French Pavilion at MEDICA COMPAMED 2014 to showcase 170 innovative companies

Marine Juillard - 31-oct.-2014 12:57:50
      UBIFRANCE is organising the French Pavilion at MEDICA COMPAMED 2014, with close to 170 companies gathered under the banner of the French export-support agency. MEDICA COMPAMED is the world’s largest international medical-technology exhibition and congress. This year, the trade fair will take place from 12 to 15 November in Düsseldorf (in Western Germany). With more than 70 countries represented, leading companies in the medical sector from all around the world will exhibit their innovative technologies, medicines and treatments, covering every area of the sector, at the MEDICA COMPAMED trade show, due to take place in Düsseldorf between 12 and 15 November of this year. UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency, is organising the French Pavilion, which will gather a delegation of 168 companies over half a dozen thematic exhibition areas. The following topics will be covered: electromedicine and medical technology (Hall 17); disposables, commodities and consumer goods, including textiles (Hall 7a); physiotherapy and orthopaedic equipment (Halls 4 & 5); laboratory equipment and diagnostics (Hall 3); and, finally, COMPAMED — a trade fair focused on the supply chain and on product development in the medical field (Hall 8b).   In 2013, MEDICA COMPAMED attracted more than 132,000 trade visitors from 120 countries across all continents (53 % from countries situated outside Europe) and over 4,600 exhibitors from 66 countries. The exhibition area was of approximately 116,000 square metres. To find out more about France’s offer in relation to MEDICA COMPAMED and the industry, please download the MEDICA COMPAMED 2014 Catalogue and go to the internet portal, Meet the French Health Industry. For more information about the trade show, please go to: For more information about France’s health/medical sector, please go to:  

French mechanical engineering sector builds itself into a global leader

Marine Juillard - 21-oct.-2014 15:57:19
Véronique Cuziol, project manager at UBIFRANCE, believes that the French mechanical engineering sector showcases the best of French manufacturing. She says: “Not all French industries are in decline. Some sectors, such as the mechanical engineering industry, are successful.” So, what exactly is this stellar industry all about? Mechanical engineering firms are diverse in terms of products and services but, broadly, they service and produce valued-added products for the automobile, aerospace and railway industries. The French mechanical engineering industry has an annual turnover of €113 billion, of which €45.6 billion is exported. These figures rank France sixth worldwide and third within Europe. Overall there are over 50,000 companies in the industry, including a few large players (Air Liquide, Alstom, Areva, and Fives) and a healthy majority of smaller companies: 95% of all firms are SMEs and start-ups.   Besides the USA and China, European markets are the traditional destinations for French exports in this sector. Germany remains by far the biggest importer. Therefore, it is not surprising that a large number of French mechanical engineering companies can be found at the world’s biggest industrial fair in Germany, the Hannover Messe.   French companies, and in particular SMEs, have been exceptionally effective in leveraging the country’s research clusters – some of the best in the world – into innovative solutions. A great example is the Mont Blanc Industries cluster, which specializes in precision machining, mechatronics and other advanced industrial techniques. There is a collective, national interest in creating what is being called the ‘Factory of the Future’; disruptive investments in technologies such as energy efficiency, 3D printing, and advanced robotics that will redefine the future of manufacturing through increased efficiency and reduction in costs.   Some of these French start-ups are making a big splash with innovative products. For example, the company French Expliseat, founded in 2011, produces the ‘Titanium Seat,’ the world’s lightest seat that also offers an innovative and ergonomic design. Expliseat has recently received certification from the Federal American Aviation Administration (FAA) and is therefore able to supply the US aircraft industry.   Another example of a successful subsector is textile machinery manufacturing. French firms offer extremely targeted and innovative products as well as excellent customer service and a highly skilled workforce.   The top 100 French subcontracting companies include a number of large businesses such as the LISI Group, which has a turnover of over €1 billion. There are also a myriad of smaller, but nevertheless very ambitious, companies such as Manoir Industries which specialises in metal forging and found. Its objective is to become a world leader in the production of metals for the construction, nuclear, oil and gas, and petro-chemistry sectors.   It must not be overlooked that France is one of the most attractive countries in Europe in terms of foreign investments, ranking fourth in the world in terms of industrial FDI. This is no surprise give that foreign investors have access to the second biggest economy in Europe, third highest hourly labour productivity, excellent infrastructure, and a central geographic position. Furthermore, France ranks second in Europe for the number of patent applications, with one in ten of these patents being the result of collaboration between French and foreign companies.   UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency , has 80 offices around the world. Its role is to help French companies in marketing their products abroad, as well assist foreign companies in finding French suppliers or partners.   More information about French companies, please go to: French exporters directory of mechanical engineering  

DECITEX intelligent textiles to supply NHS Supply Chain in UK

Aurore Bernard - 22-avr.-2014 18:29:34
DECITEX of France, which specializes in the development of intelligent and innovative textiles for use in professional cleaning, has announced a new contract with NHS Supply Chain. Following numerous introductions and tests in some of the largest NHS hospitals across Britain, it was DECITEX’s precise knowledge of this market that helped the company to secure the contract for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).   DECITEX, a French-based manufacturer at the heart of innovation for microfibre cleaning textiles, has announced a new contract with NHS Supply Chain, following a call to tender for cleaning products for floors and surfaces, to have its products available for purchase by the NHS in England and Wales.   A total of 26 DECITEX products will be listed by NHS Supply Chain, including single- as well as short-and-long-term usage solutions adapted to hazardous areas, such as operating theatres and isolation rooms.   DECITEX’s textiles have proven efficiency and its single- and short-usage cloths have been approved in accordance with the EN13697 standard. These products allow all hospitals, including state-of-the-art ones, to choose to clean floors with water, whilst ensuring the demands of ATP tests are met. Created in 2000, DECITEX is part of the 3E sustainable-energy concept. The company’s main aim is to improve the quality of cleaning and ergonomics whilst considering the associated constraints and working on the reduction in usage costs of the products.   DECITEX’s textile engineers are encouraged to think about the efficiency of the textile for cleaning purposes before considering the addition of a chemical component. The material has also been developed to improve user comfort, not just in terms of autonomy and hygiene, but also in terms of design — a notion often overlooked in this field.      From their design and manufacture in France up to their final use in situ, DECITEX products offer unique and innovative sustainable-development solutions in the field of cleaning textiles. In effect, using DECITEX products makes it possible to save considerable amounts of water, chemicals and energy used in laundry. The specialist company also offers to recycle its products at the end of their use.   DECITEX products are sold in countries around the world including Australia, Canada, France, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the UK. DECITEX products, so as to better meet the needs of today’s users, are manufactured up to the highest standards. Over six million units of DECITEX products are sold each year to the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries, as well to numerous operating theatres within hospitals, in many countries.   About DECITEX DECITEX is a French-based company specializing in microfibre wiping textile for professional use. The company was founded in July 2000 by Guillaume Leymonerie, CEO of the 3E Concept Group.   As a manufacturer, DECITEX’s role is to design and produce high-performance textiles — i.e. mops and wipes made from microfibre — that are easy to use. DECITEX listens to what its customers have to say and innovates as per their needs.   The company complements its textile-technology expertise (focused on issues such as cleaning time, ease of use, cost per use, and impact on the environment) with a lightweight, ergonomically designed range of handles and frames.   For further information, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3928 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :

Lyon weathers economic storm to post positive results for 2013

Coline BORDET - 10-févr.-2014 15:39:35
In contrast with the economic environment in the rest of France, marked by reduced levels of foreign investment, ADERLY-Invest in Lyon, the Lyon Area Economic Development Agency, is releasing an upbeat 2013 end-of-year report this week, showing even better results for the region than in previous years. This performance demonstrates the resilience of France’s metropolitan areas, with Lyon setting the example.   With 77 new companies setting up across the region in 2013 and 1,825 jobs to be created in the next three years, ADERLY, the development agency for Lyon and its surrounding area, has exceeded its goals: indeed, in 2013, the economy of the Lyon region performed better than in previous years, despite particularly tough competition and a strained economic climate across much of France and the Eurozone.   The year 2013 saw a sharp slowdown in foreign direct investment (FDI) in France, confirmed by numerous economic indicators and international reports: in 2013, FDI, in France, fell to $5.7 billion, in value, down 77% on 2012, according to early estimates by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).   Lyon did not entirely escape the recession, which affected several projects handled by ADERLY. This can be seen in certain key indicators in the report. Two strong trends were noted: the smaller size of projects and the growing presence of investors closer to home. Out of the 77 new company set-ups, 55% were backed by foreign capital, compared with 65% in previous years.   Among the foreign investors, ADERLY noted lower investment flows coming from the USA, but higher levels of investment originating in neighbouring countries — Belgium and Switzerland, in particular, with eight and four projects respectively. Levels of Asian investment remained stable.   In this context, Lyon was able to maintain strong results in terms of attractiveness: the ADERLY teams made the necessary adjustments in their approach to prospecting, which brought in a 60% rise in new projects, by highlighting the structural advantages of the Lyon urban area to best meet the needs of investors.   Lyon used its strengths in specialized areas in order to focus its prospecting activity on sectors of excellence, on projects with high value in terms of innovation, and on the advanced-services sector. The 77 new projects already mentioned include 30 in the green-tech sector — an area that is a stated priority for local authorities — the setting-up of 10 R&D centres and the launch of 27 decision-making centres.   In 2013, Lyon’s strong fundamentals helped offset a weak national economic environment, which has been decried publicly by 50 large foreign-based investors with business interests and operations within France. [See article published in French business daily Les Echos in December 2013 under the headline: 50 entreprises étrangères installées en France tirent la sonnette d’alarme, i.e. 50 foreign companies with a presence in France sound the alarm.]   Lyon’s location, its vibrant economy and, especially, its leading position in key sectors and major urban-renewal projects have helped make the metropolitan area and its region a preferred alternative to Paris. The local dynamics can also be seen in the volume of real-estate uptake for business premises in the Greater Lyon area in 2013, and in local development projects recently announced by major companies already present in the region, such as Sanofi and Manitowoc.   About ONLYLYON   ONLYLYON is a communication initiative that was launched in 2007 in order to promote a variety of aspects of the city of Lyon (France’s second biggest city) to an international audience. Lyon is the first city in France to have its own territorial marketing strategy, and the only city in the country whose initiative, in this respect, is backed by a group of almost 20 internationally renowned institutional and economic partners.   The ONLYLYON marketing strategy aims to promote the metropolitan area of Lyon and its region as a European beacon of economic excellence, capitalizing on the region’s proven leadership in sectors such as the environment, health, technology, textiles and urban transport. ONLYLYON also seeks to underline the region’s cultural attractions across sectors including heritage, history, gastronomy and tourism.   ADERLY is the economic development agency for the Lyon area and is a key member of the group of partner-agencies supporting the ONLYLYON initiative.   For further information, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3912 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

TAMI Industries brings high-tech ceramic membranes to UK market

Coline BORDET - 21-janv.-2014 16:51:26
TAMI Industries of France is a leader in filtration technology and a specialist in advanced ceramic membranes used across a wide range of industries: the company is looking for partners in the UK, where it wants to develop its business. TAMI Industries already has subsidiaries in Germany, North America, China and Mexico, with 90% of its sales coming from exports.   The ceramic membranes developed by TAMI Industries are a high-performance product with elevated permeability, wide-range selectivity, superior mechanical resistance, and high chemical/thermal stability. TAMI Industries is currently seeking partners in the UK for the promotion and the technical support of its range of products and technologies.   TAMI Industries’ R&D department is constantly working on the development of new inorganic membranes: this sustained investment in research and development on the part of TAMI Industries has resulted in the design and development of patented high-tech tubular ceramic membranes that have truly unique characteristics.   The advantage of the non-circular filtering channels adopted by TAMI Industries — channels that are geometrically shaped like petals — is that they allow for the optimization of the filtration performance. While maintaining a standard outside diameter of the membrane, the filtration surface area is thus made larger. Additionally, TAMI industries has upgraded to titanium dioxide in the fabrication of its membranes — a material that is bio-compatible, with the added benefit that it is highly resistant to a wide range of chemical agents. At present, TAMI Industries is the only manufacturer capable of producing this type of high-performance ceramic membrane on an industrial scale.   Thanks to such technological advances, it is possible to cut energy costs while reducing exploitation and maintenance costs too. In addition, the dimensions of the membranes developed by TAMI Industries are compatible with all existing installations equipped with ceramic membranes, which allows for the easy upgrading of existing industrial plants: this can be done through the replacement of the existing membranes, or thanks to a retrofitting process.   Among the industrial processes of separation, the use of ceramic membranes has become more and more common in recent years. In spite of accounting for only 10% of the crossflow filtration market worldwide, ceramic membranes are often in competition with organic membranes. However, ceramic membranes have the advantage that they ensure improved performance and durability. It should also be stressed that ceramic membranes have a high resistance to many corrosive chemical solutions and superior tolerance to an array of temperatures and pH values, while providing excellent mechanical resistance to pressure.   Key applications for TAMI Industries’ ceramic membranes can be found across a diverse range of sectors. In the food-and-drink industry, ceramic membranes can be used in the cold debacterialization of milk as well as the fractionation, standardization and concentration of milk proteins and lactoserum (WPI/ WPC). Such membranes are also used in the clarification of juices (made out of fruit or vegetables), wine, cider and sweet juices.   In the pharmaceuticals and bio-industrial sectors, ceramic membranes are essential in the clarification of fermentation broths — for the production of organic acids, antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, etc. — and in the production of natural extracts from plants, including seaweed.   Finally, in the environmental sector, ceramic membranes are key in the treatment of industrial effluents and, also, in the separation of oily water emulsions. Other applications include the treatment of laundry wastewater and the processing of effluents generated by paper mills, ink-printing processes and the textile industry, among others.   About TAMI Industries   TAMI Industries designs, develops and manufactures industrial inorganic filters (known as membranes) for the separation of molecules contained within liquids by way of fine ultra-filtration, ultra-filtration, and microfiltration. TAMI Industries controls the whole of the filters’ production process, from membrane design to the manufacturing of supports and the application of active filtration layers.   TAMI Industries, which is headquartered in Nyons (South-Eastern France), is a global player in the field of filtration, with 90% of the company’s turnover coming from export markets. TAMI Industries currently has four subsidiaries outside France: in Canada, China, Germany and Mexico. The company is keen to develop its activities in the United Kingdom.   For further information, please go to:       For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3891 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

Barrisol® inspires with innovative Artolis® range

Joanna Routaboul - 26-nov.-2013 17:11:58
Barrisol Normalu SAS of France is the world leader in innovative stretched fabrics for walls and ceilings: the company’s new Artolis® concept features printable fabrics, using the latest digital-printing techniques. Artolis® offers seamless technical and aesthetic solutions for interior walls and ceilings. Artolis® can also incorporate acoustic solutions and lighting systems to provide a superior interior finish.   Using high-definition digital printing (1,200 dpi) over a large surface area, the Artolis® range of fabrics can be colourful and vibrant, allowing interior spaces to be transformed.   Clients are able to define the printed images from their personal collection. Barrisol® also offers an extensive range of designs from its own collection, as well as a selection from exclusive partnerships with the Museum of Printed Textiles in Mulhouse (France) and the Réunion des Musées Nationaux (France’s organisation for national museums). Available in five-metre widths free from any seams, Artolis® is easily adaptable for use in any interior space. Available in lengths of up to 50 metres in one continuous piece, Artolis® offers an innovative decorating solution for a variety of environments including residential properties, cinemas, theatres, hotels, retail spaces and exhibition premises.   The quick installation process achieves a clean and flawless finish with minimal installation and environmental impact. All Artolis® materials are 100% recyclable and installations can be easily updated to cater for changing designs and fashion trends.   Barrisol® recognises the importance of acoustics and ambient lighting when designing interior spaces and has applied its Acoustic® and Lumière® concepts to the Artolis® range in order to create two additional versions of the product.   Artolis Acoustic® is a range composed of materials which provide excellent acoustic properties. The acoustic system is available in depths from just 10mm to 40mm, allowing for a sleek finish. Artolis Lumière® uses backlighting, which creates a perfectly balanced lighting effect to enhance the printed surface and interior spaces.   About Barrisol Normalu SAS   Founded in 1967, Barrisol Normalu SAS is based in Kembs, in Alsace (France).   The company holds 80 patents across its wide product range (the first one was filed in 1975). Established in over 150 countries through a 1,200-strong distributor network, Barrisol Normalu SAS is the world’s Number One in stretched materials and framing systems.   The company belongs to the World Export Leaders Club. Acknowledged worldwide, Barrisol Normalu SAS has received more than 30 awards since it was founded, including the Innovation Trophy, a special mention by the Batimat Jury, and the INPI Trophy.   Many designers, such as Ross Lovegrove, as well as world-renowned architects such as Zaha Hadid and the Manuelle Gautrand architectural consultancy, have chosen Barrisol® products in their outstanding projects.   Barrisol Normalu SAS has been involved in the following projects, among many others: the Enzo Ferrari Museum, the London Aquatic Centre, Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport, the Bugatti showrooms, and Citroën Champs-Elysées.   For further information, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3890 Ms Kate RILEY - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640 View other press releases at :  

French savoir faire in furnishings to shine at Proposte 2013

Danie WONG CHON HON - 15-avr.-2013 11:52:33
Thanks to organisers Espace Textile, 10 family-run, high-end textile companies will exhibit at Proposte, showcasing the best of France’s savoir faire in the furnishings-textiles industry. Exhibitors at the trade fair are French-based companies that specialise in fabric for furniture and interior decoration. Proposte, the international trade show dedicated to the sector, will take place from 7 to 9 May 2013 near Como (Northern Italy).   French savoir faire will be in the spotlight at international trade fair Proposte, in Northern Italy, in early May of this year, thanks to trade association Espace Textile: the best of the sector, in France, will be on display at the trade show.   For the second consecutive year, Espace Textile, the organisation which assists French-based textile manufacturers, will host a pavilion at Proposte. The trade show — the 21st trade fair of its kind — is due to take place in Cernobbio, near Como (Northern Italy).   The B2B event only showcases European companies making high-end and luxury textiles that are subsequently used in the manufacturing of furnishing fabrics, curtains and trimmings. The French exhibitors on the pavilion are known to fulfil the highest requirements of interior designers and luxury brands from all over the world, whether long-term contracts or one-off projects.   Espace Textile is organising the pavilion in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of Northern France, with the support of France’s Ministry for Foreign Trade and the Rhône-Alpes region of South-Eastern France.   The textiles on display have been inspired by various French styles including the age-old jacquard techniques that were invented in Lyons (South-Eastern France) at the beginning of the 19th century. The materials reflect current manufacturing techniques as well as technological innovation, i.e. the successful combination of tradition and modernity that characterizes the sector.   The 10 well-known textile manufacturers that have a strong international presence are listed below; further details are available on request.   ALBERT GUEGAIN & FILS   ALBERT GUEGAIN & FILS manufactures embroidered fabrics, offering both ready-made and bespoke patterns, with archives that date back to 1904. The company will present its creations in tulle, silk, cotton and linen. ALBERT GUEGAIN uses various techniques, such as plaiting, laser cutting, appliqué work and broderie anglaise, among others.   ▪Stand 49, Ala Cernobbio   BAYART-VANOUTRYVE   BAYART-VANOUTRYVE was formed in March 2013 from the takeover of the Franco-Belgian weaver Vanoutryve by the French furniture-fabric specialist Bayart Textile. The company designs, manufactures and distributes a range of high-quality textiles for furniture through an international network. Vanoutryve, a family-run SME founded in 1860, specialises in quality velvet and jacquard for furniture items.   ▪Stand 92, Pad Centrale –     BERGEROT   Founded in 1854, Bergerot is a family-owned business that designs and produces medium-range to high-end plain fabrics, tapestries and jacquards for curtains and seating. Bergerot’s textiles are mainly made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen and wool, but artificial materials, including Kevlar®, acrylic or flame-retardant Trevira CS, can be used upon demand. The company exports 50% of its production to Europe and the USA.   ▪Stand 90, Pad Centrale –   BUCOL HTH   In 2000, BUCOL, which has developed quality fabrics for high-fashion brands since 1924, took over Holding Textile Hermes (HTH). Today, BUCOL HTH also produces furniture materials for international designers and often collaborates with clients on bespoke projects. BUCOL HTH pays particular attention to the choice of yarns —whether natural (such as silk) or synthetic (such as Trevira CS) — as well as the design, the colour selection and the finish of the fabric.   ▪Stand 86, Pad Centrale –   MATISSE   Established in 1999, MATISSE designs and develops new fibres and fabrics from high-quality materials, including thick, light or iridescent linen, polyester twills, intermingled yarn, jacquard, and dévoré fabrics. The company also embosses materials, as well as incorporating embroidery and appliqués into fabrics. MATISSE’s expertise in weaving underpins the development of elaborate own-brand creations. MATISSE has a showroom in Paris (France), as well as its own design studio.   ▪Stand 91, Pad Centrale –   MUGUET   MUGUET, which was set up in 1906, is a jacquard weaver that produces high-range material for furniture. The company has a range of fabrics for seating and curtains in natural silk, viscose linen, and acrylic treated for the outdoors, as well as flame-retardant polyester for the luxury hotel market. MUGUET’s export business accounts for 75% of the company’s sales of fabrics in furniture textiles: the company has clients in Europe, Asia and the USA.   ▪Stand 87, Pad Centrale –   TASSINARI & CHATEL   TASSINARI & CHATEL is the longest standing manufacturer of Lyons silk and has supplied the royal courts of Europe since the 17th century. The company is also regularly chosen to provide decorative fabrics (made from Trevira CS or non-inflammable polyester) for prestigious hotels, such as The Ritz-Carlton in Dubai (UAE). TASSINARI & CHATEL has developed new designs under the QUENIN brand, especially for the Proposte trade fair.   ▪Stand 96, Pad Centrale –   TADL   Founded in 1929, TADL creates fabrics destined for high-end furniture and is led by Jean-Michel Clairet, the grandson of TADL’s founder. The company works with some of the most prestigious international designers and specialises in narrow or wide silks, jacquards and plain fabrics. Fabric can be provided in both natural and artificial materials. TADL combines traditional techniques with cutting-edge manufacturing technology: its weaving mill is equipped with high-performance machinery.   ▪Stand 97, Pad Centrale –   TISSUS D’AVESNIERES   TISSUS D’AVESNIERES was set up in 1881 and designs, prints and finishes furniture fabric, linen and textiles for leather goods. The company accompanies both designers and manufacturers of furniture fabrics (such as Brunschwig & Fils) at all the stages of production. A family-run business with a unique savoir-faire, TISSUS D’AVESNIERES was labelled Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (or Living Heritage Company) by the French Ministry of the Economy and Industry in 2009.     ▪Stand 88, Pad Centrale –   VELOURS BLAFO   Created in 1905, VELOURS BLAFO is France’s leader in decorative fabrics made from velvet. The company produces other decorative fabrics including silk and mohair, often providing Trevira CS textiles for public places. Focusing on quality control, the company has a strong standing with its international clientele of interior-design architects, decorators and furniture manufacturers. VELOURS BLAFO has previously worked with the Shanghai Opera House (China) and the Bolshoi Theatre (Russia), among others.   ▪Stand 43, Ala Cernobbio –     About Espace Textile   Espace Textile offers a range of services to assist French-based textile manufacturers internationally, from the creation to the marketing of their products and services in the clothing, furniture and technical-textiles industries.   The Proposte trade show, devoted to textiles for interior design and decoration, will take place in Cernobbio, near Como (Northern Italy), from 7 to 9 May 2013. All the companies listed in this press release will be exhibiting at the trade fair, under the Espace Textile banner.   For further information about Proposte, please go to:   For further information about Espace Textile, please go to:       Ms Katherine WOODS - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP - UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640   View other press releases at :  
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