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Oil and Gas: France is one of the world leaders

Frédérique TOUITOU - 11-avr.-2014 13:32:54

France is one of the world leaders There is Total and then there are the others. That is how some people blindly underestimate the Oil & Gas sector in France. Fortunately, the French landscape for this sector is far richer than that. “What people need to know is that the French offer is positioned among the leaders worldwide,” explains Agnès Hagyak, Project Manager for Hydrocarbons at Ubifrance. France’s para-petroleum sector includes over 400 enterprises and creates 55 000 jobs that are “highly qualified at the technical and scientific level,” according to Agnès Hagyak. In terms of exports, France even has the 2nd biggest para-petroleum sector in the world, behind N° 1, the United States. France at per with Norway and the United Kingdom. French suppliers account for 90% of their total turnover in exports. Total and GDF Suez, among the major players in the world, naturally draw a lot of attention. There are few French companies that are not as well known, but who deliver high performance internationally. “France’s para-petroleum sector includes over 400 enterprises and creates 55 000 jobs that are highly qualified at the technical and scientific level” Many of them are SMEs who display a very high level of technical expertise.When it comes to covering needs in technologies, in equipment and services required for exploring, producing, transporting and refining hydrocarbons, the French offer is considered among the best. French know-how is especially recognized in the area of offshore and deep water drilling, in fact, for any sort of high sea platform. French companies, thoroughly international, can easily position themselves on very specific niches. They are best at  customizing solutions as required. For example, there is the Bardot Group, An SME with international presence, specialized in para-petroleum equipment. In particular, it makes tooling with technical polymers and structures that are soldered by robotic equipment, along with the development of the means to attach and assemble these structures. With such expertise on this niche market, Bardot Group has managed to work on sites in Angola, Texas, Brazil and Malaysia. BARDOT is  the only French company capable of such international expertise. Nexans, is a specialist in making cables required by the sector. Expert in electrical engineering (automated solutions, instrumentation and command system) CEGELEC works very successfully on international projects. Other players in the market : Air Liquide, Bureau Veritas, Entrepose projets, Ponticelli, all renowned companies.  

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Schneider Electric inks pact with Ramco Systems

Sylvain BIARD - 11-avr.-2014 06:33:53

Global specialist in energy management Schneider Electric has inked a pact with city-based enterprise software product company Ramco Systems to offer advanced process control solution.   The partnership will see Ramco’s Advanced Process Optimisation software — OPTIMA, implement Schneider Electric’s solutions for the cement industry and explore business opportunities, a company statement said.   The move comes in the backdrop of cement manufacturers focusing on their efforts in reducing energy and emissions, improving overall performance and managing consistent product quality grade, and plant operators looking for solutions that stabilise production processes, it said.   The partnership would focus on optimisation of kiln and mill operations to cement customers. The solution will support increased production volumes, promote the ease and uptake of alternative fuels, among others, it said.   "Schneider Electric through its wide network of operations will help explore business opportunities for Ramco OPTIMA in the cement industry. We look forward to mutually successful engagement with Schneider Electric", Ramco Systems, CEO, Virender Aggarwal said.   OPTIMA is an advanced process optimisation that has been designed to improve plant productivity and efficiency and leverages technologies to offer best-in-class optimisation solutions, it added. Source: Times Of India

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Biotechnology in France

Anindita BANERJEE - 08-avr.-2014 12:23:15

  Even though biotechnologies may be a recent sector of business activity, France has succeeded in developing real know-how that is gaining international recognition. When it comes to biotechnologies, the French are cutting edge. According to Leeme, the federation of French medical companies, today France numbers 388 biotechs in the health field in France. Biotech France, another French association for biotech companies, indicates that a third of these companies have been in existence for over 10 years. Yet the number of creations in this field is exponential. To get an idea, 50 companies were started in 2012. Unheard of! Proof that there is a real entrepreneurial effervescence when it comes to this research in France. Young start-ups for the most part, French biotechs are mainly Small Medium sized companies. Only 4% of them have over 100 employees. On average, they employ 22 people. As to the type of activity, most of the French companies specialized in human sciences with therapeutic products are concentrated on cancer treatments. “The French have developed a full-fledged know-how on cardio-vascular devices, infectious diseases, dermatology, blood diseases and for surgery,” explains Yves Germani, Ubifrance’s manager for the health sector in North America. French enterprises don’t just do research; they discover! Altogether, the French biotech industry generated 261 Million Euros in turnover in 2011, compared with 186 Million in 2010. As for companies on the stock market, they generate 369 Million Euros in turnover. Concerning the pipeline, the expression used to indicate the number of molecules being developed, France is 4rth, behind the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Quite a solid ranking, but which should nevertheless be improved. When their results are examined in detail, we see that depending on the stage of development, French companies create more products in the pre-clinic phase, in other words, all those that have been carried out before the clinical trial with patients, which is completely logical. Between the start of development on a new medicine, a molecule and its release on the market can sometimes take up to 10 years. Unfortunately, the consequence of this is that a number of products fall by the wayside. To be noted, however, is one undeniable fact: since 2008, French companies have sold more and more products. To put it another way, as Yves Germani points out, French companies don’t just do research; they discover!” An increase of 63% in investment Even more impressive than all the rest, French biotech companies tend to have smaller R&D budgets than their European and international competitors. Fortunately, the culture of venture capital is developing very quickly in this sector. To give the general picture, the funds raised by French biotechs have increased by 63,1% from 2009 to 2012, reaching 178 Million Euros. Since the year 2000, they have managed to raise 2.920 Billion Euros. Today, French companies are naturally turning towards international opportunities to find new partners and new financial leverage. The proof is that such Small Medium companies as Affilogic, MedinCell, Interactive Biosoftware, Imabiotech or even O4CP all have one thing in common: they all are reaching out with confidence to mature markets like the United States, Canada and Western Europe.  

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France, Germany unveil new partnership at EU-Africa summit

Anindita BANERJEE - 08-avr.-2014 12:08:04

 African and European leaders held crisis talks on the "terrifying" violence in the Central African Republic, where peacekeepers have been unable to stop a deadly spiral of Christian-Muslim strife. As some 80 leaders from the two continents kicked off a mammoth summit that locked down parts of Brussels, France and Germany announced a new partnership for Africa aimed at promoting peace and development as well as combatting the effects of climate change. "We want to deploy our friendship on the ground," said French President Francois Hollande, adding that it was thanks to Germany that the European Union finally had been able to announce the launch of a delayed military mission to send 800 troops to CAR. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Berlin and Paris "are seeking to be a motor" in Africa’s development as well as its security.Germany, long reticent to take part in military missions, was on "a new path", Merkel said. Delayed due to insufficient troop and aircraft commitments from member states, the launch of the EU operation in CAR was announced on the eve of the EU-Africa summit, which winds up tomorrow. Germany has contributed air transport, with Georgia, Spain, France, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Portugal providing troops and Britain, Luxembourg and Sweden logistical support. As chaos worsens in CAR, a score of leaders from the 54-member African Union and 28-nation EU gathered with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the crisis. "We are deeply concerned of the desperate plight of the people of the CAR," said Ban, who is seeking Security Council endorsement for a 12,000-strong peacekeeping force to take over from the 8,000 African and French troops there. Ban has warned the situation could spiral into genocide amid reports by the UN of child decapitations, cannibalism and widespread lynchings. Around a million people, a quarter of the population, have been displaced. Britain announced a further 7.2 million euros in aid for CAR at the summit, bringing its contribution to 27.8 million euros, but there were no other immediate announcements from the EU, which has already contributed some 350 million euros. As delegations got down to the business of addressing illegal migration, trade and security problems elsewhere on the continent, EU leaders insisted they were seeking a partnership of equals. (AFP) Source: PTI  

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Jet Airways expands code share pact with Air France

Anindita BANERJEE - 08-avr.-2014 11:45:49

Private carrier Jet Airways today said it has expanded its code share pact with Air France signed last June, which will enable passengers of both airlines seamless travel across destinations. The expanded agreement provides for enhanced network connectivity to passengers to 12 major cities across Europe and the United Kingdom, Jet Airways said in a release. Code share is a commercial agreement between two or more airlines that share the same flight, with all partners able to sell seats on that flight. With the expanded pact, Jet Airways passengers will now have seamless connectivity to Nice, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse in France, Barcelona and Madrid in Spain, Hamburg in Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, Dublin in Ireland and Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle in the UK, it said. Currently, Air France places its marketing code on Jet Airways’ domestic routes between Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru to Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The new code share flights are open for sale from tomorrow and will be available for travel from May 14, the release said. "With the commencement of our Mumbai-Paris operations on May 14, Jet Airways will now be placing its marketing code on Air France-operated flights beyond Paris," the release said. "We will be able to offer our guests wider access, unmatched connectivity and seamless travel to key markets across Europe with France’s premium airline," Jet Airways senior vice president for commercial Gaurang Shetty said. Jet Airways is now granted access to European cities they currently do not serve and the airline is confident that this extension will be successful in the fast-growing market between India and Europe, Air France-KLM senior VP for Middle East, Gulf and India, Tjalling Smit said. source :PTI

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France remains world’s most visited country

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 31-mars-2014 14:58:56

London, March 30, France remains the world’s most visited country with more than 83 million international tourist arrivals in 2012, according to latest?figures released by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation. When it comes to attracting visitors France has no shortage of draws ? Alpine ski resorts, Mediterranean beaches, food, wine and culture clearly hold great appeal. However, countries like Bangladesh (just 0.003 tourists per head, or 0.29 per cent of the population), India and Pakistan (both 0.005 tourists per head) lag far behind. India may have received more than six and a half million tourists in 2012 but its population of more than 1.2 billion dwarfs its visitor numbers, The Telegraph reported. When it comes to tourists as a percentage of population, one country stands head and shoulders above the rest. With a population of a little more than 800, Vatican City is the world’s smallest independent state. It is also the epicentre of a religion with an estimated 1.2 billion followers worldwide, and is a site of great religious, historical, cultural and political significance. The Vatican Museums alone received nearly five-and-a-half million visitors last year, so it comes as no surprise to find it punches way above its weight in the tourists per head stakes, the Telegraph report said. In (a distant) second place is Andorra, which received more than 2.2 million tourists in 2012, despite having a population of fewer than 80,000. Low sales taxes and import duties on consumer goods make it an appealing shopping destination, while its growing reputation for affordable ski holidays goes some way to explaining its relative popularity, the report said. The number of tourists is a huge 2805 per cent of the entire population. Caribbean nations rely heavily on tourism, with many of them welcoming more visitors than there are residents each year. London may be rivaling Paris as a tourist destination - but on a country-wide scale the gap between Britain and France is yawning. The UK received 0.46 tourists per head in 2012, compared to 1.26 for France. Where possible, population data was taken from and tourism data from the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer, which gives figures for the number of international tourist arrivals by country each year. The number of international tourist arrivals for each country was then divided by the corresponding population to give the tourists per head figure.   Source : PTI

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Antony refuses govt guarantee to France for Rafale deal

Nathalie OSTERNAUD - 31-mars-2014 14:52:53

New Delhi, March 30th, With the UPA-II’s tenure coming to an end, France had wanted India to sign a pact to provide government guarantee for completion of negotiation for 126 fighter aircraft with Dassault company but Defence Minister A K Antony has refused to do so. France, whose company Dassault has been shortlisted for supplying the multi-role medium combat Rafale aircraft, had proposed the signing of the agreement apparently to ensure that negotiations for the multi-billion dollar deal do not get affected if a different party comes to power after the Lok Sabha elections. "The French side wanted government guarantee to the negotiations," sources said. Antony, however, refused to sign such an agreement, arguing that governmental guarantee cannot be provided as negotiations were still underway, they said. The Defence Ministry is still negotiating the price and terms and conditions of the contract with the French firm Dassault Aviation, whose Rafale combat aircraft was selected as the lowest bidder two years ago for supplying 126 warplanes. Antony had recently ordered that the process to arrive at the lowest bidder in the multi-vendor tender be reviewed after completion of the whole procedure involved in the procurement as questions had been raised over it. The two sides are trying to tackle the issue of life cycle costs (LCC) relating to Rafale. "There are complaints about the procedure of calculating the life cycle cost and that issue is not yet settled. Before bringing the deal to the Cabinet Committee on Security for final approval, we would like to get clear on that aspect," he had said. As per the Indian defence procedure, the firms offering lowest prices and meeting the requirements of the respective services are given the contract and in this deal to procure 126 combat aircraft, LCC has been taken into view to determine the lowest bidder. Senior BJP leader and former Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha has written to Antony raising a number of questions over the "conceptual shift" in the defence procurement policy and expressed fears that LCC concept may bring in corruption.   Source: PTI

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