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Stage 6 mois au pôle Infrastructures, Transport et Industrie à partir de septembre 2014

Date: 15 sept. 2014 14:02

Tags: iti

Infrastructure, Transport and Industry
Electricity, Renewable energy, Nuclear

Le stage que nous proposons portera sur deux activités distinctes : • Veilles marché : l’activité principale sera la rédaction de veilles pour des entreprises françaises sur des marchés porteurs de l’industrie au Royaume-Uni. Le format peut prendre soit la forme d’une revue de presse soit d’une analyse de marché. • Commercial : en parallèle, vous participerez à la réalisation de prestations personnalisées pour des PME françaises et/ou à l’organisation d’une opération collective de sensibilisation des importateurs britanniques à l’offre française sur un marché donné.


Only Lyon Cultural Calendar 2014

Date: 12 sept. 2014 14:21

Tags: Lyon Culture Lumieres Cinema Christmas Events France UBIFRANCE

New Technology, Innovation and Services

Following the return to work for many after the summer holidays, September is the time to fill up the diary with things to look forward to between now and Christmas. With this in mind, ONLYLYON, the promotional agency for the city of Lyons, is proud to announce its cultural events calendar for autumn/winter 2014, which includes a range of events for a variety of tastes. This document provides more information about the scheduled events, which range from dance to cinema and conclude in December with Lyons’ prestigious annual event La Fête des Lumières. Please note that there may be the opportunity for interested parties to take part in an all-expenses-paid press trip to one or more of the events, subject to approval from the organisers. Specifically, there is going to be a press trip focused on La Fête des Lumières in early December of this year: further information will be provided in the coming weeks and, on behalf of ONLYLYON, the press office of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in London would like to hear from you if you would be interested to attend. Should you require further information on any of the featured events or would like to register your interest in taking part in a press trip to Lyons, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Riley, UBIFRANCE Press Officer, at or on 0207 024 3612 (direct line).


Journey of a Luxury Consumer 2014

Date: 18 juil. 2014 14:00

Tags: Luxury, Shopping, Consumer, Numberly

Consumer Goods and Healthcare
Jewellery, Leather, Fashion accessories

Numberly, a digital-data marketing firm specialising in helping advertisers leverage their marketing strategies, and Albatross Global Solutions, a market-research firm specialising in improving retail performance and understanding consumer trends in the luxury sector, have teamed up to study the behaviour and expectations of today’s consumer of luxury goods. The work conducted by numberly, together with Albatross Global Solutions, has made it possible to measure how consumers of luxury goods engage in the luxury experience, both at boutiques and online. The study has been conducted to high standards, with a survey polling 3,290 relevant consumers, i.e. individuals who have purchased a luxury product in the six months prior to the study. The consumers polled came from North America (USA), Latin America (Brazil), the Far East (China and Japan), and Europe (various EU countries). Consumers were asked about their expectations, their choices, their experience, their level of satisfaction, and their online behaviour when buying a luxury product.

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