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Delegation Spotlight: Sabi

Sandrine SAUVAGE-MACK - 19-sept.-2014 20:22:40

Delegation Spotlight: Sabi   UBIFRANCE is organizing Digital Learning event in October where eight innovative French companies in the digital education technologies sector is set to arrive in Atlanta, GA and Montréal, Canada to meet key players in the North American region. Today’s delegation spotlight is Sabi « Sabi Editions » designs, develops and sells education tools for people with disabilities to help them communicate effectively. About 10 % of the people in special needs schools are not able to speak properly : our goal is to teach them «Signed French» to help them communicate in their everyday life. Mehdi Yakoubi realized the effectiveness of the « Signed French » thanks to his cousin, Yacime aged 16, who has Down’s syndrome, and who used a «MAKATON» in his special needs school. As a result and because many people were impressed by this idea, Mehdi set up « Nelly signe avec vous », the first European serious game which helps to learn the « Signed French ». There is no similar product on the market. Its innovative feature using 3 ways of communication makes it very useful for people with disabilities. Its easy and fun use entails interactive and attractive learning. The «Signed French» is a method of communication enabling to restore oral communication in many cases. Our first product «Nelly signe avec vous» is meant to improve communication for people with intellectual disabilities or language problems and their entourage. « Nelly signs with you » is an innovative software for people with disabilities you can use on a digital tablet or a computer with Windows (XP, Vista, SEVEN, EIGHT), with hardware or on the web. Our software has an enjoyable learning setting of nonverbal communication. Because it is easy to learn, it enables lots of people to understand it and improve communication. The goal is to democratize this method to create ties between people with disabilities and their entourage and fight against exclusion often caused by a lack of communication and understanding. « Nelly signe avec vous » is a funny and educative software. It includes photos, pictures and videos helping to learn the « Signed French ». Its aim is to offer a fun and interactive teaching thanks to different applications : - exercises are classified by topics to learn, - dictionary to find a word, - quiz to test yourself. For more information about Sabi, please visit their website or send us an email !  

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Delegation Spotlight: Novatice

Sandrine SAUVAGE-MACK - 19-sept.-2014 19:22:23

UBIFRANCE is organizing Digital Learning event in October where eight innovative French companies in the digital education technologies sector is set to arrive in Atlanta, GA and Montréal, Canada to meet key players in the North American region. Today’s delegation spotlight is Novatice. Managing tablets in education do not have to give headaches In the very beginning, tablets were developed as single-user device, creating confidentiality and practical issues in shared-use situations. Who wants to see previous user’s connected email account? Schools going mobile are facing several challenges. Adopting tablets in the classroom may cause students distraction, security issues or may be difficult to handle. There are many mobile device management solutions, but most of them are not designed for education.   Education needs adapted contents. Resellers and integrators are not, at the moment, able to customize contents when customers are not buying large numbers of units. Moreover, these solutions do not take into consideration some key factors such as school’s network quality and offer only Cloud based services, using a lot of bandwidth. A double solution: Configurator and Edutab Configurator is a software allowing automatic and massive tablet configuration (via USB). It is designed for IT integrators and resellers who want to offer customized options to their clients. On the one hand, IT integrators and resellers save time thanks to Configurator USB mode and automatic configuration feature (possibility to configure lots of tablets at the same time). WiFi configuration has never been so easy! On the other hand, clients save time and money as they buy customized tablets and do not need to go through configuration options. Schools or districts can ask for specific contents and get ready to use tablets. Edutab is a software designed to help IT administrators and teachers to manage a set of tablets in a classroom (shared-used implementations). It is an innovative solution tailored for education : with Edutab, teachers do no have to worry about IT implementation and can concentrate on their teaching methods. Edutab covers 4 key areas: - Administration /security management (system settings)                  - Document management (distribution, collection...) - Desktop management (creation, control...)            - Application management (centralized installation, uninstallation...) Technology Edutab is a standalone software (it can work offline), designed to be used with tablets charging carts. One license is required for each device and one for the teacher computer. The software runs on any Android tablet (from 4.0.3). The teacher-side license needs to be installed on a Windows computer (XP, 7 or 8) with Java 7. Tablets and PC need to be on the same network to communicate via WiFi and tablets can also be connected via USB.   Configurator is a Linux or Windows software. The devices to configure have to be Android 4.0+. It gives IT integrators and resellers the possibility to automatically configure multiple tablets (via USB) and to customize contents. In this way, they can offer the best service possible to their customers.  

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Vodeclic Showcases their Innovation at Online Learning Conference 2014

Michael SALAS - 18-sept.-2014 21:10:46

VODECLIC is set to participate at next week’s Online Learning Conference in Chicago. Read below for more information regarding the cutting edge technology of this French company. Vodeclic is a Cloud-based training company for desktop software, web apps, and Cloud services. Vodeclic provides an online training solution designed to help users enhance their digital, Internet and collaborative skills. The solution features exclusive courses and learning tools for all users, as well as business analytics and APIs for enterprise customers. Facing the problem of a recurring digital skills gap With Cloud platforms in constant evolution, learning material is hard to keep up to date. This irreversible path towards the Cloud has a deep impact on enterprise learning needs, such as: *   Delivering office application migration projects * Driving digital transformation *   Reducing unnecessary calls to the helpdesk team * Launching a digital corporate university * Fostering online training adoption In the meantime, learners are changing their behavior, urging their L&D teams to embrace a new era of online training: open to everyone, Cloud-based, fully localized content, and always up-to-date tutorials. Solution: Cloud-based learning app available in 6 languages Vodeclic is the new era of Cloud-based learning, one that understands that the user is the "true" customer. The user-centric solution enables any employee to learn what they need to learn, whenever, wherever and however they want. Key components of our all-in-one Cloud app: 20,000+ bite-sized modules Exercises and assessments Learning tools (planner, notepad…) Reporting and Analytics Plug & Play deployment and LMS integration Mobile, anytime-anywhere Unlimited learning An exclusive course library in 6 languages Vodeclic meets all the current desktop training needs of Microsoft Office, Windows and Google Apps. The Vodeclic library already goes beyond standard software training to offer online services and apps training, such as Office 365,, LinkedIn, Yammer, Basecamp, Facebook and many others. Vodeclic’s course library covers more than 20,000 how-to-videos on over 350 software applications, web apps, and Cloud services, with over 1000 new modules added each month. Additional languages are also set to be announced in the near future. You may visit Vodeclic at the Online Learning Conference at McCormick Place in Chicago. Vodeclic can be found on their demo area (table #11) and attend their lunch and learning session on Wednesday, September 24 from 11:45 to 12:45pm, Room 2012BC.  

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Delegation Spotlight: ADWAYS

Sandrine SAUVAGE-MACK - 16-sept.-2014 22:39:59

UBIFRANCE is organizing Éducation Numerique in October where eight innovative French companies in the digital education technologies sector is set to arrive in Atlanta, GA and Montréal, Canada to meet key players in the North American region. Meet ADWAYS: Adways offers a cloud platform that enables anyone to enrich videos and make them interactive in minutes. You could enrich any educational contents, MOOCs or tutorials with extra-informations, quizzes, extra-videos, maps and more. When watching the video, learners click on hotspots to open extra-content like definitions, complements, pictures, quizzes. Adways democratized the power of interactive video with Adways Studio Platform enabling anyone to produce innovative interactive videos in minutes instead of several days. Interactive video industrialized.     Technology       Online saas cloud platform without any installation required       Immediate access to a large library of pre designed patent-pending features       Multiple format output in a single click to be device, browser, and video player agnostic       Possibility to create personalized video from mass media ones, to remix and reshape existing contents       Deep statistical automated analyses and tracking algorithms   Case Study : Discovery Channel Smartisode Discovery Channel recently used Adways technology to create “Smartisodes” that are short videos ended by a quizz. You can find these videos here : smartisode The best case study is the series of videos “Clement & Noemie” : Adways created these videos in order to show how interactive video could be beneficial in education. With these videos, each learner can evolve at his own pace, click on the different hotspots to get more details about the subject. These videos can include maps, photos, quizzes, other videos… Moreover, the teacher can manage the contents and can follow his/her students.  

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Delegation Spotlight: MASKOTT

Sandrine SAUVAGE-MACK - 15-sept.-2014 19:30:33

UBIFRANCE is organizing Éducation Numerique in October where eight innovative French companies in the digital education technologies sector is set to arrive in Atlanta, GA and Montréal, Canada to meet key players in the North American region. Meet MASKOTT: MASKOTT offers a cloud-based Educational Solution designed for the teaching world, Tactileo Cloud – a tactile teaching activities designed by teachers, enhancing all digital materials (videos, pictures, audio files…). Tactileo Cloud has the following advantages: For school principals : ·          Easy implementation ·           Improved resources management and planning ·          Staff Management ·          Secured IT access   For educators: ·          Easy to pick up solution ·          Individual measurement of pregress and performance ·          Ability to share activities with other teachers   For students: ·          Ability to identify strength and wekness ·          Distance-learning enabled ·          Fun and engaging through collaborative work   For more information about MASKOTT , click on their website or contact us !  

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Digital and Educational Technology Event Set for Atlanta & Toronto

Sandrine SAUVAGE-MACK - 09-sept.-2014 18:50:21

UBIFRANCE - the French Trade Commission based in Atlanta & Toronto is organizing a trade delegation in the digital and educational technology sector. The delegation will comprise of several well-known companies in the field of digital education technologies and shall be visiting Atlanta & Montreal during their visit. We offer any prospective US partners the unique possibility to connect with these innovative French companies, at no cost, in order to discuss all possible business connections. The French educational technology sector is a growing industry developing at a rapid pace (over 25% in 2011 ) with great potential and innovative SME’s and dynamic technology clusters (Cap Digital in Paris). Growth forecast:  according to IDATE ( Digiworld Institute), by 2015, serious games sector will represent 84 million euros (around 116 million US$). By the end of 2015, this sector will represent 5% of the French GDP, up from 3% in 2009. French Education Technology is currently a priority, and the sector is undergoing rapid changes fostered by an ambitious government plan to transform Education for the future. The "Faire entrer l’Ecole dans l’ère du numérique"  program is at the center of this transformation plan and will involve all stakeholders of the Educational community. Let us know if you would like to know more about this program which will take place between the 20 th and 23rd of October In collaboration with the France-Atlanta conference 2014, with a focus on digital and educational technologies. Contact: Sandrine Sauvage-Mack and follow us on Twitter @ubintis

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Medicen Paris Region at the 2014 BIO International Convention

UBIFRANCE HEALTHCARE - 05-sept.-2014 19:24:16

The biotechnology sector, a field of excellence in Paris Region, was represented on the French booth by organizations world-renowned and innovative companies come to show their skills, build partnerships and initiate new developments technology and business. In this context, the cluster Medicen Paris Region accompanied 10 SMEs members from the Paris Region area : 4Clinics, Ariana Pharma, Axenis, Cellvax, Equal Estro, Metabrain Research Nutrivercell, O4CP, Oncodesign and Texcell. These companies were fully satisfied with the support offered by Medicen, evidenced by the feedback left. The company Nutrivercell for instance, was "satisfied for the organization and the booth." O4CP, Equal Estro, Ariana Pharma, Nutrivercell and Cellvax felt very satisfy with Medicen financial support. Regarding Medicen accompaniment before and during the event, O4CP, Equal Estro, Nutrivercell and Cellvax were very positive. Mehdi Chelbi, Business Development Manager of the company 4Clinics showed his contentment : " I would like to thank Medicen Paris Region for the very good organization and excellent visibility offered to our society on this BIO International Convention, through financial, logistical and marketing help. The accompaniment, events and animation of the cluster’s team also allowed networking and business opportunities that we would never have had without this support. " Medicen Paris Region has also announced the result of the international call for projects created with BioMaryland Center for the development of an international project involving an American and a French companies with complementary technologies.                             Opticul Diagnostics of Rockville, Md. and Diafir of Rennes, France have been selected as the first two participants of a partnership that was created at BIO International 2012 to promote collaboration on products to improve and speed diagnoses and patient care. To read the press release, click here To watch the video of the announcement, click here

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