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France is Developinig its MOOCS

PRESS - 17-oct.-2014 21:45:43

Last January, the French Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research launched the France université numérique (FUN) (France Digital University) platform to group together and structure the various initiatives which have already been put in place and to allow French MOOCs to be accessed more easily and efficiently. They are known as ’Massive’ because they can accommodate an unlimited number of participants. They are open to anyone with an Internet connection, regardless of age, nationality, or level of education. All classes, homework, documents and tests are available online. Finally, it is not just a catalogue of information, but properly structured courses with an educational progression developed and supervised by lecturers. From the start of this initiative, one thing has been clear: new technologies have made a huge impact on social behaviours and learning methods. For members of the famous "Generation Y", born after the digital revolution, the network is more than a working tool - it is a way of life and thus naturally a channel for intellectual development. Exchanging opinions across borders and comparing points of view is no longer a dream but a daily occurrence which is just a few clicks away. Despite their illustrious history (debates were already taking place in the Sorbonne back when Christopher Columbus discovered America), French higher education institutions were quick to realize the importance of this new arena for knowledge sharing. FUN, the French network MOOCs, which were launched in 2011, include videos, texts, online interaction with lecturers, tutoring, and exchanges with other students via discussion forums, self-assessments and certifications. Some have up to 160,000 students from around the world, who otherwise could in no way have had access to French higher education. The FUN platform now groups together major domains such as a virtual university with several departments: environment, management, digital and technology, legal, international relations, health, science, human and social sciences. There are currently over 30 different MOOCs available on the French platform. Social networks are also channels for education via Twitter and Facebook. Relations and exchanges thus take place equally via the class platform and social networks. On the front line of MOOCs revolution – Vodeclic Vodeclic is a Cloud-based training company for desktop software, web apps, and Cloud services. They provide an online training solution designed to help users enhance their digital, internet, and collaborative skills. The solution features exclusive courses and learning tools for all users, as well as business analytics and APIs for enterprise customers. With over 1.1 million users worldwide, this innovative French company offers theirs courses in six languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. The versatility of the courses and languages offered by Vodeclic has allowed to them to have a global success and has enjoyed a 16000% revenue growth in the last five years. Vodeclic was recently in Chicago for the Online Learning Conference last month where President and CEO Xavier Sillon shared his insights and know-how as a key-note speaker during the event. Vodeclic will once again return state side for Elliott Masies’s Learning Conference that will take place in Orlando on October 26-29. They will appear on session 665: Closing the Digital Skills Gap: Updating Your Employees’Skills in the Fast-Changing World.  

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PRESS RELEASE: French and American Experts Explore Digital Learning in 21st Century Universities

PRESS RELEASE - 15-oct.-2014 23:46:06

  Atlanta, October 9, 2014 – Specialists from private companies, universities, and government entities from France and the U.S. will discuss international implications of higher education in the digital age during a two-day conference on “Digital Learning in 21 st Century Universities” on October 20-21, 2014 at Georgia Tech’s Global Learning Center (Technology Square, 84 5th St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308). Online courses like massive open online courses (MOOCs) introduce challenging new paradigms regarding classical pedagogy on a global scale. This worldwide collaborative learning experience has not only built new international relationships, but it has also led to the emergence of endless questions about the precise fate of the digital revolution for higher education. “Digital Learning in 21-st Century Universities,” features a two-day workshop and conference that will bring together American and French professionals who will exchange perspectives on MOOCs and other modes of digitized learning. Geared toward students, academics, professionals, and the general public, this academic workshop will address four main issues regarding digital learning and its global impact: the changing nature of learning for students and instructors, the use of technology as a pedagogical tool, interactions among STEM and humanities disciplines, and question of certification for these new kinds of courses. Participating organizations and institutions include Georgia Tech Atlanta, Georgia Tech, Lorraine (France), Embassy of France in Washington, French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, University Pierre and Marie Curie, University of Lille, CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, Ecole Polytechnique, Open Classrooms, and Orange Labs. In partnership with UbiFrance, a delegation of French companies involved in digital learning will also attend the symposium and meet with US counterparts as part of a trade mission to the Southeast. For more information, visit: .   *** “Digital Learning in 21 st Century Universities” is presented within the framework of France-Atlanta 2014, a series of events centered on innovation and designed to foster cooperation between France and the United States. From October 16-30, 2014, France-Atlanta will offer more than 20 events in the scientific, business, cultural and humanitarian domains. Co-presented by the Consulate General of France in Atlanta and the Georgia Institute of Technology, France-Atlanta 2014 is presented under the high auspices of the Ambassador of France to the United States, the Governor of Georgia and the Mayor of Atlanta with the generous support of its sponsors: The Honorable Anne Cox Chambers, Delta-KLM-Air France, Banta Immigration Law, Ltd., Besharat Gallery, Arkadin Collaboration Services, Nissan, and MailChimp.   Media passes and interviews available upon request.     ### Contact: Heather Kircher Clavé Press Attaché 404-495-1682 (office)  

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PRESS RELEASE - Pellec Optimum : a New Vision of Viticulture!

Geoffroy Thaumin - 14-oct.-2014 19:36:09

Pellenc Group proudly presents Optimum, a new generation of multifunction tractors and harvesters. Celebrating its 40th year of business, Pellenc Group is a world leading manufacturer of machinery, equipment, and portable electronic tools for the viticulture industry. The new product range incorporates Pellenc’s proprietary innovative technology, namely the second generation On Board Sorting SELECTIVE Process 2. This technology offers optimal performance - combining unrivalled harvest quality, while being both user and environmentally friendly.  Multifunctionality to enhance profitability True to its concept of "multifunctionality", the PELLENC Group has developed the OPTIMUM range to carry out all vineyard maintenance and harvest work, whilst meeting the highest standards of quality and cost effectiveness. All PELLENC tools (prepruner, precision pruner, leaf remover,wire lifter, etc.) can be adapted to the OPTIMUM tractor by using a multifunctional arm as well as both the harvester head and the 2nd generation On Board Sorting System, SELECTIV’ Process 2. Jacques Servoles, Department Director, points out, "Performance is also linked to the extreme simplicity and speed of coupling and uncoupling. This is done within 3 minutes, thanks to the EASYCONNECT hydraulic mono-coupler, which automatically reallocates the functions on the multifunction joystick and the EASYTOUCH touch console at each tool change." Unrivalled productivity and harvest quality The ACTIV harvesting head equipped with the EASYSMART shaking system and its automatic row monitoring allows for gentle and efficient harvesting, whilst preserving the vines. The revolutionary flexible conveyor-sorter eliminates the risk of juice loss by keeping the berries whole. The integrated 2nd generation On Board Sorting System, SELECTIV’ PROCESS 2, makes it possible to achieve a 99.8%1 level of cleanliness, which remains the industry benchmark: "Sorting and harvesting begin in the conveyor, which makes it possible to work faster while maintaining unmatched quality in the bins!" confirms Patrick Expert of Domaine de LATRAOU. Ergonomics, Comfort and Safety PELLENC has also paid particular attention to user safety and working conditions. "Once again, our capacity for innovation has allowed us to excel," said Christophe Derot, Project Manager. In fact, all controls are easily within reach in the spacious cabin , offering an exceptional field of vision from the pneumatic anti-vibration seat with presence detection. For example, setting the harvesting head is done quickly and easily from the cabin using the EASYSMART system. "The intuitive EASYTOUCH touchscreen console, combined with all the driver assistance systems—reassignment of commands, cameras, controls, acreage counter, etc.—allows you to control all PELLENC tools, hour after hour, with ease and without fatigue," explains Jacques Servoles. An easy to handle carrier that is ecologically sound and cost effective PELLENC has also set the performance bar very high: The OPTIMUM carrier is the most compact and lightest on the market. With a steering angle of 95°, it offers exceptional and unprecedented maneuverability, allowing it to pass from one row to another. Christophe Derot says that the engine has benefited from the latest innovations: "our Perkins engine meets Interim Tier IV environmental standards and has intelligent electronic management." He further explains that, "Thanks to the load sensing technology, it continuously adapts the flow of the hydraulic circuit to provide the power needed at any given time, and the EASYCRUISE engine management system also regulates the feed rate depending on the configuration of the vines." This combined management ensures optimal performance at all times, reducing fuel consumption by more than 40% and increasing productivity by 25%. PELLENC has also worked on reducing time and maintenance costs through excellent tool accessibility, lubrication points, and the ease and speed of cleaning. Jacques Servoles concludes, "The new PELLENC Optimum is a concentration of technological innovations, combining performance, quality, and cost effectiveness without compromise. From this point of view, it will bring viticulture into a new era." A Gold Medal for the EASY TURN system Indeed, PELLENC was awarded for the innovativeness of its EASY TURN system. Last month, the company received a golden medal at les Trophées de l’Innovation, a French Innovation award ceremony. Pellenc has revolutionized the maneuverability of harvesters with its Optimum EASY TURN system. By enabling the driver to execute securely sharper turns with reduced maneuvers, the system offers unmatched comfort and safety to its owner, for a better productivity and time management, row after row, turn after turn.   More information  :  

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Take the Corporate Mooc Plunge

Vodeclic | FeFAUR - 07-oct.-2014 19:10:47

Vodeclic is similar to a corporate MOOC, or even an xMOOC, where learners can develop their desktop computer skills little by little, through a structured approach, and resulting in certification. As we alluded to in the foreword, this similarity was, to a large extent, the impetus for drafting this White Paper. This "all-in-one" (content and services) online platform, specializing in desktop computer skills e-learning 2.0, is used by 1.1 million individuals and employees (not too far off from Coursera and Udacity) who learn computer software in one of the 6 different languages offered by Vodeclic. Massive? Certainly. In sync with the almost universal use of office tools and the Internet. And that’s not all: one billion users will change their desktop environment within the next 3 to 5 years, and half of them will need training. Their catalog is also massive: 18,000 how-to-videos, each lasting only a few minutes, developed in HTML5 so that they can be played on any device on the market, mobile or otherwise, and demonstrating how to use the features of the largest selection of software and internet tools. The videos, which are valuable on two levels – self-learning and performance support – easily adapt to the learner’s environment, mobile or otherwise, by virtue of their "responsive design". Another MOOC trend is this credo: the "real customer" is the user. Their satisfaction is what matters, as it determines not only the training manager’s level of satisfaction, but also that of the company, who wants to reduce the direct or indirect costs of its employees’ lack of computer skills – a cost that grows as versions change, which are increasingly more frequent since online office tools are now collaborative (Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps): it’s obviously the Cloud way or the highway! Yes, Vodeclic is 100% online. But it’s also an open platform, which means that the pricing is such that companies don’t have to think about who they should enroll: the solution is readily available to all employees! This is a radical departure from many traditional off-the-shelf e-learning vendors who restrict access to their course catalog, leaving it up to the company to decide who should and shouldn’t be given training. True, the universal need for computer skills simplifies matters. Vodeclic is furthermore patterned after an MOOC in the way they emphasize not only the assessment of computer skills at the most granular level, but also their certification, which is consistent with the most commonly used standards (ICDL, TOSA and MOS). Another useful feature is the ability to analyze the most relevant answer, among the multiple ways of achieving the same result, by identifying internal experts who could be helpful. The platform will soon offer the ability to earn badges to further enhance users’ profiles. The social function playing a broader role is one differentiator Vodeclic brings to the table: taking a cue, for example, from MOOCs and social networks, the platform allows users to customize their profiles and upload their pictures, and lets instructors "push" e-learning tutorials (each with their own URL) out to learners. IT help desks can even use this feature to quickly respond to users’ questions. And soon, Vodeclic tutorials will be available to share on social networks. Particular attention is paid to how learners interact with each other on the platform. It is the basis for ongoing improvements (Agile) to achieve the web industry’s Holy Grail: a rewarding user experience (UX). For example, a user’s search activities returning zero results are used to add new keywords to the thesaurus, or notes taken by users in the system are used to improve searches in the Vodeclic module database.      

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Highlights: French Pavilion at NYNOW

Geoffroy Thaumin - 06-oct.-2014 17:34:20

Were you at NYNOW in August? Did you miss the French Pavilion? Well, we decided to bring the Pavilion to you this year. Here is a selection of the French companies that were exhibiting during the show. Click on any image to discover the company and see their products. Any question ? Their contact is at the end of each video. And we will gladly answer any request about them. For more information about our events or French design companies, please follow us on Facebook or twitter and check out our Pinterest account!  

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France’s silver economy strikes gold

PRESS - 30-sept.-2014 17:59:54

By Alison Hird The "silver economy" – services and products aimed at seniors and their families – is one of the few sectors that’s growing in France, about four per cent a year, according to the finance ministry. The French government hopes it will create some 300,000 jobs by 2020. But for the sector to really take off, France has to export its technologies and know-how abroad, exploiting huge markets such as the US and Japan. Ubifrance , a state-funded business developer, is helping small French companies make that leap. For complete coverage, please click on the link below:

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Delegation Spotlight: Enaco

Sandrine SAUVAGE-MACK - 25-sept.-2014 22:49:37

Delegation Spotlight: Enaco   UBIFRANCE is organizing Digital Learning event in October where eight innovative French companies in the digital education technologies sector is set to arrive in Atlanta, GA and Montréal, Canada to meet key players in the North American region. Today’s delegation spotlight is Enaco Being able to study is not always easy for everyone. Nowadays, we need to be trained all along our professional life. However, it’s not always easy to do so. It’s usually difficult for workers to balance studies and work. But not only professionals are concerned. Youth who dropped out of schools and who want to study again, people with disabilities, high level athletes face the same problem : for several reasons (no time, incapacity to move), they are not able to follow a precise schedule, and go to school from Monday to Friday. All these people can’t find themselves into the classic and old fashioned educational system. The solution : ENACO gives anyone a unique opportunity: being able to study everywhere, at any point in time. ENACO provides the quality of prestigious business schools at an affordable price, with a high degree of flexibility. Anyone can register at any time during the year. Basically, with ENACO, you can access your campus whenever you want. All you need is an Internet connection. Every class is available on line 24/7, on many devices: computers, mobiles and tablets. 26 training courses are available, from Bachelor to Master Degree, in 5 different areas : Sales / Marketing-Communication / Real Estate / Management / HR. The school is certified as ISO 9001, and is approved by the European Federation of Schools. ENACO is also the exclusive provider of Stanford Center for Professional Development management courses in French-speaking countries. Technology: eTrotter, an innovative e-learning platform ENACO is one of the few European schools that have developed their own e-learning platform, called eTrotter. The school has the whole e-learning workflow under control, from the designing of the courses   to their delivery. Created in 2011, eTrotter is the first e-learning platform to integrate Google Apps, including Hangout which allows video discussions with up to 15 people (these apps were integrated by working with Google partners).  Moreover, eTrotter allows you to track your students‘ progress through detailed statistics that comply with the main standards (SCORM...): average spent time, results, progress, number of accesses... For more information about Enaco, please visit their website or send us an email !  

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