FDI flexes Olympic access-control muscle at IFSEC 2012

Pierre Mancini - 27-avr.-2012 15:37:51
FDI of France, a leader in the access-control market, has created a new generation of access-control systems. It is an access-control system supplied by FDI that has been installed in the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Athletes’ Village. The company will showcase its innovations in access control at IFSEC, due to take place in Birmingham (UK) between 14 and 17 May 2012.   FDI is a subsidiary of URMET Group, whose stand the company will be on at IFSEC, the commercial- and government-security trade show, in the middle of May of this year. The trade fair will take place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham (England), giving FDI (Stand C70, Hall 4) the opportunity to present its access-control solutions, which are adapted to clients’ needs, as well as more secure and simpler to use than competitor systems currently on the market.   Through a strong collaboration with the various players in the sector, FDI has succeeded in developing new systems that respond to the technological challenges of our time. The company’s success is highlighted by the fact that its access-control system has been installed, in conjunction with an URMET Ipervoice door-entry system, at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Athletes’ Village.   Focusing on efficiency, FDI has developed a range of products based on the principle of reading and writing. Thanks to this technology, it is no longer necessary to connect the controllers physically in order to manage access controls centrally.   With the help of the easydoorcontroller web software, developed by FDI, the user programmes his (or her) access keys directly via the internet, with an encoder connected to one of his (or her) computers. It is the keys themselves that will transmit information about access profiles and the programming of doors to the controllers. Therefore, there is no need for the installer to go on site in order to manage the proximity keys.   Today’s (and tomorrow’s) Internet Protocol (IP) is at the heart of FDI’s technology. The use of an IP network to manage lighting, heating, air conditioning, alarms, or surveillance cameras has been strongly expanded in recent years. Convinced of the future of this technology, FDI has developed this ‘full IP’ solution.   The IP Transit is a new generation of access systems integrating the most modern Technology Community Platforms (TCP) and IP technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (POE) or Wifi. This, in turn, saves time at the installation stage.   An integrated web server, based on a Linux kernel, authorises multi-user management while not requiring installation on the client’s computer. The system needs only a web browser to operate. Additionally, the large range of readers, — including readers with integrated keyboards, vocal messages, LEDs and buzzers — makes it possible to respond to each client’s specific needs.   FDI is a French-based company which has more than 20 years’ experience in the development and production of residential and industrial access-control systems. The company is ISO9001-certified and tests its products at each stage of the manufacturing process, focusing on quality throughout. FDI has become an influencing player in the sector, and now produces more than one million keys per year, controlling each project from R&D to the production stage. The R&D department employs 16 engineers.   About FDI   FDI has been a designer and manufacturer of access-control systems since 1989. Thanks to its technical capacities and to the expertise of its personnel, FDI is, today, a major player in the market for residential-, public- and tertiary-access control. Thanks to its range of products, FDI offers solutions adapted to each project: from single-site systems to integrated multi-site systems.   In 2000, FDI became a subsidiary of URMET Domus Group (part of URMET Group), and the company is now based in Vendée (Western France). Supported by URMET Group’s international network, FDI is constantly developing internationally. Between 2006 and 2011, the company’s turnover increased by over 70%, from €7.4 million to €12.8million.   Each year, FDI produces one million token or proximity keys, 70,000 remote controls and 20,000 access controllers. In order to sustain this development, notably in the UK, the company recently appointed a new commercial representative for the North of Europe.   In 2010, FDI acquired a majority stake in Castel, which manufactures intercom systems and access-control solutions for industrial and service-industry buildings. In 2011, FDI was awarded the ISO9001 certification for quality.   FDI will welcome visitors to its stand (Stand C70, Hall 4) at the IFSEC trade show from 14 to 17 May 2012, at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham (UK).   For further information about IFSEC, please go to:   For further information about URMET Group, please go to:   For further information about FDI MATELEC, please go to:   For further information, please contact :   Quote ref. : FTPB3734 Ms Katherine WOODS - Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640   View other press releases at :

Overkiz runs your appliances remotely and efficiently with kiz box

Pauline Bogacz - 15-juin-2011 16:39:08
Overkiz of France has developed a multi-protocol software and hardware platform making possible the remote running and diagnostics of domestic equipment and appliances. The package offered by Overkiz consists of a secure plug & play gateway installed on the end-user’s premises – the kiz box – and various means of access to the platform.     The technology developed by Overkiz, already operational in the fields of access controls, lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning), is offered in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) mode to industrialists. Overkiz’s technology offers a range of benefits to all market participants (from manufacturers to end-users), including the smoother running of appliances as well as cost gains, notably regarding maintenance and operational costs.   As a proven provider of technological solutions, Overkiz adapts the package it offers to clients in line with their specific needs, ensuring that there is a perfect match between the solutions that are delivered and the client systems that are already in place.   The integrated solution developed and marketed by Overkiz features a secure plug & play gateway that is installed on the end-user’s premises and is known as the kiz box. The unit ensures that the appliances being run are able to communicate their running data and receive setting instructions, which is usually done through high-frequency (HF) communication – Power Line Communication or plug-in being also possible.  Through the use of the local internet connection, the kiz box enables the secure transfer (by https internet protocol) of the data after its encryption and, more particularly, all the device’s operational data, which can be transmitted to (and from) the server.   The manufacturer of the device, the installer (who is responsible for the maintenance of the system) and the end-user all benefit from secure access to this data by means of dedicated web interfaces.  Therefore, at all times, it is possible to consult and modify the state of operations across these interfaces, which are available through all devices that come with web access – be they computers, smartphones, tablet PCs, and so on – and for which Overkiz provides applications.   Additionally, an SMS or email alert system allows, at the set-up stage, for the configuration of alerts concerning the critical parameters of the device.   The uses of the Overkiz platform are manifold, with a wide range of critical applications. Overkiz can be deployed across all household appliances and, in fact, equip an entire building; the technology makes it possible to develop remote diagnostic and maintenance services with ease.    In order to do this, the manufacturers make use of web applications a llowing for the remote management of systems from their stock of installed equipment. Overkiz also facilitates the statistical exploitation of data and makes it possible to put in place an array of diagnostics and maintenance services for the client’s network of installers.  As a result, each installer is in a position to offer the service as well as optimize operational costs, while his (or her) responsiveness, in terms of the service offered to clients, is enhanced.   For their part, the end-users have, at their disposal, a simple and user-friendly way of running and supervising their installations remotely. The areas covered include heating, lighting, automatic access controls, alarm systems, etc.   The kiz box plays the role of a central gateway clearing the different communication protocols that it takes on board. Therefore, through a unique architecture, it can run the domestic devices of a large client entity: Overkiz’s technology works with all leading European brands of appliances.   Once the adaptation of the OEM platform to the client’s needs has been achieved – with the embedding of the required communication protocols, the  integration of the drivers and the implementation of the required product profiles – Overkiz offers two types of access: in SaaS mode, or on the basis of a duplication of the Overkiz platform.   In SaaS mode, Overkiz makes its IT infrastructure available, which comprises, notably, a server on which the Exploitation System known as EPOS (Extended Protocol Operating System) and the web applications sit.  The system data of the devices which are to be run are held on the Overkiz server and the data can be consulted at all times via secure web access through cloud computing.   With the duplication-of-the-architecture option, the client accesses the Operating System and the web applications via a user licence, which enables him (or her) to install them on the client entity’s own server.  Thus, the client’s remote operation-and-diagnostic services are deployed through cloud computing within the client entity’s own IT infrastructure.   In these two access modes, the client puts back in a complete set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as a Software Development Kit (SDK), which enable the customization of the applications, the development of new ones, or the creation of a link with existing applications.   About Overkiz   Overkiz is headquartered in Archamps, in the département of Haute-Savoie, in south-eastern France.    Overkiz is a specialist in home-automation services and technologies. The company’s stated ambition is, “To supply our partners with customized digital, electronic means to integrate the remote access and control of their appliances.”    Overkiz is a member of various protocols associations, such as io homecontrol ®, OpenTherm, EnOcean and Z-Wave.    Overkiz’s core business is the provision of turnkey solutions in home-and-building control. Overkiz positions itself as an OEM partner for manufacturers of equipment intended for residential homes and other buildings in areas such as HVAC, lighting, and controls, among others.   For further information, please go to:
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