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France keen to invest in creation of smart cities in Himachal

Thomas Ilhe - 17-oct.-2014 09:11:27

France is keen to invest in developing ’smart cities’ and other urban development projects in Himachal Pradesh and looking forward to invest in the state, French Ambassador to India Francois Richier today said. The Ambassador, who led a delegation to meet the state’s Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and other concerned ministers and officers, impressed that France is keen on developing Smart Cities having adequate infrastructure and facilities like proper water treatment, waste management, urban transport and street lighting in the state. The delegation deliberated upon various issues pertaining to advanced technologies for developing energy and power projects for Smart Cities in the state. The delegation interacted on issues related to transport solution and mobility, technical solutions for waste collection, urban transportation and re-cycling, appropriate technology for introducing decentralised seepage management system, etc. The Chief Minister said the state intended to develop major towns like Shimla, Manali and Dharmashala as Smart Cities and the French government had shown its keenness to adopt the towns and the State government would take up this matter with Ministry of Urban Development Government of India. The Chief Minister assured the French delegates to study the proposals and seek their valuable and technical expertise as and when required. Francois Richier said: " We can provide solution to Himachal Pradesh in urban infrastructure, especially urban transport, water and waste management and urban lighting and the state could also collaborate with France in developing smart cities ". According to Mr. Richier, several French companies are already working in India for development of better urban infrastructure and metro is one of them. " In Himachal, the construction of metro is not feasible and our focus here is on developing ropeway and metro cable. We fully agree with the importance of providing environment- friendly transport system, which helps cutting consumption of fossil fuel and lowers impact on climate change and melting of glaciers ," he said. He said there was vast potential to develop renewable energies and tourism in the state. The other members of the delegation were Jean-René Cougard, Minister Counsellor and Head of Regional Economic Services for South Asia, Ilika Mann, Counsellor for Regional and Legal Relations, Embassy of France, Ms Fanny Herve, Counsellor Sustainable Development, Embassy of France, Ms Camille Severac, Project officer, French Development Agency in India (AFD) and other delegates specialised in the field of Urban Development and Solar Energy.   Source : PTI

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Video Games World Cup to start on 10 November 2014

Thomas Ilhe - 14-oct.-2014 07:07:25

The first ever Video Games World Cup (VGWC) will be launched on 10 November 2014 and run until the World Cup Final, which will take place in New York between 3 and 5 July 2015. More than 100 countries and 20 million competitors are expected to take part in the tournament, which offers avid gamers and video-game enthusiasts worldwide a new, international and technologically advanced forum in which to play. Stéphane Cosse, Founder of VGWC, explains, “ As a pioneer in organising events in the video-gaming sector, and after three years of planning and development of the VGWC, I felt that it was important to create a system that matches the scope of the video-gaming industry: there are one billion gamers worldwide! Video games are so often criticised but never appreciated for their true worth. This is the dawn of a new era for the video game: we are giving it a new playing field .” A total of 20 million gamers are expected to take part in the first VGWC and participants will have the opportunity to win cash prizes. Should the maximum subscription of 128 players per week, per country and per game be achieved, the world champion, for each game, stands to receive a cheque worth more than US$1 million. Each continental champion will receive a cheque for over $100,000, while the national champions will receive a cheque for over $10,000 each. Additionally, cheques for over $1,000 will be awarded each week, per country and per game, to the weekly tournament champion. Each week, competitors will have the chance to qualify for the national finals in one of two ways. Players can either qualify directly by winning one of the weekly national tournaments or by topping the national game ranking during the regular season, which will run for a total of 29 weeks from its launch on 10 November 2014 to 31 May 2015. Different national competitions will start each week, beginning on a Monday and ending on the Sunday of the same week. Players will compete against each other online using their own consoles and computers, and save their sessions once completed. Only 128 competitors may take part per week, per country and per game. There will be a maximum of 32 teams for multi-player games. The registration fee is $30 for a qualifying week and 40% of the funds collected (of which $12 will be withheld at source upon registration) will be paid as bonuses. At the end of the 29-week regular season, the winners will be invited to compete in the national finals, to be held in each country between 1 and 21 June 2015. The final rounds will be composed of 40 players in eight pools of five teams each, i.e. 29 winners, together with the best player of the regular season and two wildcards. The overall national winner in each country will be awarded a cheque for over $10,000 (as already mentioned). National champions will compete in the continental finals from 22 to 28 June 2015. One player per continent and per game will be crowned the continental champion and will receive a cheque for over $100,000 (as outlined above). All continental champions will compete in the World Cup Final to be held from 3 to 5 July 2015 at a prestigious venue in New York with all air fares and hotel costs covered by the organisers. The venue for the final will be announced by 1 January 2015.   About Video Games World Cup (VGWC) The Video Games World Cup (VGWC) will be launched on 10 November 2014 and run until the World Cup Final, which will take place in New York between 3 and 5 July 2015. More than 100 countries and 20 million competitors are expected to take part in the tournament. VGWC was founded by Stéphane Cosse with the intention of providing a new, international and technologically advanced forum in which gamers can interact in a way that is both entertaining and competitive.   For further information about the tournament, please go to:       For further information, please contact :   Mr Thomas ILHE – Trade Officer Press Communication UBIFRANCE India – New Delhi Tel: +91 (11) 4319 6303 – View other press releases at :


French expertise in smartcards to be showcased at SmartCards Expo 2014 (14th to 17th October)

Thomas Ilhe - 10-oct.-2014 11:49:50

The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India, in association with key French partners and Indian stakeholders, will be organising for the 4 th consecutive year- a French Pavilion at SmartCards Expo 2014 , held from the 15 th to the 17 th of October in New Delhi.   The French Pavilion will bring together leading companies from the French AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and Secure Technologies industries to showcase their technologies and solutions and evaluate business opportunities in the Indian market during SmartCards Expo 2014, the leading event in India on technologies, solutions and services related to smartcards, biometrics etc. Around 800 French companies operate in the field of digital trust with around 100 solution editors, 100 equipment manufacturers and around 600 services companies. Among those, the biggest of those enterprises are worldwide leaders in chips and smartcards, ID management and biometrics, eGovernance, home security and payments; with SMEs pioneering in core technologies and niche markets. This sector also differentiates itself by its very high level of technology, with an average of 15% of revenues on digital trust re-invested in R&D by French enterprises (with even higher figures among equipment manufacturers and solution editors). especially in the field of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) through the implementation of strategic national projects making use of identification and secure technologies (Aadhaar, RSBY, MGNREGA, e-Driving licenses...) and the development of very innovative projects and concepts to tackle for instance financial inclusion (PMJDY…) and promotion of non-cash payment modes (Rupay Card…). A large number of initiatives have been undertaken by various State Governments and Central Ministries to usher in an era of eGovernance. In order to promote eGovernance in a holistic manner, various policy initiatives and projects have been undertaken to develop core and support infrastructure.   As such, the AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) market in India has, for instance, grown from USD 581 million in 2010 to close to USD 1 billion in 2012 and nearly USD 1.3 billion in 2014 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.37 percent according to Frost & Sullivan. Of the AIDC technologies, smartcards take the lions’ share with 2010 revenues pegged at USD 510 million and reaching USD 903 million in 2014, but biometrics and RFID/NFC are being expected to capture a larger share of the AIDC market in the near future.   *      *      *      *      *   Considering the relevance and rising importance of such technologies and solutions in today’s world, the French Pavilion at the SmartCards Expo 2014 on the 15th to 17th of October will gather 5 renowned companies [1] offering avant-garde applications in the fields of smartcards, biometrics, eGovernance, secure e/m-Payments and secure documents: GEMALTO, NBS TECHNOLOGIES, OBERTHUR TECHNOLOGIES, SMARTWARE and SPS RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY . The main objective of these French companies is to present and promote their latest technological developments in their area of expertise while working out partnerships with key Indian stakeholders and industry players. The mission of this trade delegation will start on the 14th of October in New Delhi with an Indo-French Seminar on e-Governance, Secure Transactions and Digital Identification and Security which will include presentations of key Indian stakeholders -both from the Indian digital trust industry and public agencies- addressing the status of digital trust in India and the advancement of the most significant initiatives taken by the Government of India in the fields of secured identifications, eGovernance and payment systems. Their round of presentations will be followed by a session dealing with latest technological developments in those fields and their opportunities for future.   [1] Please find the description of these companies in the appendix below   About UBIFRANCE and the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India: UBIFRANCE is the French agency for international business development, a key public partner in export for French companies. Its complete range of services includes providing information (on markets, legal, regulatory, international financing, calls to tender, sector watch), export consulting, sales actions (prospecting missions, partnership meetings, trade events abroad, communication in the international press, etc.). To support French companies of all sizes and all sectors in their development on foreign markets, UBIFRANCE mobilises the expertise of 1,400 persons in France (Paris and Marseille) and in 70 other countries through its French Trade Commissions UBIFRANCE and a network of Press Offices. The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India has 4 offices located in the business hubs of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai, with a total dedicated multicultural team of over 30 experts. UBIFRANCE’s know-how and experience are globally recognized with a worldwide network of 80 Trade Commissions.   For further information, please contact: Ms. Karishma WANVARI Trade Officer New Technologies - Innovation - Services Department French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India Consulate General of France, Mumbai Tel.: +91 (0)22 66 69 40 87              Email:   Press contact:                                                                   Mr. Thomas ILHE Press Officer French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India Embassy of France, New Delhi Tel.: + 91 (0)11 43 19 63 03 Email: APPENDIX: Company profiles of the participants at the French Pavilion on SmartCards Expo 2014 Gemalto is the world leader in digital security with 2013 annual revenues of €2.4 billion and more than 12,000 employees with 85 offices and 25 R&D centers, in 44 countries including India. Gemalto delivers on the expanding needs of consumers worldwide for personal mobile services, payment security, authenticated cloud access, identity and privacy protection, eHealthcare and eGovernment efficiency, convenient ticketing and dependable machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. They develop secure embedded software and secure products which they also design and personalize. Their platforms and services manage these products, the confidential data they contain and the trusted end-user services made possible.                                                                                                                                                                                 For more information please visit:   For nearly 40 years, NBS Technologies has remained a leading provider of equipment & software for card personalization, EMV compliance/migration, smartcard manufacturing and semiconductor handling equipments. NBS TECHNOLOGIES not only provides equipments but also customized solutions that address all types of card personalization requirements. Their solutions and products address the requirements of a range markets worldwide: Financial EMV/chip card, TSM, GSM/Telecom, Government / Secure ID, Healthcare/Insurance, and corporate markets. Their portfolio allows them to offer a truly tailored solution that will meet your specific needs. Whether your needs are high-volume card issuance or instant card issuance NBS Technologies is your total card solution.                                                                                                     For more information please visit:   A world leader in digital security solutions for the mobility space, Oberthur Technologies has always been at the heart of mobility, from the first smart cards to the latest contactless payment technologies, which equip millions of smartphones. Oberthur Technologies employs over 6,000 employees worldwide, including 600 R&D people. With more than 50 sales offices across 5 continents and 10 facilities including in India, Oberthur Technologies’ international network serves clients in 140 countries. Present in the Payment, Telecommunications and Identity markets, they offer end-to-end solutions in the smart transactions, mobile financial services, M2M, digital identity and transport & access control fields.                                                                                                                                              For more information please visit:   Since 1986, Smartware has been a key actor in the business of personalization and testing of contact/contactless secure elements (smartcard, NFC microSD, M2M). Smartware is committed to supporting smartcard production leaders and smartcard equipment manufacturers for the development of their needs, whether technological, industrial, or geographical. 65% of the worldwide SIM cards are personalized with Smartware’s couplers. Smartware offers its solutions for manufacturers in the Finance, Telecom, eGovernance & M2M sectors.                                                                                                                                                             For more information please visit:                                                                                                                                         SPS is a world leader in reliable technologies involving contactless and dual interface smart cards, and a leading provider of high-quality inlays for e-Passports.   SPS has developed a unique process based on the electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the micro-module. This process represents a technological breakthrough in the sector of contactless products. Focused on high end products, SPS’s solutions are dedicated to two specific markets namely e-Identity and contactless payment. SPS’s technology is used in sectors viz. Identity, Banking & Transportation.                                                                                          For more information please visit:


Thales and Bharat Electronics form joint venture firm in India

Anindita BANERJEE - 01-oct.-2014 09:09:27

Bharat Electronics (BEL) and French technology firm Thales on Tuesday announced that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs had approved the incorporation of their joint venture company, BEL-Thales Systems Limited. The joint venture (JV) company will primarily focus on the design, development, marketing, supply and support of civilian and select defence radars for Indian and the global markets . The initial product portfolio of BEL-Thales Systems will comprise innovative solutions for air surveillance, including air traffic management radars, and select ground-based military radars. The ultimate objective of the JV is to expand its scope to fields other than radars in the defence electronics domain. BEL holds a 74% stake while Thales holds 26% of the equity in the JV company  

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PROVA to showcase its PROCAO range of cocoa extracts and flavourings at FI India 2014

Thomas Ilhe - 22-sept.-2014 09:10:52

PROVA , worldwide leader of manufacturing extracts and flavours of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and other gourmet notes for the sweet food industry, will display its PROCAO range of cocoa extracts and flavourings during the Food Ingredient India exhibition which will be held in Mumbai from the 29 th September to 2 nd October 2014.   PROVA’s strategy focuses on addressing the huge demand for luxury foods incorporating premium quality chocolate in India. Studies and statistics explain this trend by pointing out a series of factors such as the internationalisation of the Indian cuisine or the growing middle-class which lead customers to be aware of the various types of chocolate and to care about their quality. Today, the Indian confectionery industry is one of the fastest growing in the world with an estimated growth of 18-20% per annum [1] . In 2013, it reached 25% and the demand for “premium quality” chocolate contributed significantly to this growth as it increased by 35% in comparison to the previous year [2] .   PROCAO could be the first choice of the industrialists and experts who are looking for a solution offering high cocoa concentration more than cocoa powder. It has been developed for over 20 years to present a wide array of benefits such as a better solubility, heat resistance or an excellent shelf life with low bacteria counts. These strengths help reducing the amount of cocoa powder, improve overall consistency and lower the powdery mouthfeel.   Whether they are natural or artificial, all the extracts and flavourings produced by PROVA recreate the various chocolate tastes such as the pure cocoa, dark and semi dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate chocolate-toffee, chocolate nuts, malty and associated notes (hazelnut, coffee, spices, orange, mint, caramel/toffee malt etc).   PROVA has been present in India for one year and a half through its subsidiary in Bangalore already in charge of commercial and logistic activities.   The company is also launching the production of PROVANIL vanilla flavour in India and confirms its will to expand its activities in the country where the company has been a significant buyer of vanilla from Kerala and Karnataka.   Visit PROVA at Food Ingredients India exhibition (FI India) in Mumbai from 29 th September to 1 st October on B-26 stand to find out more about its PROCAO range as well as other innovative products.      About PROVA:  Worldwide leader in conceiving and manufacturing extracts and flavours of vanilla, cocoa, coffee and other Gourmet notes for the food industry, PROVA is present in more than 40 countries across five continents. Thanks to the meticulous and respectful selection of raw materials and innovative extraction methods, the company always delivers high quality flavours specifically tailored to meet consumption trends and local taste preferences of each country. PROVA was created in 1946 and remains an independent family-owned business. Its headquarters are located in Montreuil, near Paris in France. [1] Source : [2] Source:  


FRENCH PAVILION: India Nuclear Energy Exhibition

Kushal Sengupta - 17-sept.-2014 06:58:53

UBIFRANCE India in partnership with G.I.I.N and  AIFEN (French Nuclear Industry Associations) is organizing for the fifth consecutive year a  French pavilion at the India Nuclear Energy (INE) exhibition. The event will be held from 06th to 08th of November 2014 at Nehru centre, Worli in Mumbai. The French delegation would represent almost 40% of the total participating companies like the previous editions. The pavilion will be on the ground floor. INE 2014_Floor plan This pavilion had brought under the French banner 18 companies at INE 2013. Thus, the French Pavilion was the biggest country pavilion with the maximum number of participating companies. In addition to these 18 companies, 5 other French companies exhibited directly through their Indian subsidiaries. For more information, please contact or   or visit the website created on this occasion : The tradeshow is open to trade visitors only. Any person under the age of 18 years will not be admitted. You could pre-register here : and collect your badge at the venue.  

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France indicates interest to help make Nagpur a ’smart city’

Thomas Ilhe - 16-sept.-2014 06:26:54

French Consul General for Western India Jean Raphael Peytregnet indicated that France had evinced interest in partnering with Nagpur to make it a ’smart city’ during his two-day visit in the city.  Accompanied by the French Trade Commissioner of Consulate General Matthieu Lefort, Peytregnet said that the basic objective would be to "explore possibilities" of co-operation in urban development. Since each city has a different requirement, there is nothing specific in mind, though tailor-made solutions could be offered, he said.   Peytregnet said that New Delhi would host a convention of architects later in November, when a French team would eventually visit Nagpur. Apart from exploring options in Mumbai and the national capital, they will also be urged to visit other Indian cities, he said.    Matthieu Lefort said there is also a focus on sectors like consumer goods, agriculture, automobiles, avionics and also tourism. Current investment by French companies in India stands at 15 billion Euros as against Indian investment in France which is at only 300 million Euros. The French government is keen to increase the figure by promoting Indian business proposals, he said. Source: PTI

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  Pierre LIGNOT, Country Head   Welcome to the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE in India!   Our key mission is to promote trade relations between France and India . We assist French-based companies seeking potential partners and new markets in India, while helping Indian businesses to identify potential French suppliers and technical partners.   In India, our 4 offices are located in the business hubs of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai. We have a dedicated multicultural team of over 30 experts in the following growing sectors: - Agro-business; - Lifestyle, Consumer Goods and Healthcare; - Infrastructure, Transport and Industry; - ICTs, Retails and Services.   Our Trade Commission also has a Press office in charge of helping French companies to communicate in India as well as a Market Access Department enabling them to better understand and adjust to the Indian regulatory and fiscal fr



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