CABKA GMBH AND CO. KG-CINEO LOGISTICS-CIUCH SOLUTIONS-CRAEMER FRANCE-DOLAV FRANCE-DUPLEIX LOCASTOCK-DUWIC-EASYPACK SARL-EPALIA-ETIGO-FERALCO-FETRA-FGP-FHG IPP LOGIPAL-FIVES CINETIC-FLANDRE AUTOMATION-FRANCE FIL INTERNATIONAL-FROMM FRANCE-GEORG UTZ SARL-GETRA-HANGCHA FRANCE-HEXACOMB-HORMANN FRANCE-HU.CA CONSULTING-IMH-JUNGHEINRICH FRANCE-L-EX-LIFTEC-LIFTOP-LPR LA PALETTE ROUGE-MANITOU-MARCEAU-MARZIN SARL-MATRAFORM-MAVIFLEX-MDM-MECALUX FRANCE-MECANIC BINAIRE SERVICE-METTLER TOLEDO SAS-MOVOMECH-NERGECO-NETWORK EQUIPMENT RENTAL-NORCAN-OCS CHECKWEIGHERS GMBH-DS SMITH-PAKI LOGISTICS GMBH-PALET FACILITY MANAGEMENT SOLUTION-PROCARIST-PRODEX-QIMAROX B.V.-RAEDER VOGEL, RAEDER -U- ROLLENGEBRICK GMBH 1 CO.KG-RAJA-ROS FRANCE-SARL B-COM-SAVOYE SA-SCALLOG-SCHOELLER ALLIBERT-SDI GROUP-SMART-FLOW-SMURFIT KAPPA FRANCE-SNOX AUTOMATION BVBA-SOCO SYSTEM-SSI SCHAEFER-STOCK3P-STOW FRANCE-STRAPEX SA-SYCA SYSTEMS-SYLEPS-TENTE S A-TER SA - GROUPE YTHALES INVESTISSEMENT-TIANJIN ZERPO SUPPLY CO. LTD-TRANSITIC SYSTEMS SARL-ULMA HANDLING SYSTEMS FRANCE-VANDERLANDE INDUSTRIES FRANCE   About Reed Expositions   Reed Expositions is the French subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, the world’s leading event organiser. Reed Expositions organises over 50 trade shows per year in France across a range of sectors including the environment, marketing and communication, as well as transport and logistics.      Reed Expositions will be organising Instralogistics Europe 2014, a leading trade show on transport and logistics, which specializes in handling equipment in manufacturing and distribution. The trade show was launched in 2013.   Intralogistics Europe 2014 will run concurrently with SITL Europe 2014, as well as the World Transport & Logistics Forum, Maritime Day, European Rail Freight Day and the Humanitarian Logistics Conference. These events will take place from 1 to 4 April 2014 in Hall 6, at the Parc des Expositions, in Paris Nord Villepinte (north of Paris, in France).   For further information about Reed Expositions, please go to:   For further information about Intralogistics Europe, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3915 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :   Note to Editors   Copyright - The UBIFRANCE Press Office in London is waiving its copyright on the content included in this press release, which means that recipients are free to reproduce, modify and circulate it if they wish to do so and as far as copyright law is concerned. 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Thank you.   Reader responses - Please advise us of publication of this press release and continue to send reader responses to the Press Office. This is the only way we can ensure the follow-up is done efficiently.

SITL Europe announces packed programme for April 2014

Coline BORDET - 19-févr.-2014 16:52:09
With six weeks to go before its official opening, SITL Europe, the international trade show for transport, logistics and freight forwarding, has announced that four new events will take place during the four-day event. The trade show will take place from 1 to 4 April 2014 at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition centre (north of Paris).   In addition to highlights such as the 14th annual Innovation Awards and half-day conference cycles organized around the key themes of the trade show, the four days of SITL Europe 2014 will be marked by four important new events.   On Tuesday 1 April, the World Transport & Logistics Forum will open the main international day. In association with UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency, and consultancy firm Transport Intelligence, a plenary conference will be held on the theme of Logistics strategies to take advantage of global growth and will present a preview of the World Bank’s 2014 study into logistics performance. This will be followed by a debate between shippers, service providers, economists and delegates from institutions.   In the afternoon, official delegations from six countries – Algeria, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand and the USA – in the presence of French government ministers, will debate logistics and transportation issues relevant to those markets. The World Transport & Logistics Forum will close with a conference focusing on key trends in the sector.   On Wednesday 2 April, SITL Europe will host Maritime Day, an event which has been developed in partnership with Eurogroup Consulting, with a focus on maritime and river transport. The aim of the day is to review the opportunities offered by new shipowner alliances and new innovative port/river services. The transport of containers and cereals over the waterways will also be discussed, with a presentation on developments in the Trans-European Transport Network (RTE-T). This will provide the stepping stone into Thursday’s European Rail Freight Day.   For the fifth time in a row at SITL, a European Rail Freight Day will take place during the trade show. On Thursday 3 April, in co-operation with Eurogroup Consulting, delegates will reveal the results of the 2014 barometer, which focuses on how shippers perceive the rail-services offering. The barometer is carried out amongst 100 European manufacturers and distributors and introduces a cycle of conferences on rates, rail corridors, network access and slots, which will be illustrated by concrete examples.   On Friday 4 April, which is the final day of the trade show, a new concept will be launched, whose aim is to help industry players anticipate the key trends in the supply-chain sector. Companies such as Branded Future for Logistics, Mines PariTech, consultancy firm Transport Intelligence, and ASLOG (the French logistics association) will assess many possible evolutions in the sector.   Another highlight on the Friday will be the conference dedicated to Humanitarian Logistics, an initiative of the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA), which is the only global association in this sector. The HLA, which has 2,300 members coming from international solidarity associations, the private sector, universities and research establishments, will, for the first time, hold its general assembly at the same time as SITL Europe.   "This global summit on humanitarian logistics will enable a comparison of logistics organisations between the NGOs and business – especially in terms of their shared stocks, information-systems design, or staff training,” says Jean-Christophe Crespel, co-founder of HLA.   Intralogistics Europe, the trade show for handling equipment in manufacturing and distribution, is being held concurrently with SITL 2014 and has already exceeded its exhibitor target, with over 150 companies signed up to the event, as things stand.   Alain Bagnaud, director of Reed Exhibitions’ Global Transport and Logistics Group, says: “Of the Top 20 European logistics-services providers, 70% have already registered, including Geodis, Norbert Dentressangle and Kuehne+Nagel. To this, we can also add more than 200 transporters and logistics suppliers that are present either independently or as part of a group, such as Astre, Evolutrans, France Lots, France Benne, Pall-ex and Tred Union. This means that SITL Europe 2014 will present an exceptional offering of transport and logistics companies, proving that it can tackle the great international challenges of today.”   This strong uptake, the organisers of the trade show point out, is matched by new initiatives to assist visitors in finding projects that correspond to their activity. Assisted by a telemarketing programme, selected visitors are interviewed in order to identify projects that are under current or future development. Following analysis of the responses, the visitors are put in contact with exhibitors whose products and solutions match their needs.   For personalised programmes, visitors can go to the Project Space at the entrance to the exhibition, where they will be welcomed by a consultant who will suggest a tailor-made visit plan, including the possibility of arranging meetings with given exhibitors.   About SITL   SITL 2014 will take place from 1 to 4 April of this year in Hall 6 of the Parc des Expositions, in Paris Nord Villepinte (north of the French capital). SITL stands for Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique, i.e. the International Week for Transport and Logistics.   Intralogistics Europe, the World Transport & Logistics Forum, Maritime Day, European Rail Freight Day and the Humanitarian Logistics conference will also take place over the course of the four-day event.   For further information, please go to:     For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3914 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

Reed Global Transport Group’s CEO maps out future with SITL

Amal Froidevaux - 06-févr.-2013 13:49:36
Alain Bagnaud, Director of Reed Global Transport Group, organisers of SITL, gives his viewpoint on the transport-and-logistics sector. The major players in transport and logistics will meet in March 2013 for four key events: SITL 2013, Eco Transport & Logistics, the RFID Show, and the first Intralogistics Paris trade show. These events will take place from 26 to 28 March at the Parc des Expositions in Paris Nord Villepinte (north of the French capital). SITL 2013, the logistics solutions trade show, will take place from 26 to 28 March 2013 in the Paris region (France) in conjunction with the first Intralogistics Paris trade event, as well as Eco Transport & Logistics and the RFID Show for the radio-frequency-identification industry. The trade shows will be held in Hall 3 and Hall 4 of the Parc des Expositions, in Paris Nord Villepinte. This convergence between materials handling and transport and logistics, as well as products, solutions and sustainable services provision, responds to the needs of an evolving market. Alain Bagnaud, Director of Reed Global Transport Group, organisers of SITL, gives his thoughts on March’s events and on the industry, which is set to have an exceptional year in 2013. Why will 2013 be such a pivotal year for the transport-and-logistics sector? Adaptation, innovation and internationalisation are the three pillars that have made SITL one of the leading transport-and-logistics events in Europe. However, 2013 is exceptional because it is the first time, in France, that we are presenting a start-to-finish solution by simultaneously staging Intralogistics Paris, the new exhibition for handling equipment in manufacturing and distribution, and SITL Logistics Solutions, which will be enhanced by ECO Transport & Logistics and the RFID Show. All the products and services involved in the supply chain will be presented in one location and at the same time, which underlines our commitment to providing the most in-depth trade-show offering for the sector. This is a formula already proven internationally with the success of our services in India and Brazil. Who is reached by this global offer and why, in your opinion, has this evolution occurred? Over 30 years, SITL has welcomed, occasionally anticipated, and always been in line with transformations in logistics. The trade show has therefore become a strategic tool serving the sustained growth of business. True to this purpose, SITL 2013, along with its accompanying events, will reflect the proximity and convergence of logistics and materials handling. This convergence is a global trend which is mirrored in the consolidation of what the logistics market offers and in the markets’ increasing opening to international trade. The evolution in materials handling, in automation, in the management of stock and [in the management of] the flow of goods demonstrates this opening. Additionally, the partnership recently formed between Fives Cinetic, specialising in automated logistics solutions, and KLS, a specialist in logistics software, along with the purchase of software publisher ISA by forklift-truck manufacturer Jungheinrich, are also examples of this evolution. Regarding suppliers of transport-and-logistics services, the development within emerging markets and the international growth of freight-forwarding underline the trend [that there is] towards a global offering.  The economic environment demands continuous improvement in productivity, competitiveness and customer satisfaction. It is also a source of opportunities for innovative companies looking for solutions and partners. Holding SITL jointly with Eco Transport & Logistics and Intralogistics Paris supplies answers to these issues. Major support for the Intralogistics Paris event by sector professionals confirms the relevance of this decision. This movement towards globalisation takes place at the same time that we see increased complexity across the entire supply chain. What is your response to this vertical requirement? The performance of an extended supply chain assumes robust and competitive links with individual specificities and specialised offerings. Intralogistics Paris and SITL 2013 respond to this requirement by focusing on four themes: transport-and-logistics services, regions and infrastructures, technology and information systems, and logistics real estate. Over time, SITL has highlighted these themes by creating the European Rail Freight Days, which will be organised over two days during SITL 2013. As part of SITL 2013, the Industrial & Logistics Real Estate Show will offer a conference programme that is totally dedicated to logistics-related property. The trade show will also use the varied pavilions that provide a complete and diversified offer on the key issues in the sector to underline these themes. The pavilions devoted to E-commerce & Cross-Channel [trade and transport], Safety & Security, and Forecasting & Planning will also be centres of exchanges and convergence of offer and demand. The first Maritime Days, conceived along the same principles as the Rail Freight Days, represent another example of SITL 2013’s thematic approach. All are unique events, created to provide information and unveil innovations in the company of experts, facilitating both the renewal and foundation of business partnerships. About SITL SITL 2013, Eco Transport & Logistics, the RFID Show and the first Intralogistics Paris trade event will take place from 26 to 28 March 2013. The Parc des Expositions in Paris Nord Villepinte (north of the French capital) will host these trade events in Hall 3 and Hall 4. For further information about Reed Expositions, please go to: For further information about SITL, please go to:  

SITL Logistics Solutions 2013 to highlight supply-chain collaboration

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SITL Logistics Solutions will bring together transport and logistics specialists from 26 to 28 March 2013 in Paris Nord Villepinte, near Paris (France). The trade show’s theme will be Working together to win over the markets of today, with conferences and award ceremonies focusing on a range of themes including real estate, the maritime industry, rail freight and innovation. Alain Bagnaud is the Managing Director of the Transport, Tourism & Communication Division at Reed Expositions France, which organises SITL Logistics Solutions. Alain Bagnaud explains, "The current, complex economic, social and environmental transformations require new approaches and solutions within logistics organisations. The changes encourage collaboration between the links in the logistics chain in order to optimise both competitiveness and operational flexibility." SITL Logistics Solutions 2013, the trade show for the transport and logistics industry, will take place in Hall 3 of the Parc des Expositions centre in Paris Nord Villepinte, north of the French capital, from 26 to 28 March 2013. The trade fair’s theme will be Working together to win over the markets of today . This theme reflects the convergence of interest between the various supply-chain players, including manufacturers, retailers, transport-and-logistics providers, local communities and public-sector bodies. The strong representation of such players at the 30 th SITL Logistics Solutions confirms the event’s position as a unifying force within the sector. The Industrial & Logistics Real Estate Show and the Maritime Days will both be new additions to SITL. The Industrial & Logistics Real Estate Show will present a conference programme completely focused on industrial property. Maritime Days is made up of a set of conferences focused on the maritime industry. Alain Bagnaud explains, "Conceived along the same principles as the European Rail Freight Days, Maritime Days aims to encourage dialogue between shippers and the maritime world, defining expectations for, trends in, and benefits of maritime transport. This new event has been created with the help of Eurogroup Consulting, in partnership with the AUTF [ Association des Utilisateurs de Transport de Fret , i.e. the French Association for Freight-Transport Users] and the French Maritime Cluster of Excellence.” For the first time, representatives of the International Logistics Expertise Centre (ILEC) and Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), which are both well known for initiatives in the field of shared services and collaboration, will take part in SITL’s debates. During SITL 2013, various studies and their conclusions will be unveiled: Eurogroup Consulting will present its 2013 Barometer during the European Rail Freight Days conferences, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will exclusively reveal the results of its Global Supply Chain Trends 2013 annual study. For several years, PwC has also been involved in SITL’s International Transport Logistics Forum. The Forum’s subjects for 2013 have been chosen with the assistance of a dozen supply-chain, transport-and-logistics directors from the manufacturing industry and the retail sector, together with representatives of other professional organisations and associations. The Innovation Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 26 March at the end of SITL’s inaugural conference and will be followed by a cocktail party. There will be five innovation prizes awarded to SITL exhibitors. Additionally, there will be an award for an exhibitor from Eco Transport & Logistics, the exhibition for environmental technologies in transport and logistics, and two awards for Intralogistics Paris , the new trade show for handling equipment in manufacturing and distribution. Based on previous years’ success, the E-commerce & Cross-Channel, Security-Safety, and Forecasting-Planning Pavilions will now be at the heart of SITL. The SME Club will also play a central part: as requested by manufacturers and distributors, it will group together SMEs and very small businesses in transport and logistics together with the sector’s leaders and transport groups. Additionally, SITL 2013 will provide spaces dedicated to Transport & Logistics Services, Logistics Sites and Information Technologies & Systems , offering information on all these topics. SITL 2013 will take place in conjunction with the first Intralogistics Paris trade event as well as Eco Transport & Logistics, together with the RFID Show , a trade fair of reference for radio-frequency identification.  SITL 2013 will, therefore, offer a comprehensive range of events in transport, logistics and handling. “SITL 2013 is a joint organisation responding to the proximity and convergence between handling and logistics, which can be seen not only in France but in Europe and globally, in the USA, or indeed in emerging markets such as Brazil, India and Mexico,” explains Alain Bagnaud. About SITL Logistics Solutions SITL Logistics Solutions is run by event organiser Reed Expositions France. In its 30 th year, the trade show for the transport-and-logistics industry will take place fro m 26 to 28 March 2013 in Hall 3 of the Parc des Expositions, in Paris Nord Villepinte, north of Paris (France). For further information about Intralogistics Paris, please go to: For further information about SITL, please go to:     For further information, please contact : Quote ref. : FTPB3802 Ms Katherine WOODS - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640   View other press releases at : gives green credentials to haulage sector

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With FretBay, a web platform specialising in online reverse auctions for the transportation and delivery of goods by road, users are able to benefit from high standards of service at the lowest possible price, while reducing their carbon footprint. Transporters, removal companies and haulage firms registered on the web portal are exclusively professional in nature, with a proven track record that is duly rated by the users themselves, as part of the FretBay offering. FretBay has now entered the British market. As a price-comparison and reverse-auction online platform, FretBay simplifies and speeds up the often tiresome process of shipping parcels and large, heavy or bulky items. connects individuals and transport companies so that consumers can get the best delivery service in total confidence, safety and at the best price — and simultaneously help protect the environment. can be used by the general public as well as companies, on the client side. FretBay combines reverse-auction features with grouping tools for transporters, providing benefits to both individual users as well as transport companies. FretBay helps transporters to be more efficient by using partially filled loads and loads that are empty on the return journey, while providing competitive quotes and cheap shipment rates to end users. Today, FretBay is used by thousands of professional and legitimate European transporters in order to increase their profits. FretBay is the only company that has chosen, on the service-provider side, to open its online platform exclusively to professional operators: this ensures the required quality of service, while assisting in the fight against rogue and unlicensed trucking and removal companies. Professional transporters can sign up without any fee (subscription or otherwise) and without any obligation. FretBay provides an economical, environmentally friendly and reliable solution to transportation problems. People have used FretBay to have furniture delivered and all manner of bulky goods (including pianos, for instance), but also works of art and a wide range of other items such as motorcycles, cars, boats, livestock, industrial machinery, and fragile articles. FretBay is employed in house removals as well as for moving offices. Road haulage, which is the most popular way of transporting goods, is also a major source of nitrogen-oxide and carbon-monoxide emissions. An aggravating factor lies in the fact that vehicles often return to their logistical base with an empty load, after they have carried out a delivery. FretBay helps transporters and removal firms to consolidate their deliveries, thus curtailing the number of empty return journeys that their lorries have to make. By reducing the number of kilometres wasted by lorries that are empty, FretBay contributes to reducing CO2 emissions. FretBay’s system of online reverse auction means that there is direct competition among contractors, which results in lower prices being charged to consumers. This is how it works in practice: after the sender (who wants some goods shipped out) has posted his (or her) proposal on FretBay, an offer is received from various transporters (who, in effect, bid for the contract). The sender is then able to choose the offer of service that constitutes the best value without any obligations. An important feature of FretBay is that, after the goods have been sent and delivered, the sender rates the service provided by the transporter. Users can then consult the ratings of the different carriers featured on the web portal in order to get an idea of how professional they are, which, in turn, helps them make the right choice from among the bids they receive.  The ratings and testimonials left on a transporter’s profile enable the haulage company to increase its presence and enhance its reputation on the web. Transporters receive serious and specific requests that help them to extend and develop their core business. All the transporters registered on the website are professional businesses that observe a quality charter, which encourages them to comply with a qualitative approach. A transporter falling short of the requirements that are expected, in terms of service, is removed from the site — a feature that enables users to hand over their bulky items with total peace of mind. Signing up to FretBay and accessing the offers posted on the platform is totally free and without commitment. Originally developed in France, FretBay now offers its services across many countries, including the UK and Spain. Following the launch of the FretBay internet site in Britain and Spain, it is now possible to use the services of transporters and removal firms that are members of FretBay outside France. The levels of user satisfaction achieved prove that FretBay has become a reliable solution to transportation problems, points out the company. About FretBay Founded in January 2008, FretBay is headquartered in Créteil, in the Paris region (France). The company has been operating in France for several years, and is now expanding into other markets, including Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK. FretBay provides online services for the transportation of goods by road. The company’s internet portal offers a price-comparison and reverse-auction service that enables users to benefit from a quality service at a low cost, while benefiting the environment. FretBay has developed advanced grouping tools that help transport companies to optimise their vehicles and decrease the number of empty returns. In March 2012, FretBay was nominated as the most innovative transport and logistics company at SITL Europe — one of Europe’s largest transport and logistics events. Hundreds of thousands of users have benefited from FretBay’s services, and thousands of transport companies are members of FretBay’s website. For further information, please go to:
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