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Get Ready for this Year’s French Pavilion on Vision Expo East!

Ana-Maria Schell - 16-déc.-2014 23:03:09

UBIFRANCE is pleased to organize the second International Vision Expo East French Pavilion in New York, in partnership with Lunettes de France, a national umbrella of eyewear trade associations from Paris, Oyonnax and Jura. The event will take place March 20th to 22nd, 2015 at Vision Expo East. The French Pavilion will showcase 17 of the finest French eyewear designers, presenting both contemporary and timeless silhouettes, colors and textures to offer a fresh take on the latest eyewear trends, designs and collections – just in time for spring . We are pleased to welcome this year 6 additional new brands: CREATIONS PONCET, FIDELA LES FILS DAIME LAMY, GLANCE O LENS, IHUMAN/CODE ADN, SEAPORT and YVES COGAN. CREATIONS PONCET  - Located in the heart of the Jura Creations Poncet has been manufacturing for over 30 years eyewear in cellulose acetate. The company is know well known  worldwide for professionals in the optical industry. FIDELA LES FILS DAIME LAMY  - Founded in 1820 by Jean-Baptiste Lamy, the company FIDELA proudly claims its attachment to Morez, capital of eyewear in Jura, France. The company focuses on the light and aesthetics of its eyewear and has attracted customers worldwide. GLANCE OF LENS - In  2003 Lionel Sandrenan decides to start his glasses creative business Glance of Lens in Nantes. Its slogan, "Life is made of candy." The orientation of the brand is definitely original and eyeglasses for men and women, are rather eccentric. They will suit those who wish to show their difference, up and reveal their personality. DZMITRY SAMAL  - A contemporary designer, based in Paris, with a broad international experience as a designer and a passion for fashion. He chose to work with French manufacturers who have the know-how to meet my technical expectations and understand his creations, each prototype requiring weeks of adjustments to achieve excellence. His glasses are 100% handmade in France. HISTOIRE DE VOIR - Created more than 10 years ago by Stephane Sarnin, the brand offers a unique collection using genuine leather. Proving that calfskin was a light, comfortable material that could be used in all colors and be adapted in endless associations, original and creative. All lines are made in France by craftsmen in limited series. IHUMAN/CODE ADN  - Founded in 2013 by Philip Dine and Dominique Alba, the company DNA Code is based in the Jura. Its creative innovation values rely on advanced technology and is 100% French. DNA code is given a clear mission: to offer products that match the needs of consumers and enable opticians to stand up to their professionalism. LOOK VISION  - Located near Paris, Look Vision is a one of the leading companies in France in the optical industry. A team of 5 designers is always looking for new concepts, trends and styles. Look Vision truly represents the French know-how. Look vision exports its frames through a network of more than 50 distributors worldwide. They are looking for the right partners to develop on the US market. OPAL - Created in 1995, OPAL carries a position of leader by promoting international brands such as Arrow, Hello Kitty, New York Yankees, Tartine et Chocolat, Lulu Castagnette and Titeuf. In January 2014, Opal launched a fashion-forward and creative brand for teenagers and young fashionable adults: "Eleven Paris". Present in more than 75 countries and all five continents, OPAL is known in the entire world as a Creative and Chic Optical Designer that continues to inspire and to set new trends. PARASITE EYEWEAR - Renowned for its double temples frames, Parasite Eyewear offers revolutionary and unique design. Premium underground would define best their positioning in the optical industry. Here is a message we would like to spread to users: "Parasite eyewear is your fashion-statement, this is your secret agent, your double in another dimension, the other”. PIERRE EYEWEAR - "Being a creator today means not being subject to current trends, but rather composing with them, inventing beyond and innovating continuously, with patience and determination." - Pierre His concept of eyewear: Above all, eyewear should be an object of beauty. Above and beyond being a fashion accessory, it can be a work of art. His motto: Harmony of elegance and simplicity. "100% Certified, Made in France". SEAPORT - Since its creation in 1985, the SEAPORT ODLM creates and distributes eyewear collections. The group’s strategy aims at attracting complementary brands, especially from France. Their philosophy is the search for detail, quality and style in each collection. VALROSE - Based in southern France, VALROSE creates accessories to dress-up your glasses, since 1993. The company uses natural materials selected for their quality: 100% wool felt, trimmings, leather and velvet ; for the pendants, the choice is acetate, linen, gemstones, tropical beads or wood. VANESSA & MEHDI - Vanessa & Mehdi is a French brand born from two passionate designers who make their optical creations with passion. Our models and concepts focus on the association of design and comfort. All frames, prescriptions and fittings can be adjusted on the wearer. We patented a mechanism inside temples, which allows to change the inclination of the frame. VUILLET VEGA  - VUILLET VEGA is one of the oldest companies in the optical sector which was founded back in 1843 thanks to Celestin VUILLET.Since then, the company has always been managed in direct line by the VUILLET family. In 1976, Gérard VUILLET took over the presidency of this company now in its fifth generation. His target was always to create exclusive frames, true treasures of imagination easily recognizable by their distinctive style. The philosophy of VUILLET VEGA is to create a perfect product down to thfinest details. Design and technology are the pillars of the company for 170 years now. YVES COGAN  - The brand YVES COGAN was launched in 1994, in the heart of French eyewear heritage. This translates into production of small series, carefully crafted by true eyewear experts. A designer brand, it creates glasses to make a classical statement, for people who want to see and be seen.  An international brand, with a strong DNA, focusing on selective distribution. ZILLI - For the fourth consecutive year ZILLI eyewear is taking part in this year’s World Optical Fair in Paris. The new collection combines luxury with the very latest in technology and creativity. This latest outing introduces the work of some of the finest craftsmen Japanese workshops specializing in titanium and acetates, and French-made lenses, including a worldwide exclusive, platinum lenses.   To learn more about the 2015 International Vision Expo, go to and for additional information please contact Ana-Maria Schell . Follow us on Twitter@UBIfashion and on Pinterest to get the latest news about the event.  

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Silver Lining in French Economy

martine.joly - 27-nov.-2014 10:41:55

Silver Lining in French Economy   France’s Silver Economy is turning into a precious commodity, growing at 4% during the past few years and projected to create 300,000 jobs by 2020. The high value resource behind the silver economy is expected to grow healthily, providing an abundant market for French and foreign business. However, the most shocking element of this market is that it has nothing to do with metals.   Products for consumers over the age of 65 In fact the silver economy is a term that refers to the economy that produces products for consumers over the age of 65, who require services tailored to their specific tastes and needs, from accommodation to health and leisure.   According to demographic projections, 23 million French people or simply one third of the population will be over 65 by 2030 . Many other European and Western countries are experiencing similar developments in their demographics and their retirees are searching for communities across the continents that are very specific. Furthermore, wealthy retirees from Eastern countries are also looking for lifestyles with a certain quality that they may not be able to find so readily back home.   In France : a focus on health and quality of living Amina Sambou, project manager of the Silver Economy at Ubifrance, is confident that France can excel in servicing the domestic and foreign market: “in France, we have a focus on health and quality of living which has already created a market with a strong infrastructure for retirees who are interested in quality of living.” Therefore it is not a surprise that French companies are experiencing interest from consumers in countries like Japan, South Korea, and China who, according to Mrs. Sambou, are “interested in the French way of ageing.”   New French companies are already popping up in anticipation of vast opportunities in the next decade. Silver Valley is the French answer of California’s Silicon Valley, combining technology and location to create a future for the Silver Economy. Less than 10 kilometers from Paris, this collaboration of French businesses will create a nexus for all sides of the market: research facilities for innovation partners, a business park for product and service oriented businesses, and attractive real state for retirees.   The older market segments will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade Demographics, such as longer life expectancy, decrease in birthrate and retirement of the ‘baby boomer’ generation are certainly reasons why the older market segments will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade. However, this is not the only reason why businesses need to stay ahead of the market: seniors in France represent 43% of income, 60% of real estate and 72% of financial investments. Therefore, it’s not just the size of the market but also its focus on high value products, which make it a priority for all business strategists. The French organization in this market is unparalleled.   Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France, with each producing its own nexus similar to that of Silver Valley. Another example is Toulouse’s aptly named campaign “So Toulouse.” The 4 th city in France has been recently made famous for being recession proof – a beacon of private sector growth in France over the last decade. Part of the success of this city and region has been its focus on education and technological innovation. This has translated into smart services for seniors, including smart homes, e-health services, and a hospital solely dedicated to the elderly. Also, the region’s status as the 2 nd most popular agro food region in France does not hurt its already fantastic pitch.   So far it seems that a large part of the French know-how has to do with elements rooted in France itself. However, much of the French advantage is exportable, and French companies have been finding successes in such events as last June’s Silver Economy connection in Atlanta.   Two pilot programs with two large senior living and homecare organizations… Sandrine Sauvage-Mack, Senior Trade Advisor at Ubifrance, recounts how the French multi product and service conglomerate La Valeriane was able to secure two pilot programs with two large senior living and homecare organizations: “After a great first impression with Leading Age, the American Federation for the ageing populations, they were certain to add more pilots and clinical trials with American universities and research centers.” Ubifrance, the French agency for export promotion with 80 offices over seas , will continue promote French companies at events dedicated to the French Silver Economy abroad and at home.   Clic here for more information about French companies   Or contact The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in your country.

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Meet the French Delegation at RSNA 2014

Shara DJENDI - 24-nov.-2014 20:02:22

With less than a week away from the RSNA annual meeting, the four French companies that are part of our delegation this year are gearing up to exhibit among 55,00 attendees among 140 countries across the globe in McCormick Place in Chicago. The French delegation will represent France with their cutting edge technologies in the radiology industry. Read more about their technologies below and how these companies can impact the radiology and medical industry. Don’t forget to stop by their respective booths to meet the delegation!  MEDSQUARE Medsquare is a French company based in Paris. We develop innovative solutions for medical imaging environment. Our solutions (burning, printing, archiving, secured web image distribution through the internet,etc.) are used in more than 450 university hospitals and private clinics in France and more than 2000 around the world. We are a key partner of the world’s leading radiology equipment manufacturers. These manufacturers offer our peripheral devices and software to their customers bundled with the sale of their DICOM modalities (CT, MR, XA, etc.). With our patient dose management system, Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM), Medsquare is also a leading player in the DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) market. RDM enables healthcare institutions to collect, control and analyze radiation doses delivered to patients during medical imaging exams. It helps improve practices and optimize doses. BOOTH 3343   MEDIAN TECHNOLOGIES MEDIAN leverages its recognized expertise in image management for clinical routine to provide a comprehensive portfolio of product and services for oncology trials. MEDIAN offers full imaging contract research organization (CRO) capabilities and is currently working with many of the top 10 pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies. From its expertise in developing high quality imaging products, and in managing images in global oncology trials, MEDIAN proposes an innovative and unique approach to conducting CT lung cancer screening at national or regional levels. BOOTH 3442 GLOBAL IMAGING ON LINE French specialist in Information Systems (RIS , PACS , Diagnostic Tools , Telemedicine ) dedicated to the world of medical diagnosis , Global Imaging On Line designs, develops, markets and maintains innovative solutions for the management of images and patient information WEB solutions in private firms and public institutions . Multi-platform Web solutions guarantee maximum mobility and flexibility for healthcare professionals .  The range of Global Imaging On Line can provide scalable and sustainable modular solutions for any type of installation and practice : radiological practice , imaging center , hospitals, large or small, single-site or multi - sites network care, hospital imaging , tele - radiology. In 2012, Global Imaging On Line launched its fifth generation solution with GXD5 . In 2013, Global Imaging On Line and its partner Bull offer the first Cloud HDS Certified Health ( Health Data Hosting ) dedicated to medical imaging integrating GXD5 solutions. With over 850 installed sites , Global Imaging Online is one of the major players in the French market with its range GXD5.   BOOTH 3443 NICESOFT Venus RIS, NICESOFT 100% Web and zero footprint radiology information system, developed in 2004, has been installed in more than 130 healthcare facilities, mainly in France but also in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland and Danemark. In order to cope with current trends, Venus RIS has been thought to be actually « more » than a RIS. Of course, Venus RIS offers all the standard functionalities such as scheduling, managing registrations, reporting, dictation, voice recognition, billing, managing records, etc… The added value of Venus RIS lies in its additional functionalities. BOOTH 3439 SONOSCANNER Founded in 2003, Sonoscanner is the result of decades of research and development on ultrasound imaging technology that started at the University of Paris, France. Created at the origin to help the practitioner make faster, earlier and more accurate diagnostic, Sonoscanner is still today faithful to its commitment by providing ever more powerful, versatile and easy to use mobile and portable ultrasound scanners. Conveniently located in the heart of Paris, Sonoscanner is a concentrate of the French know how and technology. BOOTH 3440 EVOLUCARE EVOLUCARE is run by a team of medical information technology professionals, formed in 1988. It aspires to bring a broad range of products and services to the whole healthcare community. Its range of products and services is constantly expanding. Today, the EVOLUCARE software line includes information systems among the best in the management of patient records, critical care activities and medical imaging. Its Critical Care division provides advance tools specifically designed by and for anesthesia teams, as well as for intensive care. Evolucare offers its clients optimum reactivity thanks to a Services Center sized and structured to meet the demands of each client. BOOTH 3339 TOUTENKAMION Since 1936 toutenkamion has produced more than 2000 vehicles delivered to nearly 30 countries throughout the world, thanks to its unique GFRP sandwich panel technology. All these units were built entirely at the Ladon, France site, made possible by the progressive incorporation of the necessary skills and means for their construction. The accumulation of this skills base was needed to build the most complex mobile units means that toutenkamion can offer its clients:   -           Best cost/quality raio -           The shortest lead times -           Faultless project management -           Impeccable and constant quality    BOOTH 3340

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PRESS RELEASE: Jarvis Software LLC announces the official launch of Jarvis Legal nationwide

PRESS - 13-nov.-2014 23:23:43

Jarvis Software LLC announces the official launch of Jarvis Legal nationwide   For immediate release Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Jarvis Software LLC Communication Department Telephone: (888) 366 7726 Email: Twitter: @ JarvisLegal Houston, TX. – Jarvis Software LLC announces the official launch of Jarvis Legal , its cloud application dedicated to legal professionals. Designed with attorneys for attorneys, Jarvis Legal is an all-in-one web-based legal practice management software that help attorneys save time, bill more and spend less while improving customer satisfaction. Intuitive, mobile and affordable, Jarvis Legal allows legal professionals to manage their clients, contacts, cases, documents, calendar, emails, time tracking, billing and reporting…from anywhere and any device. Anthony Yeremian, VP North America, says “The basic idea behind Jarvis Legal was to bring the best of the new technologies to legal professionals at a very competitive price”. The company has developed in-house both iOS and Android native apps that allow legal professionals to either work online or offline. More recently, the company announced on October 29, 2014 at the French National Lawyer Conference the development of the first legal app for Android smartwatch worldwide. Jarvis Legal offers plans starting at only $22 per user per month, which makes it the most affordable legal practice management available on the market compared to Clio, Rocket Matter and MyCase. Anthony Yeremian adds “what was key for us was to design an extremely intuitive interface for enhanced user experience but most importantly for more efficient teamwork.” Indeed Jarvis Legal allows legal professionals to leave notes, assign tasks to co-counsel or share securely documents through the cloud in only a few clicks. The company offers features and plans tailored to the needs of the users whether they are Partners, Associates or Assistants, starting at $35, $26 and $22 respectively. Based in Houston, TX in the downtown area, the company first introduced its solution for legal professionals in France in October 2013 and quickly made a name in the legal software industry in France but also in Europe, the Caribbean and in French-speaking Africa. Only a year after, on October 10, 2014 the company entered into a partnership with Dalloz, the leading legal content provider in Europe and Lexis Nexis main competitor overseas. Jarvis Legal objective is to become by 2017 the first web-based and 100% mobile legal practice management software in North America.                                                                                                ###

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PRESS RELEASE - Duval-Leroy : a Feminine Lead for a Unique Family-Owned Champagne House

Geoffroy Thaumin - 10-nov.-2014 23:07:18

Since 1859, based at the southern end of the cote des blancs, the region of great chardonnays, the Duval-Leroy family has built up the most excellent estate in the Premiers Crus of Champagne. The status of the House is due to the contribution of successive generations of the family, since the very first one. In 1991, Carol Duval-Leroy, the wife of Jean-Charles Duval-Leroy and mother of their three young sons, found herself on the premature death of her husband assuming responsibility for their family-owned Champagne House. In the last twenty years, she has guided the House smoothly into the Third Millennium. Through her character and her approach, Carol Duval-Leroy asserts her standpoint and her femininity. She has added an extra touch of femininity to the House with her Winemaker. A trained oenologist, Sandrine Logette-Jardin was appointed to the post of Quality Manager in 1991. Having become Head Winemaker-and being the only woman of that rank in Champagne- she has gone on to develop batch vinification which permits the increase in the range of wines in the blends, and, at the same time, has renewed the barrel stock by conducting a rigorous choice of wood, charring and cooperage. This work is detailed, in the constant search for perfection. Carol Duval-Leroy and Sandrine Logette-Jardin wish to create champagnes in their image, both elegant and feminine. Every year, they both evaluate the conditions in the vineyards and the particular aspects of the year and design for the cuvees aromas and structures which are new to Champagne . Each year they taste close to 250 vats, making 15 cuvees from up to three Champagne grape varieties and from forty different vineyard sources. Elegant, mineral and bright. These are the qualities which the House of Duval-Leroy has created in getting the very best out of the sensitive and demanding chardonnay grape. Duval-Leroy’s vineyards comprise 200 hectares under cultivation which supply almost half of the company’s grape needs. The remainder comes exclusively from the purchase of grapes and must during the harvest from close to one hundred press-houses. Carol Duval-Leroy took from her father-in-law and her husband “the will to take care of the House”. To look after it means taking each day as a way of passing on her experience to her children. Her three sons, today at her side, are being imbued with passion and energy for this family enterprise. For the past twenty years she has consolidated and developed her property, while strongly encouraging excellence and consistently avoiding ostentation. Today Champagne Duval-Leroy is distributed in more than 60 countries and more than 250 Michelin starred restaurants. A person of vision, with a strong character and remarkable energy, Carol Duval-Leroy continues to get involved into new projects which will surely expand further the gastronomic and intellectual boundaries of Champagne. For more information about the house and the wines, please visit .  

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PRESS RELEASE - Champagne Duval-Leroy: Celebrate Life as an Aperitif

Geoffroy Thaumin - 31-oct.-2014 15:21:00

It’s what you could call happy hour à la française. Like here, apéritif time in France is the classic moment for drinks and bites and talk before dinner. But unlike here, Champagne is always the best thing to bring when you’re invited in France, because you know it will be welcome… and opened right away.    With a more memorable style than the mass-market multinationals that provide about 60% of the Champagne consumed in the US, Duval-Leroy produces well-crafted, refined wine s on a scale large enough to assure their presence on wine shop shelves around the country. Yet, the House is among the very few that still crafts all of its cuvées by itself.    With more than 150 years of traditions and savoir-faire, Duval-Leroy is one of the last family-owned independent Champagne Houses. In the past 20 years, they have rethought the entire winery, to transition to greener means of production, with photovoltaic panels, a water retrieving system and walls soundproofed by vegetation. An ultra-modern winery provides the ideal area for keeping the various crus of the House, and for three years Duval-Leroy has been the only House to offer a Brut Champagne made with bio-agricultural techniques (organic champagne, or champagne made with organic techniques).    Today, Duval-Leroy prides itself in producing Champagnes designed to be enjoyed with food. This is proven by the fact that its wines are on the wine lists of more than 250 Michelin-awarded restaurants.   The House’s stars are its Vintage Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru and its Brut Premier Cru —both for their quality and for their historical importance. In 1911, Raymond Duval-Leroy crafted the first Premier Cru Champagne. To do so, he decided to select only the best grapes—the majority of which were Chardonnay—from villages that had been classified as Premier and Grand cru to create a very delicate and refined Champagne.    The Brut Blanc de Blanc cru 2006 is an affirmation of what Duval-Leroy’s style offers at its best. Made only with the best Chardonnay grapes in Champagne, it reveals complex aromas of white flowers, tangerines and warm almonds. On the palate, it is silky smooth, elegant and refined. With their very low level of sugar and their minuscule bubbles, both the Brut Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru and the Brut Premier Cru are the perfect Champagnes to kick off a meal with friends.    With a rich bouquet made of wild cherries, figs and hints of ginger or geraniums, the Rosé Prestige Premier Cru is a clever pick for a brunch. Pair it with a light desert or a spicy dish; it is a great way to trade your typical standard brunch drinks for something more stylish and well-crafted.  Named “Best Sparkling Wine” at CWSC 3 years in a row, Champagne Duval-Leroy has been one of the most awarded Houses by Decanter, Mundus Vini and IWSC in the past 10 years.    For more information about the wines, please visit .  

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France is Developinig its MOOCS

PRESS - 17-oct.-2014 21:45:43

Last January, the French Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research launched the France université numérique (FUN) (France Digital University) platform to group together and structure the various initiatives which have already been put in place and to allow French MOOCs to be accessed more easily and efficiently. They are known as ’Massive’ because they can accommodate an unlimited number of participants. They are open to anyone with an Internet connection, regardless of age, nationality, or level of education. All classes, homework, documents and tests are available online. Finally, it is not just a catalogue of information, but properly structured courses with an educational progression developed and supervised by lecturers. From the start of this initiative, one thing has been clear: new technologies have made a huge impact on social behaviours and learning methods. For members of the famous "Generation Y", born after the digital revolution, the network is more than a working tool - it is a way of life and thus naturally a channel for intellectual development. Exchanging opinions across borders and comparing points of view is no longer a dream but a daily occurrence which is just a few clicks away. Despite their illustrious history (debates were already taking place in the Sorbonne back when Christopher Columbus discovered America), French higher education institutions were quick to realize the importance of this new arena for knowledge sharing. FUN, the French network MOOCs, which were launched in 2011, include videos, texts, online interaction with lecturers, tutoring, and exchanges with other students via discussion forums, self-assessments and certifications. Some have up to 160,000 students from around the world, who otherwise could in no way have had access to French higher education. The FUN platform now groups together major domains such as a virtual university with several departments: environment, management, digital and technology, legal, international relations, health, science, human and social sciences. There are currently over 30 different MOOCs available on the French platform. Social networks are also channels for education via Twitter and Facebook. Relations and exchanges thus take place equally via the class platform and social networks. On the front line of MOOCs revolution – Vodeclic Vodeclic is a Cloud-based training company for desktop software, web apps, and Cloud services. They provide an online training solution designed to help users enhance their digital, internet, and collaborative skills. The solution features exclusive courses and learning tools for all users, as well as business analytics and APIs for enterprise customers. With over 1.1 million users worldwide, this innovative French company offers theirs courses in six languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. The versatility of the courses and languages offered by Vodeclic has allowed to them to have a global success and has enjoyed a 16000% revenue growth in the last five years. Vodeclic was recently in Chicago for the Online Learning Conference last month where President and CEO Xavier Sillon shared his insights and know-how as a key-note speaker during the event. Vodeclic will once again return state side for Elliott Masies’s Learning Conference that will take place in Orlando on October 26-29. They will appear on session 665: Closing the Digital Skills Gap: Updating Your Employees’Skills in the Fast-Changing World.  

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